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Chapter 12

“Great my first night with my new job, and I'm late” said Trish as she looked at the clock on the living room's wall. She finished arranging her dress

“someone is looking pretty fine tonight” Linda was sited of the couch on her pyjamas with a bag of chips and a box of clienex..

“huh? why are you dressed that way, or better saying not dressed? I thought you were going to the bar with me tonight.”

“Oh no, “You've got mail” is on, and you know me , I could never miss it...”

Trish took another look at her watch : “Oh shit, shit shit, I better get going, how do I look?”

“I've told you, you look gorgeous,...”

“Oh, thanks big sis” she placed a lil kiss on Linda's forehead “Don’t stay up too late, you've got school tomorrow”

“Ok mommy, now goooooo”

knock knock..................knock knock

“Brian? I know you are there. Open the door!!!”

AJ was standing for almost 15 minutes knocking on Brian's door, he could hear voices, and moans in the room...

“WHAT?” asked a  naked Brian that opened the door

“Please cover yourself man, geeh, what do you think you are doing??”  he forced his way in as he noticed the girl, pardon, woman, she was a woman and what a woman, Brian had in his room,  but  definitely not the little angel girl type, no way.

“Oh I see, why u took so long to open the door... Trust me, I never thought I would say this to you, but where the hell do you have your brain ROK? “ he turned around  the woman that with no evident embarrassment was lying naked in Brian's  bed playing with her hair

“look, sugar ok, so you've done what you were suppose to do, but now please leave” He started picking her clothes from the floor

“here, dress and leave” as he gave her the pile of clothes

“WHAT DO U THINK YOU ARE DOING AJ??? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT” Brian's face  was red with anger.

“You sit there, and wait, you and me, we are gonna have a big talk...” he turned again to that woman, “common pick this, and dress, now!!” he was getting upset

“Make me...” shouted her

“Fine, we will do it your way” he grabbed her arm, and pushed her, he opened the door, the woman yelling and calling him all type of names

“What are you doing??? Stop it! “  Brian tried to reason with him

“I've told you to fucking sit” he gave him a dirty look “Now you I hope you don't fell much cold”  as he pushed the woman out with no clothes on

“Give me back my clothes u bastard...” yelled her as he closed the door

“There that bitch had what she deserved” stated AJ as he rubbed his hands

“You had no right... Are you insane, you know what you've just done? It will be all over the Sun tomorrow..”

“Don’t, don’t you even look at me, you are my brother but like to me you are less then shit right now...”

“What? look who is talking, Mr Fucking Perfect? huh? I really are the one to give that speech”

“Ok, now shut the fuck up you piece of shit and take a look at you” He grabbed Brian, and faced him against his room's large mirror.

“Look at that, look, tell me who is it there, coz I sure can't fucking recognize”

Brian, was shocked, he took a look at himself, but he didn't even recognized what he was seeing, what was he doing? Fucking every skirt ass he could catch. he was a married man, and he had his values. What would the Guy up above think of him?? What a mess... He could strangely see a picture of a n angel next to his image on the mirror, who was it? He recognized the long  blonde hair, he reached his hand to the mirror and the image fumed... Warm tears starting running down his face

“AJ, what have I done? “he turned around to AJ that was standing there looking  at his friend

“You've just lost yourself for a minute there, but I guess things will get ok, now don’t worry..”

“I need help, “ as he reached to AJ and they both hugged

“and you are gonna get help, me and the guys we are here for you, so is you family, so is Leighanne”

“Oh my, Leigh, my angel, so much damage I've done to her, will she ever forgive me?”

“ yes she loves, you I'm sure she will, but you have to tell her the truth, the all truth”

“I am, no more hiding, not from her, not from you or the guys, not for the rest of the people that love me”



“Welcome back!”

“Thanks, never knew you were like that, you made me proud of you”

“Ok,  wanna know I secret? neither did I “

They both busted out laughing... ok so was everything gonna be ok?

Chapter 13