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Chapter 20

"Holly Mother look at! Never seen so many girls together since.. well never seen so many girls together" Linda said as she and the other two girls entered the stadium.

"yeah I know what you are talking, aren't we like a lil too old to be here this looks like show for under 13" Alicia mocked

"Man I just wanna have fun" said Trish as she grabbed Linda's arm "Let's shake some butts" as the two entered the stadium

"Hey watch it T man, I did not spent two hours getting ready for you to ruin it all"

Trish stucked her tongue at her.

"You are just two big kids!! grrrr" Alicia said

Trish and Linda just looked at her.

"You didn't have to come if you didn't want to" Trish said

Alicia realized the change in Linda's face, if she liked it she was gonna do all she could do to make them think she also lovvved the fucking Backshit  boys or whatever.

"Let's go will yah?"" Linda suggested noticing the look in both girls faces.

The girls tried to find her seats , Linda thought it would be good for Alicia to come with them so she also bought her a ticket, she kinda knew the backstreet boys wasn't really Alicia's fave type of music but anyway it would be good for her she was acting strange lately.

"These seats are amazing, man perfect" Trish said

"Better be fucking perfect for what I paid for them" Linda added

"Oh Blondie you are amazing, adoro-te* " as she hugged Linda

"Yeah yeah, that should be me" Linda joked

"Don't push it, man you are sounding too much like me, geeh"

"Ain't they pathetic?" Alicia thought, she wasn't liking the way Trish was taking over Linda's friendship. Linda was her friend HER!!!

"Shhhhh listen, they are coming this is it"  Linda said

"What the hell, everybody? man, I have a felling I ain't gonna sit for the next hours .." Trish said

"you better not, but please don't make a scene, or I'll state I have never seen you before"

"ha ha ha, funny,  look Brian"...

Thoughts were running through Alicia's mind, she had to do something but what could she do?

The concert went on, and no one could stop Trish and Linda, they were having so much fun , a mother of a lil girl that was a fun actually came to them and asked them if they were felling well , coz they were always laughing hysterically and well it was strange, but she couldn't understand what they had, what that concert meant to them.

"Don't pretend your sorry ..."

"Is that what I think it is" asked Linda

"Oh my I think I am gonna drop dead when  AJ sings his part"

The stadium was in complete silence as Howie got up from his chair and looked at Trish.

"Oh my God I think he saw you Trish" Linda said, but Trish was not even paying any attention to Howie, her eyes were in AJ, man did he looked amazing.

" Can't imagine life without your love and even forever don't seem like long enought "Howie sang

"I guess that one was for you" mocked Alicia as Howie sent a kiss to Trish and she smiled

"Back up" She shouted

Then she heard a so familiar voice as he walked to the centre of the stage, tears started running down her cheeks as she heard him singing "Coz I am only safe here floating freely in your arms"
Linda noticed  the way her friend was felling and the only thing she could do and did was hugged her tight, as she heard Nicks voice and she remembered what had happened and she could no longer hold back the tears.
The two girls looked at each others face and bursted our laughing.

"Ain't we two of the kind?" Linda said trying to get a smile of her friend

"No more AJ, no more Nick, look Kev is singing" Trish said

"KEVIN KEVIN, WE LOVE YAH!!!! " both the girls yelled happily as he looked at them, that was something new. lol

The show went on, Howie was always in the side where the girls were, Alicia was bitching all the time and Trish just had more than enough. When "Darling" came out,. Howie kissed a rose and throw it to Trish, but another girl jumped and grabbed it convinced that he was flirting with her all the time.

When it was all over Linda suggested the girls to get something to drink, and Alicia said she saw a little bar in the corner, in that moment  Trish's mobile rang and Linda said it would be better that she stayed with trish and Alicia went and get the drinks.

"Fine if that's what you want I will" Alicia said "Great chance" she thought

After a few minutes trying to find the damn phone Trish finally found it (it is amazing so much shit a girl purse has)

"Olá, ops Hello" she answered

"Hey Trish is it you? I heard you saying Hola how did you knew it was me?  "

"Oh Howie I didn't well, I said Olá coz well  I'm portuguese, yah know so it sounds like hola, sorry"

"No need for sorry, I was just playing with yah, so did you girls liked the show?" he asked

"Yeah I loved, it was my first bsb concert"

"It was? oh... so do you want to hang out in the backstage bring your girls, we are having this little party, what do you think?"

"hmmmm.. let me see I'll ask my friend...... Linda, well D asks if we want to go to a lil party they are giving?"

"Are you out of your mind, Y-E-S!! yes! yes! yes!  answer him right now"

"You sure?" Trish asked playfully at Linda's enthusiasm

"fuck you"


"Did I just heard a fuck you back there?"

"Oh that's Blondie, yah know how blonde heads are"

"oh do i know, remember we have NICK ha ha ha"

"oh but the answer is yes."


"Yeah play blond will yah? ha ha ha, we will go"

"Ok I'll arrange all with the security guys, see yah in a few k?

"k , bye"

"bye sweety, I'll be waiting"

"k" Trish hang off her mobile and put it on her purse

"Shit I just remembered, Nick will be there right?"

"yeah guess he is on the band right?" she joked  "But don't worry I'll kick that ass so bad"

"What is taking Alicia so long?"


"Please can you give me two cokes and an ice tea?" the man gave her three plastic glasses

"Thanks. Now it is time for some magic, let's see how you manage to handle this Trashy" Alicia took out a little box that had some white powder and she put some in the ice tea , mixing it very well .

"So let's go"

* adoro-te-portuguese word means I love you

Chapter 21