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Chapter 10

“What just happened?” Linda looked at Trish, who looked at the ceiling, trying to look innocent.

“I know I didn't say that out loud, I know!”

“well, you didn't. I just have this little gift, nothing to talk about really. So, how about this dinner”.

“T!!! Don't change the subject. A gift? What gift? Are you telling me you just read my mind???”

Trish looked down, was she going to tell Linda about this “gift”. She hadn't told that many people, but she was her sister now.

“I didn't READ your mind, its more that I sometimes can sense what people think, you know?

Linda just looked at her, not sure what to make of this. “Are you for real?”

“yeah, its all true, my grandmother had it too, runs in the family I guess”. Trish laughed.

Linda had to laugh too. “ Guess I learn stuff about you all the time”.

A week later
Linda woke up when the alarm clock rang. Was it morning already? She felt like she had just gone to bed. She pushed the snooze button and went back to sleep. Five minutes later the clock rang again, she had to get up now if she was going to make it to her first classes. She slowly walked out to the bathroom. Some minutes later she came out, feeling at least half human. She walked over to the CD player and put on the newest Britney Spears CD.

“I used think, I had the answers to everything, but now I know!”. She started to sing along while trying to figure out what to wear.
“I'm not a girl, not yet a woman, all I need is time, a moment that is mine!!” Trish lifted her head from the pillow. What was that noise? She looked over at her alarm clock, it was only 7 am. She got out of bed and over to Linda's room, where she saw Linda  dancing around in front of her closet picking out different jumpers. Trish sighed.

“HEY! What do you think you are doing?”

Linda jumped a bit, she hadn't heard Trish walking in. “oooh shit! Did I wake you? I am so sorry”. She went over and turned down the music.

“Its okay, just please choose something else in the future, okay? You know how I feel about that girl.” She turned and went back to her room and lay down in her warm bed.

A couple of hours later Linda walked into the apartment. She was dead tired after her classes. The first thing she noticed was how clean the apartment was, Trish must have done some cleaning, then she felt a delicious scent from the kitchen. "oh, nice. Trish must be cooking". She could really get used to Trish's cooking, well and she would probably gain some weight too. She walked into the kitchen. She was right, Trish was cooking.

“Hey T, what are yah making?”

“Pasta, just something simple”

“Looks great. I was thinking maybe we could go out tonight?”

“yeah? That sounds cool. I haven't really seen the city yet”.

“I know, I feel sorry for that, its just been so much this week”

“Don't worry, its okay girl”

“Anyway, this friend of mine, Alicia, told me about this little club where a band is playing tonight, some friends of hers I think, wanna go?”

“ Sure, that sounds like fun”.

Two hours later they arrived at the bar.

“This place seems nice, you've been here before?”

“nah!. don't think so”. Linda was busy looking around for her friend. “"Ah.. there she is, c´mon”.

They walked over to the dark haired girl in the corner. Linda walked up to her and gave her a hug.

“This is my friend Alicia, this is Trish, she is... well you know who she is”.

Trish and Alicia said hello to each other and they all sat down.

“So, how do you like London so far, Trish?”. Wow, Alicia is trying to be nice Linda thought surprised.

“Its cool, I really like it. Just, the days are kind long, I am trying to find a job”.

“Oh, a job huh?”

“Yeah, I'm kinda short in the money department at the moment”.

“I heard they need people here, why don't you talk to the manager? It's a pretty cool place.”

“wow, that sounds cool, I would love to work at a place like this.”

An hour and a couple of beers later the girls were laughing and having a really good time. Trish had talked to the manager, and she was starting to work there next week. Now they were enjoying the band who was playing.

“They are so good, don't you guys think so?” Alicia looked at the other two. They both nodded.

“Is that all the reaction I am getting?”

“They are good Alicia, real good, I mean it. Who was it you knew again?” Linda asked.

“The drummer, isn't he cute?”

“He is okay, no Nick though”, Trish laughed at Linda's comment and nodded in agreement. “And definitely no AJ”

“What? I forgot I was here with two teenyboppers!” Alicia sighed and rolled her eyes.

chapter 11