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Last updated: January 29, 1999

Unit Crest

29th Field Artillery
World War II Photographs


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World War II

BG Blakeley and LTC Thomason Inspection of the 29th FA !
Photo Courtesy of Irving Smolens

Brigadier General Harold W. Blakeley, 4th Division Artillery Commander, and
LTC Joel F. Thomason, Battalion Commander, 29th Field Artillery, inspecting the troops.
BG Blakeley was later promoted to Major General and assumed command of the
4th Infantry Division. If you look closely, from the far right, is LT Wayne A. Young,
CPT Albert B. Head, and LT J. William Sydnor. "Al" Head commanded C Battery, and was wounded shortly after D-Day.

Members of the 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry !
Members of 1-8 Inf
Photo Courtesy of Irving Smolens

By the end of the war, other than the doctor, four had not been killed or wounded! These four are in the front row. Bannon and De Meyers are on the left and Gude in the center. CPT John C. Ausland is the second from the right! This photo was taken near Laval, France in August, 1944.

CPT John C. Ausland in Germany, 1944 !
CPT Ausland
Photo Courtesy of Irving Smolens

CPT John C. Ausland standing in front of an M105, mounted on a tank chassis used on the D-Day landing and for some time after that! The decision for the 29th FA to have these, resulted from a talk between General Bradley and LTC Thomason in England.

CPT John C. Ausland at the George Hotel, 1992 !

Photo Courtesy of Irving Smolens

The George Hotel was used by the 29th Field Artillery as its headquarters and officer's mess. As seen here, it had not changed for the better, but still brought back many pleasant memories for John!

CPT John C. Ausland, revisiting swamp battlefield, 1992 !

Photo Courtesy of Irving Smolens

CPT John C. Ausland found his way back to this swamp battlefield site, in 1992! The peninsula the Germans were holding, is in the background. This visit reinforced his view that the attack was a blunder!


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