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Chapter 26

"well we have this photo shot at the afternoon, but I'll see you later, ok?" Howie said as he dropped Trish at the bar

"well, ok, but you know I actually gotta work"

"I know, I know, and this will be one busy afternoon" he said as he pretended to be tired

"Yeah I can imagine being a star and all.." she joked "But talking serious, like you guys did a concert, and like that's all?"

"Well, tomorrow will be the second, but this tour we wanted to get better schedules and all, of course being a Backstreet boy is great and all, but we didn't want a tour like the other, we want to take things easier, so we are staying here two weeks, and then we will go to France, then Italy and we will do 2 concerts in Spain, then another 2 in Germany, and back to USA to promote the album"

Trish listened to it, it hinted her that that relationship, wasn't going nowhere, there was no way they could be together and she really enjoyed talking to him, he was a great listener and a great friend, and she didn't want to lose that felling.

Howie realized the silence that came between them and made a move.

"T?" as he moved closer to her,  holding her face in his hands "I know we know each other for just a short time, but I really fell something really strong for you" he tried to kiss her but the name Alexander came to her mind and she backed up.

"What's wrong baby?" he called her baby again, oh my she thought "Didn't you enjoyed our lunch?"

"Yeah I loved it Howie, it was very sweet of you, but, "

"But what? oh you are worried about me being on tour?"

"Yes" she lied

"Don't worry, I promise you that this relationship goes where I want it to go, nothing will takes us apart.. nothing" he said as he hugged her, and went for his pocket to get something "Here this is for you" he said leaning her a purple little box

She smiled at the thought, purple, she opened and she saw a little crystal rose. She gasped, even though rose wasn't her favourite flower that was beautiful.

"Well I went with AJ to pick it up, he said he liked the two little daisies better, but I chose this one, hope you like it"

"so AJ proposed the daisies.. " she thought

"Oh I love it Howie, honestly, it is beautiful"

"You do? great" as he once again hold her in his arms, and gave her a passionate kiss , Tish kissed him back, but soon brook from to kiss..

"I better get to work, ok? she looked nervous " Thanks" she turned around and entered the bar, Howie just stayed there looking to nowhere, he was in love.


Trish ran to her office and closed the door, she took another look at the little crystal rose, it was beautiful, but she didn't deserve it, she didn't deserve that felling Howie had for her..

Her cell started ringing and she answered it:

"yes?" she yelled

"Wow girl, bad time I guess huh?"

AJ, it was AJ...

"No, sorry, what's up?"

"Just bored as hell, we are all here waiting for Howie, we need to do this photo shot, and some interviews to this radio, and our same latin lover is late"

"oh, and why is he late?" she asked

"Well he went to lunch with his woman"

"his woman? didn't knew Howie Dorought was engaged" she said expecting his perspective of the story

"well he isn't YET, but like he knew this girl last week, and things look serious girl, he seems in love"

Trish bit her bottom lip, she was listening to every word he said

"Talking about love, Leticia felling better?

"Oh yeah thanks for asking, I'm just here crazy with all this work I gotta do and all"

"Where do you work at?"

"hmmm. ain't telling you" she played

"Oh you aren't, my girl has some mysteries?"

MY girl? he called me his girl?

"A woman gotta leave a little of suspense, right?"

"ha ha ha, yes sure, but I can guess can't I?"

"Yeah sure, I'll tell you when you get it"

"ok.. so let me see.. you are.... a dancer?"

"Why the hell do you think I'm a dancer?"

"hmm, well coz of your body I guess"

"My body??" Trish was now laughing hard

"What?" he cried "You could be"

"But I ain't, you see..."

"Ok, ok.. so a model? a teacher? a doctor? a writer? I duuno, I give up"

Trish was laughing hard by then, "you really think I'm old enough to be a doctor? ha ha ha"

"yeah yeah, laugh at me.. oh our lover boy arrived, wait Leticia"

Trish could hear the two boys talking, AJ asked how was the date, Howie said it was great, and that he was really falling for that girl, Trish felt like if her heart had stopped.

"Well Leticia, I better say my goodbyes now"

"oh, ok" she managed to say

"But, you know I really enjoyed talking to you, I'll call you later or something ok?"


"Bye sweet cakes, and take good care of yourself"

"you too"

Trish stood there looking at her cell, as she sat on her chair, this wasn't good..  No wayyyy...

"hey T, that band i told you about just arrived, they are getting their material, wanna go there and see if they are any good? " Mark asked

"yeah I'm's better that they are fucking stars, or we are dammed"



Linda was  walking around on her living room, she was driving crazy, she didn't want to show her weakness but she had to see Nick once again.

All day at college, all she could think about was him, him and more Nick Carter, the teachers complained, everyone noticed she was acting strange, but she just said she wasn't felling well,that maybe she had caught the flu.

Yes she had caught a virus, but that virus name was Nick CARTER, and he was the only medicin to his own disease.

"Maybe he'll show up at the club, I'll call Trish and ask her if she knows"

a few minutes later

After 10000 warnings from Trish, she finally said that maybe they were gonna come, coz Howie told her something about it. Maybe Trish was right, maybe Nick wasn't worth it, but who was T to give advise? she was wrapped up in a bigger problem.

"Let's see what i have her to impress Nick" as she opened her clouset's door and took a look inside of it " hmm.. maybe I'll borrow some of T's dresses I'm sure they are gonna fit me great"


The guys arrived at their hotel, Brian went with John  his bodyguard to the airoport Leighanne was coming, and he wanted to make a brand new start of it, he knew he had to tell her everything, he just wished she could forgive him.

AJ took a shower and with the tower around his waist he picked his cell and started dialling a number.

"Hello?" he heard

"Hey Leticia, how are you doing?"

"well I'm fine.. I guess" she said

"Yah know what? I missed you" he said as he jumped to his large size bed

"You what?" she couldn't help the laugh "But like we talked 5 or 6 hours ago"

"I love the sound of you voice" she laughed again "What? I mean it!"

"Well, ok Mr McLean, like if you didn't knew , but I also love your voice."

"You what? you never told me, you are a fan of the BSB?"

"well can't say I am, can't say I'm not" she laughed

AJ started listening to a loud sound of music "What's that?" he asked

"Oh just something, look Alex I am really busy right now, I'll call you later ok?"

"Don't worry we talk tomorrow k?"

"oh, ok, so bye"

"tons of sugar"

He turned his cell off, "She works on a bar , or in a club of some kind." he said loud "Gotta find her"

Chapter 27