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Chapter 11

So, Trish had started working at the bar, she really  liked it, it was one great week, but she always thought of something else, she had some songs she had wrote, and well her dream was to be a singer, not that britney Spears type, no way, but she just wanted to have a chance to show what she was worth of, a nice place , like the bar she was working, now, but well no way she could just drop the question to the manager, yeah he was a nice guy, but they already had a band, and well... maybe some other time.

“hey Leti, finish that and then come with me, I want to ask you something”

“yeah sure boss..” she smiled at the manager

“How many times to I have to ask you to call me Steve???”

 Five minutes later, Trish finished cleaning the last tables, and headed to the office.

“Can I come in Steve?” she asked knocking on the door

“yeah sure, take a sit...”

Trish  picked a chair and sited

“Tired?” Steve asked

“Yeah a little but it is worth it” Trish smirked back at him

“Yeah, but what I wanted to talk to you, it’s like this, I need someone to help me out with the managing, and well I know it may sound strange you are here just for what? two weeks?”

“No, just one ..”

“Oh my, but anyway, I think you are the perfect person for the job, of course you will have to keep doing those lil tasks till the day I found someone to help you, but you will be in charge of the band, and animation of the bar, specially because I'm gonna open another one, so i can't do it all by myself..”

Trish’s mouth was wide open, she couldn't believe what he saying,

“So? “

“Oh sorry, are you for real?”

“yeah I am.”

“Oh my, thank you very much”

“No problem, you are a sweety girl..”

Trish leaned up to shake his hand, and to once again thank him for that great opportunity.

”Lindaaaaaaaaaa!” Tish yelled as she opened the door

“what's wrong?”

“Guess what?”

“huh? what are you doing so early?”

“Well, I was kinda of promoted...” she let it out out of breath

“What? oh you are my girllll! “ She jumped at her friends arms and they jumped around..

“So what do you do now?”

They both seated on the couch,  a few minutes later

“Oh well now I'm on charge of the music, and putting all in order...”

“wow great responsibility, huh?

“Tell me about it.. pinch me girl” Linda did what her friend asked her

“Ouch, not so hard”

They both busted out laughing

“Oh, you asked for..”

“Yeah for a pinch not to take my arm off..”

“so do I get a free drink tonight? huh?” Linda asked

“No way, U gotta pay it... ha ha ha”

“Oh and that's how much you care for me... I'm touched.. ha ha ha..”


The boys were about to start their european tour, they had just arrived to London and after dealing to a crowd of screaming fans at the airport, they went straight to the hotel.

“Wow I thought I would never get here..” Nick throw his bags on the bed of his hotel suit

“Gonna take a shower and then ...hmmm get some chics” he smiled at the thought

25 minutes later, Nick was knocking on AJ’s room right across his..

“Hey Nick, wazzup?” answered Aj, a he opened the door

“hmmm, thought like u would like to get out, yah know, check the night around this places” said Nick running his hand through his wet hair.

Aj took another look at the boy, his young brother remembered him so much of himself.

“man, sorry but tonight I have things to do, but look, bro just go to Kev’s room or something, I think he and D are going out to check a club or something Howie wants to check it out.. “ answered AJ,

Nick looked surprised, ok, so AJ didn't want to go out? wow, what a change, things werent just as he remembered, and what was he gonna do of so important?

“yeah , ok whatever, dump me partner, man shit the only way is to go out with the oldies, geeh, man they may even confuse me as Kev’s son or whatever” joked Nick

“Trust me buddy they wont, ha ha ha” replied AJ, putting his finger on Nick's stomach

“hey, stop it , man, ... it’s not funny, man...”  said Nick rubbing his stomach,

“gotta take care buddy, or with that and with that hair people may even confuse you with a pregnant woman” busted Aj laughing

“ Man, u go and dye your hair or whatever it is u have to do, don't bother me... right? geeh.”  he waved as AJ closed the door, he really couldn't go out not that night he had some talking to do with Brian.

“well this is just wonderful, gotta stick with D and Kev...” Nick thought as he headed to Kev’s room, he knocked kevin opened

“Hey, Aj told me you and D are going out, want some company?”

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