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Chapter 25

The silence between Linda and Nick, went on and on, and she just couldn't take it no more.
"Well Linda, I have some stuff to take care of so well, yah know but I'll call you" Nick managed to say

"oh ok" Linda answered as she started gathering her clothes and getting dress

"But you don't need to go so soon"

"I better go, I want to see if I still catch the afternoon classes"

"Oh you study, I didn't know that.."

"Yeah, Nick Carter there is a lot of things you don't know about me"

Linda closed the door of Nick's hotel room behind her as she looked at the hall, last thing she wanted right now was the see one of the guys, specially Brian, she saw two men walking down, and for she could see it was AJ and Howie.

"Hello Linda" Howie waved as Linda wiped away a tear

"Oh hey Howie, how are you doing?"

"I'm ok, I guess, and what about T , did she called you or something? How is she doing? Felling any better?" Linda smirked at Howie, he was really worried , but Linda totally forgot about T, with Nick and all

"Trish is fine, she just needed some sleep" She lied

"Oh, I'm glad it isn't anything serious" he said with a serious relieved look

"See Howie I told you, no need for worries, let's go get her a present, and remember you still have to introduce her to me"

"Oh I am scared" he joked "We gotta go Linda, see you later, send T my love ok? bye"

She nodded looking at the two guys, "I imagine what would T think about this?" she thought, "Her two guys"

"But I better leave this place right away" she turned around to look again at the door of the hotel room, so many good memories but one only certain: she was left with nothing, it was just one good illusion. Another solitary tear rolled down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away.


Trish moved a little as she turned around to see something in the pillow. A daisy and a note, how sweet, how did he guessed she loved daisies?


I was watching you sleep, wondering what were you dreaming, and I realized that I had to be in your dreams, as you are now totally in command of mines.
The way you entered my life I'll never forget, but now I want you to stay in it, I want to talk to you, want to know all about you, as you seem to know all about me

Have a nice day

I'll call you later at night ok?


"Oh my God what am I doing to myself, and to him?" she said, she tried to get up, her head still spinning around, she looked at a chair and she saw her clothes now all clean, she started getting dress as she thought of what was she going to do next she couldn't just keep going that way, she loved AJ, well she always did, but now she could actually see him how he really was, but what about Howie?


Linda narrating

Home sweet home I thought I was ever getting here, man I just showered but then I realized Trish isn't here, and now I'm worried sick. Don't know what is wrong with her, she hasn't been home, in an hour she has to be in the bar, maybe she went to an hospital? Man silly me, all wrapped up on Nick and I totally forgot about calling home to see if she was ok.

Nick, Nick, Nick, I can't deny last night was fucking amazing, the way he touched me, man I still shiver at the thought, but what about this morning?
I swear to God now I am gonna start sounding like Trish and all, but that guy is an asshole, but man, a fucking fine asshole, what am I gonna do with my life? I can't live like this all the time, just imagining love where there is no love, just another dreamer, but before, I was just having this felling to like a character, someone I only heard about , never been with, but now, that I've actually  been with him, man I just can't help felling like he is mine, but now I see he isn't he isn't at all.
Someone is unlocking the door.....


"Trish.. where were you girl? I was worried sick"

"Let  me just get a bath, a real bath, then I'll tell you what happened, ok? "

Trish walked through the room looking like a ghost, Linda wondered what just happened, as she walked to the kitchen making them some coffee.


Trish narrating

So I explained every little detail of what happened to Linda, well every besides the fact I think it was Alicia who put something on my drink, but yeah I told her all about AJ, I know she was like shocked, even though I told her nothing happened but this fucking luck I have huh? Something unbelievable, never thought I would meet him, and the moment I meet him, it is just the moment I have kinda of a boyfriend, yeah I am calling Howie my boyfriend, oh my, but I am making a promise first of all I have to clear things out, after all me and AJ well, it wasn't nothing, but why do I fell guilty?
In the other hand, Linda told me about Nick, and her, can't help felling worried, but... hmmmm.... he is just one big player, geeh.. but who isn't?

Anyway better get ready and go to work, shit I forgot Howie is waiting for me.. better move fast.

"You sure she hasn't said a thing yet?" Howie asked Mar for the 1000 time

"No, she hasn't I'm sure she will be here in a minute, calm down boy" they both turned as they heard the sound of the door opening and Trish came in

"Hey.." she managed to say "Sorry I'm late  "

Howie just sat there looking at her as Mark said: "Hey, are you ok? you look sick, here the latin dude was waiting for you , but besides that everything is cool"

Trish smiled at Howie, as she took the mail, and went to her little office "Are you coming?" she asked to Howie as she opened a  letter.

"Yeah yeah"

They both entered her office.

"I just have to take care of some things then we will go, ok?" she said as she gave him a smile.

"Yeah, no problem, don't worry, but are you ok? You didn't even stayed for the party"

"I'm fine, don't worry, maybe it was something I ate, but how was the party after all? "

"It was cool, besides some minor problems"

"problems?" she asked

"Yeah, Nick and J they had a little argument" he explained as he picked a magazine and took a seat

"What? why?"

"Well AJ was dancing with your friend Linda, and well Nick, was like being once again a kid, yah know like if he hurting his pride, and well they got in this argument and all, but I guess Nick was the lucky one, when I went out with AJ this morning, Linda was at Nick's door"

"AJ, and Linda?" Trish thought, "Why hasn't she told me about it?"

Half an hour later, Trish finished getting things in order, and the couple left.

"Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see"


Alicia arrived her apartment as she throw her purse down, and went for the kitchen.

"Hey" a man said

"Hey" she answered

"So, how did it went?" he asked, placing his hand o her wait and kissing her on her neck

"it went ok... don't !" she said as he placed his hands underneath her shirt and starting rubbing her breasts

"What's up? tired of me or what? are yah having too much of that backstreet asses and now I'm not good enough? huh? " his eyes full of anger, as he snapped her hard

"YOU BASTARD"  she yelled as he hold her closer and started kissing her at force, till she let herself melt into that kiss

"I know you like it, don't say you don't , don't be like Linda"

"I wont Ryan, I wont" said Alicia as he cleared the kitchen table and hold her up.


Howie and Trish entered a typical portuguese restaurant.

"Oh Howie, this is sweet man, I miss my country, thanks"

"Well I've heard a person can eat properly here, so Miss what do you suggest?"

"Hmmm let me see... " as she took a look at the menu "Better say bye bye to my diet"

They both laughed

Chapter 26