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Chapter 17

“Here this is place” said Linda as she and Brian entered her apartment

“make yourself at home, I hope you don’t mind I’ll go and change into something more confortable, if you want anything to drink, go and get some ok? “ he nodded

“I’ll be right back”

He started walking at the kitchen as he opened the fridge and took a coke , that was a nice apartment, confortable.

5 minutes later
“Hey I'm back”

Brian took a look at her she was now wearing some pink pjs and a baby blue T-shirt, why when she told him she would go get something more confortable he had something else in mind?

“ you like pink, huh?”

“yeah I do like those light colours a lot”

He smiled , she was sweet, remembered him of Leighanne.
She jumped into the couch, and he followed her.

“So you are ok now?”

“Yup..” she answered, but that wasn't the truth, and he noticed that.

“Are you sure?” she took a while.

“Look at me Linda” he asked, he could now see that tears were running down her face.

“That jerk. he had no right to treat me like shit...”

“I know honey, I know..”he hugged her

“I really liked him, but well maybe I didn't coz..”

“I know sweety”

“He isn't really the Nick I loved, or imagined that loved....”

“Well he hasn't been being himself lately”

“But he had no right”  she cried out loud.

“I know he didn't mean it, you know sometimes we do things that we aren't really thinking” now he felt a tear on his face

“But why? why? he just broke my heart with simple words, he made me fell like shit”

“I'm sorry , I'm so sorry” he held her tighter.

“But, Brian,...” she now looked at his eyes, and saw the tears “It wasn't your fault, it was Nick and I know like you are his friend and all that, but no it wasn't your fault..”

“I know” as he close her mouth with a gentle kiss.

Linda, couldn't understand what was actually happening to her, he heart was in pain, and there she was kissing the best friend of the guy that had made her suffer.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to.. “ Brian managed to say

“If you don't want to...”

Linda was in gaze.

“No, I want to”

Brian took her up, as he gently kissed her mouth again. he started walking down the hall.

“Hey wait” she  said

Brian stopped was she having second thoughts?

“You just missed my bedroom's door” she smiled as she saw his face of relive.

He gently laid her on her bed, ad he started working on taking her T-shirt off. he wanted to do it right .he started placing sweet butterfly kisses down her collar bone, she tasted so sweet. All that pain that he still felt was like vanishing away, as he focused on that sweet creature. She was there lying in the bed waiting for him to do something to kiss her pain away. Nick didn't knew what he was missing.

“Brian..” was all she could whisper in a weak voice

“yes?...” he was there placing kisses around her belly button,  she was like a flower and he didn't want to hurt her.

“Be nice to me”

“ Don't worry, I’ll be honey”

He took his shirt off, and she shivered to the touch of his skin on her  body. He took her bra off, and just stayed there looking at that beautiful body that was lying helpless. Was he doing the right thing? he just let himself go into that warm felling as he took his jeans off, and she placed her hands on his back, like a desperate animal in need for care.
He kept on working on her slowly  with all of the tenderness he could possibly give.


“Trish? You still here?”

“yeah, I'm working trying to manage this mess”

“Don’t worry, everything is cool, they are all having fun” Howie said as he entered the office

“Man, I'm so so pisseddddd grrrrrr” as she throw a pile of paper

“Gotta control that temper sweety”

Ok, Howie was calling her sweety? Oh, my maybe he thought that what happened was more than just one night thing.

“Well the guys are calling for you”

“Well, I'm working right?” she was upset

“Ok, but I think it’s time for you to take a break, we are going home in a minute so, come and say goodbye” as he grabbed her arm and they both headed the door.

“Hey Trish, well we are leaving in a few, well bye...” as Kevin kissed her in a cheek

“Where is Alicia, and Brian? huh? and Linda? ” Trish asked

“Well I think she better tells you what happened , let's just say  that a blond head is involved. and well Brian went to talk to her, but like it seems they both left”

The flash back of Alicia's eyes came to her mind, that girl  was hiding something. She wasn't liking what she was felling. something was wrong really wrong. She felt Howie’s hand on her waist,

"I'm gonna check on AJ, I want him to meet you."

What, who AJ? no way, she couldn't just meet him, not that way, she had to leave.

“Hey J, meet Trish....” Howie introduced “Where is Trish?”

“Dunno” Kevin answered “She was her just a moment ago”

“well I guess I wont meet that woman today."

“yeah, I guess so..” Howie wondered what had happened.

“Well I guess we better leave” Kevin said

“Yeah, ok, it was a long night, and it’s like ... wow.... 5 pm?” added Howie

“And were are the rest of the guys? Brian, Nick? were is Alicia, I would like to say bye” AJ said

“Yeah i bet you would. let's go”

Chapter 18