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Chapter 21

"What took you so long Alicia, comon we gotta go"  Linda said

"Go? where?" Alicia asked confused

"To a bsb party, comon" Trish answered

"Man I went all the way to get you the drinks man the least you could do is drink them right?"

"Ok, fine where's my ice tea?"  Trish asked

"here" Alicia gave her her glass.

Trish didn't like the look in Alicia's eyes, that girl had some serious issues to take care. She drank it all, and then said:

"Man this ice tea has a strange flavour, what is it"

Did she figured out? Alicia was nervous "Lemon... " she answered

"Man I said peach, but it is no problem, Linda you done?" Linda nodded," so let's go"


Howie was by the door talking to one of the securities so that when they arrived the girls could easily go in.

"What's up with D?" AJ asked Brian that was talking to one of the musicians of the band.

"Oh, nothing just that girl he is seing is coming with some friends"

"hmm, he is really falling for her"

"Yeah seems like, she is ok and man so beautiful"

"Oh good for him, so have you talked to Leigh yet?"

"No, she called Kev and said she is coming here tomorrow so, I guess I'll tell her then."

"you better get things right, she loves you, and you know you love her too, so .."

"No reason to me to be so stubborn."


Howie started walking towards them, he seem nervous.

"hey D. So I'll finally have the chance to meet  that beautiful lady of yours huh?

"hmm, what?" he said lost in his owns thoughts

"What's wrong with you Howie?" Brian asked

"nothing, nothing"

"You are even more nervous then when we started the concert, what's wrong, isn't she coming?"

"Yeah, yeah she is, but I'm ok, don't worry, man I have to have a little talk to Nick, be right back"

"K" both AJ and Brian answered

"something is up" Brian said while he looked at D walking towards Nick



"Nick?" Howie called

"Hey D. man, look let me introduce you this is Candy, or Mandy or is it Sandy?, anyway she is a fan, isn't she gorgeous? " As he introduced a brunette that was in his left arm "And this is Suzy, right?" he looked at a red head girl

"Yes whatever you want baby" the girl said

"Nice to meet you girls but can I talk a for a while with Nick, I'll promise I'll return him in one piece"

"You better" the brunette who's name was Sandy after all, said

Howie excused himself, as he and Nick went to a corner to talk.

"Nick, remember Trish right?"

"yeah sure, that bitch from that club, yeah"

"Man, grow up kid, and she is no bitch, anyway remember that friend you made a scene with, they are coming and I am just warning you not to get into any shit, ok? or I'll personally kick your ass"

"like you could reach it.. ha ha ha"

"stop the lil jokes Nick, and why are you already drunk?"

"Coz I want to, and I can, and I'm the greatest"


The girls were walking to the party, as Trish starting felling a lil dizzy, and with cramps in her stomach,

"What the hell?"

"What Trish you felling ok?"

"noooo, I am not, ouch!"

"Shit, better get yah to an hospital or something, what are you felling?"

"No no need for hospitals doc, but I think I better get home, right? you go, I'll get a cab and have some rest"

"Man but going without you, you were the one who was invited not me, not Alicia."

"Don't worry I'm sure howie will be happy to see you, send him my love ok? I am really not felling so well, now GO! and have tons of fun!"

"Are you sure T? I better go with you"

"No, you go with Alicia, k?"

She called for a taxi and she entered it. Alicia couldn't be felling better , that bitch was gonna pay, and was gonna pay it all.

"Comon Linda, the guys are waiting"

"Don't know I'm worried about T"

"Nah, she'll be ok don't worry"

"Hey, I'm Linda can you please call Howie here?" Linda asked to the security guy as they arrived the place

"Oh you are the girls D talked about, you can go in no problem"

"You sure?, thanks" as Linda smiled

Howie was already there waiting for them or better for Trish, and when he saw Linda, he practically ran towards her.

"Hey Linda, hey Alicia, where is Trish?"  he asked looking for her

"Well Howie she started feeling some pains in her stomach I told her to go to and hospital but she said she just needed some rest so she went home" as she looked at his face of disappointment "I didn't want to come, but well she insisted, so if you don't want us to be her we'll leave"

"Don't be stupid, you're always welcome , but are you sure she is ok?"

"Yeah I think so"

"She is Howie, don't worry" Alicia said

AJ joined them as he saw Alicia, and then asked Howie where was his mystery woman.

"she wasn't felling so well so she went home"

"Man I am looking forward to meet her, D never stops talking about her"

"Gotta tell Trish AJ wanted to know her" thought Linda to herself as she smiled "She will freak out"

Linda took a look at the room for familiar faces, not so many famous people as she thought, guess just the closest persons, but who was that right across the room? Man looked like Nick, oh yes that was Nick for sure, and he was having fun for sure, yeah. Bastard! she thought, but her heart cried out another felling.

"So Linda.." Aj called out

"What?" she shouted awaking from her thoughts

"Nothing, just wonder if you wanted to dance, you look like you need  it"

"What do you know about me, to know that I need it?

"Nothing, nothing calm down girl, what's up with you people? damn"

Linda couldn't say she was just dying inside of all the jealousy. she had to do something about it.

"Sorry, I'll  love to"

"ok, my lady" as he took her hand and they both leaded to the dance floor

They started dancing with a slow dance but Linda couldn't take her eyes of Nick that was dancing with an extravagant red  haired girl.

Nick had also noticed Linda , and what the hell was AJ doing  with her? So that's why gave him that "take your hands of her " speech. Typical of AJ always wanting what he had, but he wasn't gonna let him. No way...

"brb" he whispered to the red head girl

He walked towards the other couple.

"Bone, it's my turn" he said

"What yah want Nick?"

"I wanna dance with her! so move away"

"Does SHE wants to dance with you? "

Linda looked  at the all scene speechless, what did Nick expected?

"I know she wants" Nick forced his way, and AJ didn't liked it

"I was with her first , as I saw you had your hands full so, leave this one will yah?"

"Do you own her or something?"

"No I don't, neither do you, and she is such a nice girl, doesn't deserve a jerk like you"

"You did not just called me a jerk" Nick raised his voice

Kevin realized what was going on, and he went to calm things down.

"And if I did? " Aj argued, he was pissed not that he wanted Linda but that boy was going too far.

"I'll do this" and he smacked AJ in the face, who grabbed him by his shirt

Kevin put himself in the middle to calm things down.

"You two are brothers, comon, stop it"

"I already have what I want" Nick grabbed Linda's arm and dragged her to dance.

"Youu little..."

"Calm down Bone, I'm sure Linda can handle it"

"Whatever I don't care, I'm leaving" said AJ as he took another look at Nick and Linda dancing.

Chapter 22