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Chapter 14

“You did WHAT???”

“Man can you can you keep it down? my head is killing me” Trish said still lying in her bed , it was past 1 pm

“It better hurt, and like hell sugar, man you met the BSB and you didn't even called????” oh my Linda was angry, really angry. Trish looked up at her friend

“Man I'm sorry but it was one hell of a night, man I wasn't aware of what I was doing, and well I didn't met the bsb, I just met Kevin, Howie, and....”

“AJ?” she asked scared of what the answer could be

“oh well, no, it was that blond guy.. hmmmm “ Trish knew Nick's name, but she loves to diss Linda

“NICK????? You like... were in the same room as him???”

“huh huh..”

“oh my... I gotta breath, I can't believe this... “ she started walking around picking some clothes on the floor “ breath Linda.. breath” she told herself “ Why did I had to stay at home to see that fucking movie? why God why? Did you even got an autograph or something?”

“hmm, well no but..”

“No???? why?”

“Man, can I talk? gehh, and keep your voice down”

“ok, spit it” Linda sat in Trish’s bed as she got up and straight

“well, it was one hell of a  night, Mike and the band didn't show up, and like it was hell, and like then I was there I asked Mark for a drink , and like when I turned left there they were the three of them like hanging there, let me tell you that kevin guy, he is like some kind of Greek God, wow...”

Linda watched her friend as she gave her all the details of her encontour.

“And you what??”

“I went up on stage and I started dancing and singing to the sound of Shakira. what? I was drunk...”

“oh my, God, how could you do it????”

“yeah and in the end, well let me tell you that me, Howie and Kevin we had a lot of fun, we gave the crowd a lil show, we sang Everybody”

Linda’s jaw dropped

“You actually share a song with some of the BSB? and Nick?”

“well , sorry girl but let me tell you that that boy has some problems, he was such a pain in the ass”

“ohhh no, no Don’t say it”

“It’s true”

“And you didn't even asked for an autograph?”

“Well I have this...” Trish reached for her little bag that was there in the floor, took a piece of paper and gave it to Linda. Linda read Howie , and Kevin and then some numbers.

“well we exchanged phone numbers, and Howie assured me that they were coming back tonight.”

“Oh my, God, I died and went to heaven”


“ yeah sure honey, I love you , man I gotta get ready for tonight, what will I wear??? I gotta call Alicia, oh my so much to do in so lil time”

“yeah yeah , now let me sleep the few hours I have left, I need to be presentable tonight don't you think?”

“yeah sure, you go and have your beauty sleep, I Think Ill go out , and shop for something nice, I dune...”

“yeah, now LEAVE..”

“ok, ok sweet dreams”


“coffee, I need some coffee” Howie took AJ’s cup of his hands

“Hey dude, this isn't the last cup of coffee in the world yah know? and it’s like afternoon now , you guys were late last night, huh? man I wished I had went out with you guys”

“you stayed at the hotel? oh my this isn't the AJ I know”

“What is it with AJ?” Nick asked as he entered the hotel restaurant

“He is like acting  like responsible, stayed at the hotel last night, don’t know.. strange”

“tell me about it dude, man like Kev is the oldie, and like the freak is the one who is acting like, man ewwww”

“ha ha ha, don't worry, I just had something to do last night,”

“ohh, boney, had a woman last night did he?” Howie mocked

“man, no I didn't, but like did you?”

“well we met this fine girl last night, fine piece of meat , didn't we Nick?”

“ yeah yeah, we can say so..”

“ and you did her D? did you? did you com’on give me some details”

“ You will see for yourself “ asked Nick

“hu huh, then I'll check that piece of meat, but well were is Kev, we need to go to Brian room, we need some guys talk” stated AJ “he needs t talk to all of you”

“huh?  what's wrong?” asked  Howie with a seriously concerned face

“oh he will finally open himself, oh great...”

“Nick don't go there with that attitude, will yah, or maybe he wont but I'll show you your place, and yes that's is a threat”
He walked away, followed by Howie


“I'm homeeeeeeeee”

“Oh I can see that, what you robbed a bank or what?”

“shut up, and help me with these bags will yah?”

“yeah yeah”

“And what are you doing still on your pyjamas?? go and get a shower!”

“so, should I help you with that or get a shower?”

“shut up, and help me, and what do you think of this mini skirt?”  she took a pink skirt from one of the bags

Trish raise a eyebrow

“Want my honest opinion?”

“ Aren't you funny!! ha ha ha!


“well what I have to say it’s difficult, and I don't know were to start”

“from the beginning, huh?”

“quit the jokes Nick” shouted Kev “Brian wants to talk”

Brian took another breath, and started explaining the guys all that had happened, and the all reason of his behavior. Tears were now rolling down the Brian's Kevin's and Howie’s face.

“well so that's it, the reason why I’ve been such a jerk with you all, and specially with Leigh”

“ohh cos, I could never imagine what was happening, how do I fell?”

“ well now, not that bad, I've done some mistakes but I'm sure God will help me now and will lead my way”

“And Leigh, she doesn't know? “ Howie asked

“No, but I'm gonna tell her, I made her suffer so much, I will understand if she will not want me back”

“Don’t , don’t think that way she loves you ..” kevin confronted him

“Nick?..” Brian asked Nick was on a corner of the room, he haven't said a word since it all started

“Are you finished?” he asked with a tune of voice

“That's all you have to say?”

The question remained with no answer

“So, I don’t know what you all think but I need to get wild tonight”

“yeah Bone that's a fine idea, let's go back to the Secret lover Kev?” Howie winked

“You can bet your ass, and Brian you are going with us”

“I’ll go to my room” Nick left

The guys wondered what was wrong with Nick, but the night was about to start

Chapter 15