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Chapter 16

Oh so Trish caught Howie, hmmm interesting, I'm sure I can do better than that stupid latino... let's see.. thought Alicia as she looked around. Everyone was laughing, and having fun, until she looked at AJ at the dance floor “Bingoo! This is gonna be too easy”  she smiled at the thought.

“Be right back” she whispered at Linda's ear.

“huh? where are u going?” asked her

“lady's room..”

“ohhh, ok”

Alicia headed to the bathroom but she walked trough the dance floor as she whispered to AJ:
“Follow me”

Could aj ever say no to an invitation like that? ha ha ha , never. Not even now that he had Sally in his life, he wanted her to be his wife but what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Alicia entered the room, to see that it was empty, perfect. AJ followed her, and she closed the door, as he went straight to business, if that girl wanted him who was he to deny her that? He hold her up, as she took her panties off, and there... as fast as she could remember he had entered her... wow she had sex with a backstreet boy, man, everyone would be jealous, specially Trish, she always liked the tattoo dude, finally she had one thing she wanted.

“Are you ok? " he asked looking at her eyes

“Great.. keep going”

“Hey .. what's your name again? hmmm" Nick made a face as he appeared to be trying to remember..

“Linda” Brian helped

“yeah yeah .. Lin... something, wanna dance?

Did Nick just asked her to dance, after all he had said?

“oh yes.. ok, I can’t  really dance but ok” she asked as she felt her face turn red.

“Man it is a slow dance everyone can do that”

They both walked to the dance floor , or better tryed to walk...

“Man he is so waisted, poor girl” said Kevin

“Yeah I think we better watch out for him coz well she looks like a really sweet girl” Brian added

“And Nick isn't in his days” added Kev

When they reached the dance floor, Nick grabbed her arm and he made her come close to him, she couldn't almost move with him on top of her. She felt the strong smell of alcohol on his mouth, but, he was there and he was all she ever wanted.
She felt his hand on her butt, he was clearly taking advantage, as his other hand was reaching for her breasts.

“yeah know  I love green... “ he whispered  looking at her  lil jacket that was on the way “I've got a lil place near by, wanna go? “

“What???” she thought. “You think I'm some kind of ordinary slut or what?”

“you're a fan.. aren't you?” he managed to say

“yeah, but it doesn't mean that I'm going like jump on you just by a blink of your eyes”

Everyone was watching their scene.

“whatever.... suit yourself” he said. She couldn't believe what she was experiencing, tears started running down her face as she ran to the exit.

“I’ll go check on her” said Brian worried, as Nick joined them.

“what?” he asked at Kevin and Howie “ Can't a guy try to have fun anymore, huh?”

Linda was outside as the cold wind remembered her of why she couldn't walk outside dressed like that, at nigh in London.

“shit, shit shit... damn him for running it all”

“Linda?” she turned around to see Brian, she could see like an apology in his eyes, it wasn't his fault..


“Don’t cry girl, you know: No man is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry:”

She couldn't help the laugh they came from his mouth, how many times had she read that quote  over the net.


“Oh, sorry”

“Man, don't worry Nick is going through one of those periods. But he just can't see that acting that way isn't the answer and that we all have problems” the sad picture of himself came at his mind

“Don’t worry I’ll be ok” man it was cold she wondered now why she had dressed that way. ohh coz of Nick, right that was clever, nice going Linda.

“You are shaking, here take my jacket” he leaned her his jacket

“Thanks, I was kinda cold”

“yeah, kinda, but look you are not english are you? I can see it in your accent”

She smiled “yeah I'm german, but I moved here last year, I'm a med student”

“Oh, nice a med student, but look it is really cold out here, wanna go somewhere to talk?”

He was nice, but could she trust him? Well, she could use a friend shoulder to cry. why not?

“yeah, where?”

“well I don't know much of London, have any idea?”

“ohh why dont we go to my apartment? We would be more at ease, dont know.. what do you think?”

“to me its ok, i need to get out of the crowd, but are you sure about it?”

“Yeah, comon lets go”

“Man, this place is fineee, well nice chicks” as he took a look at Alicia

“yes it is nice”  agreed kevin

“Where is Linda, and Trish?” asked Alicia

“Well Linda left after some blond guy ...” Nick's eyes made Kevin stop "and Trish, well I guess she is  still busy, but I don't think she has anything to worry”

“Well, Howie I've heard you and that Trish chick, went for a ride, so how is she huh?”

“I am not hearing this” said Alicia

“Fine, greater than you can even imagine”

“wow that good huh? and when do I meet this sex machine?”

“well you can meet her but she is taken, at least while we are here”

“man can't you share, that's what friends are for” Said AJ with a mocking face

“ man, you are unique” busted Kevin


“No problem, I'm sure I’ll get something to entertain myself” as he took a glance at Alicia, she was busy looking at the waisted Nick that was in the bar, next target? The  freak and the blond at the same night, that would be perfect.

“Well I see if I get Trish, but No J you cant have her” as he took another look at AJ.

Alicia decided she had to take a move.

“Hey Nick, wanna go for a walk, you look like you need one.”


Chapter 17