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Chapter 1

““Why are you crying little girl?”  The little girl started running in the open field.
“Come here!!” “Don't run!” All he could see was her brown hair dancing in the wind, then suddenly she disappeared.

“Alex, honey wake up you are having  a bad dream.” she gently kissed him in the forehead, “You are shaking, what's wrong?” he looked at her deep black eyes and smiled,

“Just another stupid dream, don't worry, go back to sleep Sal”

she was worried, never had she seen her boyfriend that way, till the day he started having this nightmares, she  always asked him if he wanted to talk about them but he always answered that it was only some stupid dreams nothing to worry about, so why did she had that felling in her stomach?

“I'll take a shower to try to clear my mind, and then I'll go to the rehearsal, sleep tight honey” he softly kissed her head

“are you sure you don't wanna talk about it?” She looked at him like pleading him to trust her but ..

“Like I said before, don't you worry that little head of yours with that, it's not a big deal” he went to the bathroom, and when she heard the water running, she felt tears of frustration, running down her cheeks,

“How can he be so cold?”

Sally was AJ’s girlfriend, yeah AJ the tattooed dude from that boyband... hhhmmm.. oh yeah the Backstreet boys, anyway, she was his girl, she had been through a lot with him, with his alcohol problem, him going to rehab, and all that, she stood by him, and well helped him getting alive, she was a good friend, the best he could possibly ask, and a lovely sex partner: She knew exactly what, where and when he wanted it... But, he didn't love her... That was it, there was no love, real love from his side, but he thought he would never find better and he knew that she really did love him, so he was thinking in asking her to marry him, after all he was sick and tired of being a player, and all he wanted was to be a normal guy, raise a family, be there for his children, have a wife that could love him the way he wanted to be love. So he figured out that Sally would be the perfect woman, to fill that empty place in his life.
He smiled when he came out of the bathroom 15 minutes later to see Sally lying there sleeping, holding to her pillow... Why couldn't he love her? She had all a man could wish for...

He gently whispered at her ear “I'm going Sally make yourself home” a little moan came from her mouth...

“Bye AJ. I Love you” Little did he knew that does words that came from her mouth would soon be breaking his heart

“Here we go again” A.J. thought as he was driving on the highway going to arena to the rehearsals. So many things have happened, so many people came and went, but he had the guys, and well they were his family, and there he went to meat them again, a new  album a new beginning for them..


“Shit Shit Shit” Nick yelled when he waked up and took a look at the clock

“What?” A sleepy brunette head raised from her pillow. Nick's face completely changed, and he couldn't help the smile from going ear to ear: “I did her?” He thought, that brunette was like pure sexuality, he looked at her forms, in the sheets,

“Hmmmm...”  he took another look at his watch “Shit the guys will sure kill me this time” man, he couldn't remember doing that babe? Mental note: next time, Don't DRINK THAT MUCH U JERK!!!!

“Where am I?” asked the brunette who's name was Sandy

“Well you are at my place honey, I guess we had a couple of drinks last night and well one thing lead to the other” he smiled trying to remember her flavour

“Shit my head is killing me” as she raised a little from the bed, Nick could now see her naked breasts and flashes of their late journey came running back to him,

“They can't be real, no waaay” he thought at the fact of their size...

“I gotta go, so you better put something on, and well I'll call you some other time , ok?” taking another look at her body as she stared dressing herself..

“yeah yeah, I know all about it, we had fun didn't we? So I better get going now”

They both left his house in Orlando and he gave her a ride till town,


“The guys are gonna kill me ; Nick You are definitely dead!” he told himself as he got in the parking outside the arena 2 hours late for rehearsals.

“Rok is gonna kill me, after another of his lectures. AJ is gonna call me an irresponsible kiddo, like if he was that old, Howie is gonna flick, and Kev... oh boy... he can even get an heart attack, he isn't going young.”

“who isn't going young?” Kevin stood there in front of him, was he afraid of Kev? nooooooooooo, or well maybe a little, he did have a body that impressed anyone and could knock him down in a second.

“me, buddy, well I said it coz well I'm all tired of running and all that, and my heart is like one big train” as Nick's face went red

“yeah yeah like if I'm buying that shit, boy” he made a OHI’MSOMADATNICKOLAS face but then....

“Come here you little creep, I missed you.” as he gave Nick a big bear hug

“Ditto man, ditto” that was the only words that came out of his mouth

AJ and Howie entered the room, chatting and laughing, till they stayed stood looking at Kevin and Nickolas

“Tell me that I'm dreaming D, Pleeeeease tell me”  said AJ, making a face...

“Oh my, pure love demonstrations” added Howie wiping away some fake tears

“Oh you dumb asses, I know you wanna join us, come here” said Kev chasing Howie and then AJ

“Take those gay arms off of me!!” yelled AJ as Kev squeezed the skinny member in one of those hugs..

Howie that was in the floor laughing himself out loud, asked between laughs “What's getting into you ...ha ha ha ... kevin??”

“well can't a guy show love for his family, for his bros.” as he squeezed Aj again, and pretend he would snack one fat wet kiss into his cheek:

“Heeeelllpp” a little voice came out of aj’s mouth “An alien took over Kevin!!”

“CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN ME WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?” they all looked at the door, to see a not so happy Brian, standing there...

chapter 2