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Chapter 15

“Oh my I'm so nervous”

Linda and Alicia hanged there by the balcony.

“Give me something to drink will yah Mark?” asked Linda

“yeah sure, you two are looking fine tonight, big date?”

Linda blushed.  “No, can't a girl try to be presentable ? huh?” asked Alicia

Alicia was wearing a lil black tank top, and a mini, mini midnight skirt, she was ready to go to action. Linda by the other and, decided to go for brighter colours, she was wearing a little white top, with a lil green jacket, and a jean mini skirt. That green did great with her deep green eyes and she had her hair up. she looked so cute.

“I can't fucking believe this shit, they are doing this to me” Trish yelled as she took a seat.

“What is it Trish?” asked linda

“Give me something strong Mark, and quick”

“Go easy on that” advised Mark

“Can you believe that the Mike and the band didn't show up .. again?”


“What is it that guy huh, can you answer me that Alicia?” she turned to Alicia

“hmm,,, dunno, I haven't heard from him for a while” she answered .

Trish could tell she was lying, but if they wanted to get her into troubles they weren't gonna make it, not this time, not again, if she did it once she would do it again.

“Be right back” she left

“oh poor girl, looks like they are really wanting to make her look bad” Linda  said

“oh yeah maybe..”

“this place is getting crowdy, I guess they liked last night” she smiled taking a look at the door

“Holly mother, look at that, Alicia tell me I'm not dreaming”  Kevin shook hands with the security, next to him was AJ, followed by Howie and Brian that were talking, and then there he was, it was NICK, NICK CARTER. They were walking their way, oh my oh my.

“Hey again Mark, how are you doing?” asked Kevin

“Where is Trish?” asked Howie.

“Man can you be any more obvious?” Nick said

Linda couldn't believe that, they were there the BSB, oh my.

“Hey... saluted Mark, what can I get you? Oh and Howie Trish is in the back, I think things aren't so good, but you can go there and find her I think maybe she is in Steve's office, take that door.” as he showed Howie the door

Brian suddenly turned to Alicia’s and Linda’s side

“Hey ladies, how are you doing? My name is Brian” as he leaned his hand to Linda. She was in shock. Alicia looking at Linda's face and took off his hand.

“Oh Hi , I'm Alicia and this froze friend of mine is Linda” they shocked hands, “nice to meet you and this are my friends, Kevin.. AJ, and...”

“You know I'm in big trouble because of you don’t you? I can get fired because of that, what am I suppose to do?, ..... no Steve is not here tonight” Trish was talking on the phone

“Trish?” asked Howie as he knocked in the door

“Yeah just a moment, come in, oh it s yo Howie, just a second”

Howie entered the office, and took a look at her, she was looking fine, even with just that jeans and that lil red tank top. her hair was up, with some leaning down her neck, he could actually fell her perfume.

“Fuck you, and man, thanks for making my life miserable, and don't worry that as soon as I find someone You will get all fired. and yes I will..”

She  grabbed the phoned and throw it across the room.

“wow girl take it easy.”

Tears started running down her face.

“damn guys, are running my life, and I'm sure I'm gonna get fired this time”

Howie leaned down to her and held her in his arms, he could actually smell her shampoo it was some kind of fruit.. hmmm apple

“Oh you smell good” he said

“ha ha , only you to make me smile” they were now looking inside each other eyes.

It was strange to fell herself in a man's arms, it had been a while, and she had swear she wouldn't ever be so weak, but now, she was in pain, and he was there for her. He could fell from him security and care, yesterday he wanted to do her but in that moment, he was like a brother, that she felt secure with.

“Trish?” they were still lost in each other eyes

“yes?” she answered

“I want to make love to you.” wow was he straight to business or what? “It’s something about you, I don't know what it is, but I felt it since the first moment I saw you.”

What the hell was that? he gently leaned and she felt his warm tongue in her mouth. What was she doing? Who was she kidding? She needed a man, and well Howie was there, why not?
She let herself into that  warm kiss , as she placed her hands under his shirt  , that was his answer, he took her up and placed her on the desk. That girl was purely delicious, he started unbuttoning her jeans as he gently massaged her firm breast, she couldn't help the moans that came out, what was that man doing to her? Her fingernails runned through is back, as she took his shirt off, now she wanted to be in control, she whispered

“Allow me” she moved as he watched her, “Lay down her” she asked lying on her knees

“Sure” he answered wondering what that girl was gonna do to him.

she was in charge now, and she wanted to do him all the way,

“No touching, I want to do all the work”

she was killing him slowly, she went on top of him and started her work, licking and sucking all of the nude portion of his body, he tried to reach for her

“No, wait” she demanded,

she gently started moving on top of his clock, he was still with his pants on but she could fell him getting harder and harder. Now she took his belt off, unzipping his trousers , as she saw his face blushing with pleasure.

“Please, stop it, “ he asked ,

she smiled he was now all naked and he couldn't want her more than that, she took her tank top of, and leaned letting him work on them , as she placed herself confortably so that he could enter her. strong waves of pleasure runned through her all body, as she felt him inside her.

“You feel so good babyy, give me more moree” She went faster, and faster as they both reached their climax.

Moments later they were both lying there in the floor, Trish smiled, it was nice to fell a warm body next to her, but a felling of guilt went through her...

“Oh shit...” as she took a look at her watch ” I gotta go out there gotta do something”
She got up and started dressing. Howie took another look at her,


“yes?” she looked at him

“ You are beautiful” , she smiled back at him and she placed a kiss on his cheek,,

“You are really sweet Howie, thanks D, now get dressed, the guys are for sure wondering what you and me were doing her for this half an hour” they both laughed

Linda and Alicia get to know better the guys, Brian was nice, AJ was crazy  doing his thingies on the dance floor, and Kevin was like impressive, but Linda couldn't take his eyes from Nick who was drowning in beers, and he had realized that.

“What???” he asked roughly

Linda was shocked by that, he was her golden boy and he had no right to treat her that way.

“Don't you think you've had enough?”

“You do you think you are ??? MY MOM??”

Her heart was dying, teared apart by the tune of his voice.

“Fine suit yourself” she left and started walking to were Alicia, kevin and Brian were talking.

“What's wrong Linda? “ Brian asked

“ oh well nothing” she lied,

“oh look there is Howie”

“oh sooooomeone has a smile on his face” Kevin joked

“You don't think he and Trish?” Linda asked

“ oh yeah, I’ve seen that look before “ Brian added

“Hey Howie meet Linda and Alicia they are Trish’s friends, and by the way where is she?”

“Ohh nice to know you, Trish will be here in a moment, she has some problems.”

“oh don’t tell me the band? again? “

“yes Linda., oh hell what is J doing?” Howie asked as he tuned to see AJ in the dance floor with a blond and a brunet.

“Yes he has been busy”

They all laughed

Chapter 16