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Chapter 13

“Oh my this is getting crowdy tonight” Trish noticed as she looked at Steve

“Oh yeah, and where is the band? huh? have you tried Mike's cell?”

“yes, and nothing,  I dunno..”

“Sorry, you are a cool girl but this isn't just right, now it is your responsibility I trusted you, now fix it, I've got things to do” as he turned around and headed to his office

“ok, so what could go worst??” she picked her cell again and dialled Mike's number again, he and the rest the guys couldn't been doing that to her, no way

“ Man, D, I though you said this place was cool, no band , no music, geeh this is boring” Nick grabbed the beer and faced Howie that was looking kinda nervous

“Yes, well I've heard a nice band played here, but I guess they aren't playing tonight, and well they are a lot of people tonight, I'm afraid someone recognizes us”

“Don’t worry Howie, among so many people no one will even notice us”

Yes you guessed, the guys were on the SECRET LOVER, the club were Trish worked, or well used to work that by the way things were going that might be like the last night she would be there.

“Shit shit, shit, shit, shit..... give me a strong drink Mark” Mark was the bartender. Trish was so upset that she didn't even realized who were the 3 guys that were sitting next to her.

“I swear I'm gonna fucking take his balls off, he just wait and he'll see”

“wow I wouldn't like to be in his shoes, no way” kevin tried to make talk

“huh? what?” she turned to her left to meet those man's green eyes

“Hey, I'm Kevin, and this are my friends, Nick and...” he introduced

“Howie..” Trish received her scotsh and she took it down at once

“wow, take it easy girl, that's strong....” Kevin said

“wow, she knows my name, ha ha ha, hey babe, and what's your name?”

“Ok, now listen.... DON’T CALL ME BABE, OK?”

“Oh my, she has a temper ” Nick said as he asked Mark for another beer, his 5th.

“Look here you blond guy, oh, what's your name,? oh yeah Nick, or whatever, I'm just in a bad night, normally I would like jump all over you guys, but not tonight, so spare me the thoughts, save your few brain cells for another occasion” Nick rolled his eyes, he would normally would not take that from a girl but maybe from the beers he had already drink, he wasn't reacting

“wanna share your problems, we are kinda bored out here”

Howie was nice and sweet, but, but, he wanted to have sex with her. Ok so , that gift she had was on the way, again... sometimes that would only get in the way..

“see you are bored, man... that's it...”

“what?” now Kev asked

“ok, let me explain this, today my boss called me and gave me a raise, of pay check and responsibility... see? “ she wasn't thinking clear, maybe another drink, she took a sorve of another scotch

“yeah, so, and your point is?” now Kev asked

“well I am now in charge of the animation and all, but there are no words on the band that was suppose to play today, and now I'm gonna loose my job” she cried out on kev’s shoulder

“Hey, don’t cry things will be ok, .. oh, ... you never told us your name”

she sniffled “Trish, call me Trish”

“So Trish, don't worry, I'm sure the band will show up.. “ Howie said trying to be nice...

“Or you can go out there and do some strip that will cheer the peoples up”

“SHUT UP NICK!” kevin barked...

Trish took a look around, people were leaving she had to do something. she got up, (why couldn't she see things straight?) as she started walking towards the lil stage they had there

“Trish what are you doing?” Howie asked

“Man the girls has balls..” a drunk Nick said


“ Nick, Nick, Nick, ..that's my namedon't go on using it to much Kev”

It was now or never, she had to do something.

she whispered something to the dj, and then...

“Ladies and gentlemen's, I'm sorry, but unfortunately the band that was scheduled for tonight wasn't able to show, so, we've arranged something different”

The sound of Shakira’s hit “whenever whatever” started sounding in the background... With the help, of those drinks Mark had give her (the man knew what he was doing) she started doing her dance, as the music stopped and she:

“Lucky you were born that far away,
so we can both make fun of distance.
Lucky that i know a foreign language...."

She danced, and turned ,and shaked her ass the way only she could do everybody’s mouth dropped opened even Nick’s that by the way wasn't able to see much of it anyway, his eyes just couldn't focus... Howie was dancing around, to the latin sound but he just couldn't take his eyes of that girl’s body, that midnight blue long dress was really giving  space for him to set his imagination free, she looked so nice, oh my, what a piece of pure sensuality. Kevin in the other hand was having fun, man, that girl had energy, wow, and she had a voice with the strenght of the earth.

When the shaking and twisting to the sound of Shakira ended, everybody was dancing and having fun, Trish made a pause after the warm cheers:

“So, let’s make it one wild night, ladies and gents, the stage is yours so that you can show everyone what you are made off”

She went down to the bar were the guys were.

“You were fantastic, geeh, where did you learned to dance in that?” Howie asked out of breath

“Long story..” she asked Mark for a 7 up, she was thirsty

“You were the bomb, girl”

“Thanks Kev.”

 “yeah she was pretty good” Nick thought

“And thank you Nick” Oh no the gift again

“huh? excuse me?”

The night went on and it was a hit, everyone enjoyed, and there was even some really nice shows, and guess what? even the guys went on stage, well Howie and Kevin anyway, they sang “Everybody” with Trish, and was it funny? for sure, Kevin doing brian’s parts, Howie doing Aj’s, and Trish doing Nick’s.. ha ha ha

Nick just sat there on the bar, he couldn't even see what was going around there, neither the girl that had just sat next to him...

It was a long, long night...

Chapter 14