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Chapter 2

“hey Rok, wazzup?”  saluted Nick

“We were just playing around, what's that attitude for? Kev said.

“Man, are you aware that we should be there on stage rehearsing, like, two hours ago?”

The guys looked at Brian, what the hell have happened to him in those 3 months of break? Standing there wasn't any longer that buddy they knew, maybe something had happened between him and Leigh?

“Guys we better get going and do what Brian told us to do” reasoned D, looking at Rook's face, he knew things would only get worse if they all started questioning him of why the hell did he came back with that attitude.

While  they were walking to the stage:

“This album is gonna be a hit, man, I can almost feel it, and Howie you actually look kinda good in this cover” snapped AJ, giving a wink to D

“yeah yeah, my hair looks really nice..” looking at the copy of their new album that AJ was holding

“ Please D man, don’t make me laugh... ha ha ha “

AJ put his arm around Howie’s neck..
“ At least I have hair, yah know, coz Alex man, you know I love yah, but you really are going bald, man, you should go and get some help...” as all the guys started laughing and AJ took his hand to his head and started feeling his entries, and wasn't he right?

“ ha ha ha, AJ man, and you call me old man, if you don’t take care soon enough you are the one who's gonna be the one who REALLY looks like and old man ” Did that pissed AJ??? Not really, you all know Alexander James Mclean, but well...

“Hey Fat..ima”  joked Nick as they entered the stage to meet Fatima and the rest of the staff...

“Oh my, lil Nicky built a sense of humour, nice to see you again kid, but be careful, coz I can I also play that game” as he planted a big kiss on her cheek, and she gave him a tight hug

“How's my favourite woman in the whole world????” asked AJ, still with one hand on his head..

“Who's this I'm hearing, oh my could it be a ghost?? Oh , No, it’s really him, the one and only ...” she gave him a big smile
“yeah yeah, the one and only JNN”  they gave each other a hug

“And Howard your hair looks nice that way” she knew how to please that latin boy, he had his hair now shorter that he had in Black and Blue, and he had let loose his curly hair..

“ Yeah thanks, and you look great”, as he looked down at her tummy placing his hand on it,

“ Is it this what I think it is? " “yes Howard, it’s called pregnancy and it can happen when you have sex without those lil things we call them condoms, you know...” Everyone busted out laughing at Howard’s astonished face,until he retrieved a ear to ear smile that only he could do.

“Ohh, great news, how far are you?” Kev asked when he felt his cousins eyes right across the place talking to a member of their team, what the hell was wrong with him?

“ I’m 5 month pregnant kev, so I guess you wont have my company to the european tour, but don’t worry I’ll find someone good enough”

“Not that anyone would be like half as good as you are” added Nick, playing with her

“yeah yeah Nicky boy, I've heard that, but let's go back to work, ok?” they all agreed, it was more then time to get back to the show business..

“Hey Brian, when do you pretend on coming by and saying like that word we say to people we know... you know Hello! How are you?” he started walking her way

“Sorry, Tima, How are you doing?” giving her a hug

“I'm fine..... ohhh look, he likes you rok, he is kicking, woww” as she placed her hand on her tummy.

”Oh my never felt him so hard, he must really likes you” she asked for a chair coz he was kicking really hard

“here you go Fatima” said Kev promptly with chair.

They all focused on Fatima, who was out of breath, never had she felt that way, that they all didn't realized the tears that started running down Rok’s face, What was wrong with him? why did he felt that way? Only he knew, only he knew...

The rehearsals went great till the rest of the day, Brian, looked like a ghost and the guys noticed, they planned on bringing it up to him when they went backstage for a shower and a change...

“Man, “Everybody”, still knocks me dead, geeeh” said Howie as he started undressing

“yeah, guys you don’t even know how I missed this” added Nick, that was already in the shower with shampoo on his now shorter blonde hair.

“ yeah Kiddo, we know we know..” “Should we pupp the question D?” AJ whispered, not wanting Brian to be upset

“You Don’t Have to whisper J; I know what you all are wondering, why I am this way? well, guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! SO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! I’m out of here..” kicking the door of their dressing room

They all stayed astonished with what had just happened there, was that really Brian? Their buddy?

“What the hell was that?” kev asked finally breaking the icy silence that they were in after that scene..

“wow..” that was all that came out of AJ’s mouth

“Who was that? that was sure not the Brian I knew!” Nick added drying his hair on a towel

 Something was definitely wrong with him, and by the way he looked it was serious business, but what could they do? they wanted to help him, but how? He looked like he didn't want their help, but they had to do something, and fast..

“ so who is gonna call him?” AJ popped the question, and they all turned to Kev.

Chapter 3