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Chapter 23

Nick and Linda were walking side by side, she felt like she was in cloud n 9000000000. She shivered a little as she felt the cold wind, but it was ok, all she could do was look at Nick's face, he looked so perfect now, forget about that all bastard Nick she met, this one was different.

"You can actually see the sky here" he said

"well this night is special, normally with all this smog you can't see a thing" Linda answered

He smiled, he couldn't help being nice to that girl even though he shouldn't be, she was just another teeny bopper trying to get laid, and he was sure  gonna  satisfy that wish.

"Linda..." he finally managed to say "well like it is a little cold out here, don't you want to go any place, like man we could go to like back at my hotel, I promise I'll behave.. yah know just talk and shit"´

"talk and shit" she laughed "You really have a special way to put things" she laughed harder

"What? man, don't joke"

"What's next, you gonna ask me if I want to play Nintendo with yah?"

"I might" as he moved closer to her holding her by her waist

"And I might say yes" she played

"Oh would you?" he said teasing her, "Let's see if you can play this game" as he kissed her passionately

Linda couldn't believe what was just happening, was she actually being kissed by Nick, well she felt his wet tongue running through her teeth so guess that was a kiss. lol After she recovered from the initial shock she retrieved the kiss. Placing her hands around his neck, man was he tall, she started running her fingers through his hair, how many times she had dreamed with that happening? too many times, but now it was real, just so real.
 A few minutes after, she looked at his eyes and smiled.

"Oh she is mine now" he thought "Childish"

"Let's go" he said as he grabbed her hand and then went both to try to get a taxi.


Trish was still unconscious, and AJ was having a bad time carrying her up to his room, all because of those damn cigars *mental note: better start smoking less*  Anyway there he was, with a girl that he didn't even knew in his arms, smelling like something one of his dogs puked, man and she wasn't smelling much better. He placed her in his room and she was still unconscious he went to shower.

10 minutes later he returned to his  room only to see that the mystery girl was still unawake, he brushed  some hair off her face, he didn't had the chance to properly look at the girl. One thing was for sure, even like that, the girl was really pretty, but that face was so familiar, strange felling that one he felt, it was like if he had knew her for ages, but she was just a stranger that he helped in the park. he looked at her clothes, seemed like she was dressed  to get out, her little top hidded a secret he felt the urge to discover.

"I bet you have beautiful eyes, why don't you open them to me, com'on.." he took her hand  and she finally moaned a little and opened her eyes. "Man I was guessing, you do have wonderful eyes, wow"

"hmmm.. what?" Trish moaned ""where am I? " she raised her head a little only to find out she was still felling a little dizzy. She now opened her eyes fully to take a look of the person who was next to her.  She then froze, was it him?

"Hey, felling any better? "

"YOU!" she yelled "Why am I here with you?"  she asked "What happened?"

"Well, that I can't answer, you were just laying there in the grass and then you like, threw up on me..."

"I what? man grocee. sorry"

"Well anyway, I didn't know were yah lived so.... here we are. I'm Alex, but the guys call me AJ and you are" as he took a look at her eyes

"Well I'm Leticia, nice to meet you" she put her hand forward "well to really meet you, but that's another story" she took a look at herself "Man do I look like shit, I better get home and change" as she tried to get up but her stomach was acting strange again "Shit, shit.. bathroom"

"Make yourself at home" he joked

"What the hell is wrong with me?" she cried  of the bathroom "I fell like I am gonna die"

"Man do I know that felling.. too many drinks huh?"as he stand by he bathroom door

"noooooo" she screamed " Man, I'm dying out here"

AJ entered the bathroom to help her, he took her up and spread some cold water in her face.

"You, my poor girl do look like shit" he said laughing a little. She was now felling a little better but not like AJ, she was worried about what was happening to her.

"Why don't you take a shower, huh? I'm sure it will help... wait a  minute I'll get you some clothes, k? hold on"

Trish was now looking at her own reflection in the oval mirror of the bathroom, man she looked like a ghost, and her stomach was still hurting her, but another thing was in her mind. Fate has some hell of a strange way to move, like AJ, was in the next room finding some clothes to her to dress  after she showered, in his tub, in his bathroom, well not exactly his, but kinda.

"here, well some boxers and a T-shirt k? " he leaned her the clothes

"Thanks" she said

"Want me to wash you back?"

"huh?" she raised an eyebrow

"Man, k k I know wrong move, I'll wait outside" and he closed the door.



Nick and Linda were still kissing as the elevator opened at his room floor.

"Comon" he said

"Ok, ok I'm coming"

He unlocked his room's door, and  as he started kissing Linda again he turned the lights on, and started taking his T-shirt off. He was now showing his chest and linda thought that if she died that exact moment she would die one happy girl. He could see the look in her eyes.

"I think  that you  are over dressed" he stated

"SO, what are you waiting for?" she teased

"Oh a player... I am so gonna like this"  as he took Linda in his arms and placed her in the bed.


"Hey" saluted Trish as she came out of the bathroom, she saw AJ on the couch surfing the tv channels

"Just bullshit, man" as he shut the TV  off and took a look at her , her hair still wet, and with his clothes, he loved to see a girl with his clothes, but this one looked so fine.

"Felling any better?" he managed to say

"Yeah, kinda, thanks a lot, but well I better find a way to go home" she couldn't help felling nervous

"Like that?" he looked at her "Relax.. you stay here tonight and tomorrow we will took your clothes to the laundry service, ok?"

"What ? sleep here?"

"Chill out baby, you take the bed, I'll sleep in the couch"

He called her baby? BABY?  oh shit, she didn't liked the felling of all that situation.

"But I can't, you take the bed, ok? I don't mind taking the couch" she took a few steps but wow strange, she was felling dizzy again..

"Hey..." he ran to hold her "You don't look that good, maybe it is better to take you to the hospital or something"

"no, no hospitals, I just need some sleep, and " a strange noise came from her stomach. They both bursted out laughing.

"Guess you are hungry, huh?" she nodded "I'll call for room service"


It felt so good that Linda didn't even stopped, she had the felling this wasn't right but Nick made a girl feel so good. She ran her fingers through his back skin, he  felt so nice, too nice.. She couldn't help felling that he was taking things a little too fast, but what the heck, how many girls had the chance to be loved for the one they love? Be loved.. that's what she felt, or better saying, wanted to fell, badly.

As he reached her backs to take her bra off he took a deep look into her eyes, that girl  felt so damn good, he wanted to taste every inch of her soft skin. She moaned as he traced a trail of kisses down her bellybutton, he couldn't wait no more.

Chapter 24