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Chapter 24

"I Think I ate a little too much" Trish said as she threw the last chicken bone in to the plate.

"Oh did you?" AJ asked playfully "I haven't even realized that" as he did a funny face and Trish burst out laughing

"Oh shit, my tummy hurts, I don't think I can handle so many laughs like this one"

"Oh can't you, let's see" he reached for her and started tickling her everywhere

"Stop AJ, Stop. stop please.. ha ha .. I can't take .. ha ha .. no more "

They both rolled on the floor as they stooped laughing and AJ on top of Trish started looking into her eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes girl"

"So do you, " as she started running her fingers around his eyes

"You have eyes full of felling, full of all that love you have to give, eyes that show exactly who you are, how strong you are, and how weak and fragile you can also be"

AJ just stood there listening to what she was saying, it was almost like she could read his soul, almost like he couldn't keep a secret from those beautiful brown eyes that were now facing his. he leaned down as their lips melted into each others soul, but  a million thoughts were in Trish's head by then, there she was with AJ, but what about Howie? she cared about him, and AJ came later and  she couldn't do that to Howie, no way...

"Stop!!" she pulled AJ off her" "Stop, you don't even know who I am, this ain't right"

AJ couldn't be more surprise if an alien came and kicked his ass, what was wrong with that girl? Was he losing his skills?  They both had just have one great time that night just laughing, and talking, and then more laughing, and laughing again, and he could fell something was gaining shape for that girl, besides the fact she was gorgeous and sexy, and he would like to fuck her really badly.

As those thoughts went through his mind, Trish could sense what he was thinking. "You men are all the same, man like.. geeeh damn it" she was running around the room like a mad woman, first she thought it wasn't right coz of Howie, but then she knew he only wanted to fuck her, and that was like so not right, not with him, With AJ she had to do the right thing.

"I'm leaving" as she went to get her jacket and saw it was all dirty.

"hey hey, no reason for that, relax, man I promise I won't do anything, man but you ain't ok yet, you need to rest, comon" as he hold her in his arms and escort her to bed . "like I told you , you sleep here and I'll take the couch"

"but.." she managed to say

" No buts just do it"

She stood there wondering what was this guy doing to her, she couldn't control her emotions, and sometimes he made her fell he cared, and in the others it was like he was just another one who wanted to fuck her. She stood there looking at him as he went to get a blanket and took his shoes of.

"Alexander" she said a couple of minutes later.

"What?" he replied


"You're welcome, now sleep k?

"Kay.. "she  joked  as she climbed the bed and  went fast asleep curled up , holding her knees, as AJ in the other hand couldn't take the sound of his name in her mouth of his mind. "Alexander"


Linda laid there in Nick's bed thinking of all that had happened, Nick for one was fast asleep, but she just couldn't settle herself, a tear now rolled down her cheek, but it wasn't of sadness it was of joy, she met the love of her life and she had loved him, in the all meaning of the word, coz the union they just had was more then she could ever explain. Of course it was damn good, the best, not that she had that many boyfriends, she just had two and then she had Brian but that was something totally different, right? yeah right, but with Nick, well that boy could really take her to another world, the touch of his hands, his smell, that smell..., she wished she could fell that smell forever, and ever more, it was hers and she wanted. Nick moved a little on his sleep, she turned the other side to look at him, she wondered what was he dreaming about...

"Oh Nick Carter, you are now mine, all mine" she whispered as he moved a little more


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo" Trish screamed out of her nightmare

"Shit," AJ hissed as he turned the lights on and went next to the bed, to see Trish moving and kicking out of her dream, he shacked her to see if she woke up, but all he could see was that she was burning on fever, and was all wet of sweat.

"Trish, comon wake up" he called

"noooooo, leave me alone, don't don't" she said from her sleep

"Shit, what am I gonna do?" he thought about it for a minute, and then he went to the bathroom and took a tower and soap it in cold water, then he returned to the room, gently cleaning her forehead as she slowly opened her eyes.

"Alex"  she said "sorry if I wake you I just had a nightmare"

"I realized that, you are loud.."

she smirked, "No I didn't mean it like that" he excused

"It's ok, I'm better now"

"You sure?k I'll get you a glass of water, then you can go back to sleep"

He went to get a glass of water, and he gave it to her as she took a sip.

"Ok, now you get back to sleep, and I'll turn out the light, k?" she looked scared

"Alexander.." she called out "Please, don't leave me alone, sleep here with me, k? I'll fell much safer"

AJ looked at her not believing what she had said, that girl was strange in one minute she could call him a million names and in the other minute she was just scared like a little child. He went under the sheets as he hold her tight, really tight and a couple of minutes later he could fell that she was fast asleep.


9.00 am the alarm clock next to her showed. For what she could tell she hadn't even sleep at all. Nick woke up and he was now showering, he had kiss her good morning and, she asked him how he was, and he replied "I'm ok, why are you asking?" Why was she asking? Maybe because he was the man of her life?

"Hey.." Nick showed up drying his hair with a tower and with another one around his waist.

"Hey "she replied with a large smile on her face

"I'll call room service for breakfast what do you want?"

"whatever you want" she replied

"k , pizza it is"

She couldn't help the laugh. "That's fine by me, I love pizza"

when the pizzas arrived they ate and silence took over the room until Linda asked " So what are we gonna do tonight?"

Nick drop his slice of pizza in the box.


knock knock

knock knock

"AJ" howie called out knocking on AJ's room.

"Shit," AJ said as he came out of the bathroom and went to get the door "Keep it down man."


"Can't you keep it down man, geeh, come in" as he opened the door wide open

"What's going on?" asked Howie as he took a look at the bed and saw a girl's hair covering her face and pillow. "ohh I see" as he smacked AJ on the arm "AJ got some.. ha ha "

"No, it isn't nothing of what you are thinking, she just need some help and I helped her"

"Oh yeah, I get it.. ha ha "

"Keep it down, man she had one hell of a night"

"Oh AJ you dirty man, what have you done to that poor girl?"

AJ couldn't help the laugh "Shhhh, I'll tell you all about it later , now let me get dress and we will leave to get that present to that woman of yours, what's her name again?"

"Trish, remember?"

"Oh yeah , sorry, let's go"

Howie took  one last look at the girl, as J wrote something in a piece of paper, and left it on the pillow next to her with a daisy.

Chapter 25