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Arts & Crafts Tiles - Handmade Tiles

Roycroft Awarded Artisans

Awarded Roycroft Master Artisans in Tile, Furniture & Frames

*Tile sizes are approximates
Our handmade clay tiles originate at the size noted but
will naturally shrink during the air drying and kiln firing processes.
The tile shrinkage will allow room for installation and grouting. Shrinkage is
approximately 10-12% and will vary based on the glaze color & tile design chosen.
Handmade tile sizes, shapes, thicknesses and glaze colors/tones may vary from piece to piece.
Each Selection is Unique to Itself... No Two are Identical…
Each Offering From Our Studio is a Work Of Art.
Email Us If You Have Any Questions

:: Lead-Times For Creation Apply To All Our Tile Offerings ::
Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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Arts & Crafts Tree Tiles & Landscape Tiles
Tree Tiles
Forest & Landscape Tiles
Arts & Crafts Pinecone Tiles
Pinecone Tiles

Dragonfly Tiles, Insects, Beetles & Bug Tiles
Dragonfly Tiles & Insect Tiles
Beetles & Bug Tiles
Arts & Crafts Gingko Leaf Tiles, Gingkoes, Misc Leaves
Gingko Leaf Tiles
Gingko Leaves
Assorted Other Leaf Tiles
Arts & Crafts Acorn Tiles
Acorn Tiles

Arts & Crafts Mottos & Welcome Tiles
Motto Tiles,
Home Sweet Home & Welcome Tiles

Animals, Water Creatures & Bird Tiles
Birds, Owls, Crows, Hummingbirds, Herons, Frogs,
Rabbits, Cats, Misc Animals & Water Creatures Tiles
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Arts & Crafts Flowers & Floral Tiles, Arts & Crafts Rose Tiles
Assorted Flower Tiles
Rose, Tulip & Iris Tiles

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Arts & Crafts Cattails & Reeds Tiles
Cattails & Reeds Tiles

Arts & Crafts Ferns Tiles, Fiddlehead Fern Tiles
Fern Tiles
Fiddlehead Fern Tiles

Fruits & Vegetables Tiles
Fruits & Vegetable Tiles

Glasgow Roses And Mackitnosh Tea Room Women Tiles
Glasgow Collection Tiles
Mackintosh Roses and Women Motifs.
Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh,
Miss Cranston's &
Willow Tea Room Inspiration

- New Tile Offerings -

Shapes, Symbols & Celtic Knots Tiles
Shapes, Symbols
& Celtic Knots & Images

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- Giant Tiles -
Arts & Crafts & Art Nouveau Inspired Tiles
Amazing Focal Points & Eye Catchers

Roycroft Renaissance Mark Tiles
Roycroft Renaissance Marks &
Historic Roycroft Inspirational Tiles

Arts & Crafts Tile Murals & Sets, Arts & Crafts Tile Triptychs
Tile Murals
and Specialty Tile Triptychs & Sets


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