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Ordering Details & Policies

Mission Guild Studio

We offer a wide variety of our offerings at in person exhibits & shows.
Shows & Events

We Have Retail Gallery Shops Located
- On The Historic Roycroft Campus -
At The Following Locations

Roycroft Antiques Shop & Gallery
- 37 South Grove Street, East Aurora, NY -
*Inside the Roycroft Antiques Building: Up the 1st set of stairs then Head to your right.

Mission Guild Offerings Are Also Available At:

The School House Gallery
:: An Exclusive Roycroft Awarded Artisan Gallery ::
1054 Olean Rd, East Aurora, NY

:: Additional Gallery Shop Locations Can Be Found By Clicking Here ::
*Please Note, Our Galleries and Shops All Vary & Do Not Feature
Every Selection Shown Within The Online Catalog or At Our Shows.
Web Catalog Orders May Be Placed Online or By Phone.

Email Mission Guild Studio

Email is always the Fastest method of reaching us,
We also prefer that any orders be paid for Online via the web
shopping cart or via a secure online invoice link that we can email to you.

If You Wish To Speak With Us By Email, Phone or To Contact Us By US Mail
Please Note Our Studio Office Phone & Ship to / Mailing Address Below:
(Our Office Mailing Address Differs From The Gallery & Shop Locations Above)

Mission Guild Studio *Office
PO Box 622
Mount Vision, New York 13810
Office Phone: 607-433-2373
Click Here To
Email US With Any Questions>

*Please Note: We Do Not Have A Gallery Or Studio
That Is Open To The Public In Mount Vision, NY.
This location is just our office mailing address.
To view examples of our works in person
please visit one of our gallery affiliates listed above
or check out one of our "in person" exhibits throughout the year.
Inventory will always vary at each location.

:: We Only List About 5% Of Our Available Offerings Online ::
You'll always find many more selections available at our gallery shops & shows.

:: About Our Offerings ::

Each Mission Guild Studio Selection is Unique to Itself...
No Two Handcrafted Works Are Completely Identical.
Each Offering From Our Studio is a Work Of Art.

- Our Wood Finish -
All of our offerings are Artisan created.
No two selections are ever completely identical.
Due to the nature of our work and wood finishing process
the natural wood grain patterning as well as
the finish color & tonality will vary from piece to piece.
The age of the wood used, finishing techniques,
wood grain and the wood's natural porosity can all
influence color and color tonality throughout a piece.

The photos featured online are of the "Available Now" selections
or of prior works now sold depending on the listing and notation.
Throughout the year different versions of selections shown "may" be created.
- Please Feel free To Email Us Regarding Availability -

- Our Tiles & Pottery -
~ Tile Sizes, Glaze Colors and Creation Notes ~
*Important Information About on Our Handmade Tiles & Art Pottery:
Our handmade clay tiles originate at the sizes noted but will
Shrink during both the air drying and kiln firing processes.
The tile shrinkage will allow room for installation and grouting.
*Tile clay shrinkage is approximately 10-12% and can vary
based on the glaze color as well as the tile design(s) chosen.
Handmade tile sizes, edges, body thicknesses, shapes
and glaze colors & tones may vary from piece to piece.
Each Selection Is Artisan Handcrafted.
Photos Shown Are Examples Of Prior Works We Have Created Unless Otherwise Noted.
Each Offering From Our Studio is a Collectable Work Of Art; No Two Pieces Are Completely Identical.

Please Email Us If You Have Any Questions

:: Lead-Times Do Apply To All Orders ::

- Tile & Pottery Uses -
Our tiles are not promoted for exterior use or for use in floors or areas
directly affected by water. Although many folks do incorporate tiles into these types of
applications, different climates and applications can cause different negative effects
on a clay body or glaze. Our handmade art pottery vessels are unique, decorative & collectable,
they are not guaranteed to be watertight. We do not recommend putting water directly into our
vases, bowls, etc. If you would like to use our selections for displaying fresh flowers or
plants, we recommend that you use a sealed/protective liner inside the pottery selection. We would
also suggest the use of a drip catch/dish underneath the selection in order to protect your furniture
from any possible water damage. Our pottery and tiles are works of art… to be enjoyed for generations.
Extreme temperature changes, freeze and thaw, may cause damage to any work of art.
Unless stated in the items description our pottery is not considered a food safe product.
- Contact Us With Any Questions -

Payment Policy:

Payment For Your Purchase is Gladly Accepted By:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal.
Payments Made Online Through Our Web Site Are Always Charged
The Complete Total, Including S/H Fees, When The Order Is Placed.
You do not need to have a PayPal account to order online via our web site;
You Have The Option Of Processing Without A PayPal Account During Checkout.

All of our selections are considered custom orders and
are created or finalized following the order's receipt.
~ Due To The Nature Of Our Specialized Business
All Sales Online And Offline As Well As
All Order Deposits & Down Payments Are Final ~

Please be sure to ask all questions in advance of ordering.

*Your Online Web Purchases Are Paid For In Full When The Order Is Placed:
*Please note, all Web Cart/Online Sales are automatically charged the complete total
for the order, including shipping and handling fees, at the time of purchase.
Lead-Times For Creation & Shipping Do Apply To Each Order. All Sales Are Final.

- Please contact us with any questions, especially those pertaining to the "Holiday Gifts" or other "Special Occasions" -

The utmost care and attention is given to the packaging and shipping of all
our offerings at the studio, however we can not be responsible for the handling
or loss of our packages by the carrier (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, Freight Carriers, etc).
The recipient of the order must assume all responsibility in
filing any claim for damages or loss in shipping if necessary.
Carriers will expect to see the original box and all of the original
packaging materials in order to file any claims for damages.
The customer is responsible for the costs of all shipping
and handling fees on packages returned to or sent from our studio.

Please Note, Our Prices Do Not Include the Shipping and Handling Fees.
Shipping and Handling Fees as well as Sales Tax Are Calculated For You During Checkout.
We do purchase insurance through the carrier for your shipment and that fee
will be included in your cost. Insurance will not be waived.
Sales Tax applies to All New York Customers.

- Website Catalog & Online Shopping Is Available For USA Addresses Only -
* Our Online Shopping System Is Programmed For Purchases Within the USA Only *
Due To Shipping Service Modifications And Changes With Our Local Shipping Service Provider We Are
No Longer Able To Accept Orders For Customers With Outside The USA Shipping Addresses Directly Via Our Studio;
However Customers With International Shipping Addresses Can Inquire With One Of Our Retail Shops Or Galleries
In Order To Verify Any Shipping Possibilities Outside The USA & To Also Confirm Specific Item Availability At These Locations.
We do not retail all Mission Guild selections at our shops or shows.
On hand "available now" inventory is limited and will vary throughout the year.
- We appreciate your understanding -

- Click Here To For A List Of Gift Shops & Galleries -
Showcasing Different Mission Guild Works Year Round


When will my order be completed ? ? ?

As policy Lead-Times or "Creation Times" for orders to be completed and shipped
will vary depending on the Item or Items being ordered as well
as the current schedule of Orders & Obligations at the studio.
Items marked: *Available Now are available sooner and are
shipped out from the studio within approximately 10 business days.
*Available Now Items Needed For The Holiday Gift Giving Season will usually
be Packaged and Shipped Out ahead of our normal schedule whenever that's possible.
If a Jewelry selection is needed asap we ask that you please contact us
Prior to purchasing in order to discuss an expedited shipping possibility.
~ You may always contact us in advance of ordering to receive an idea of an items lead-time ~

*Please note: Concerning Lead-Times...

As a "Dual" Artisan Operated Studio
There are numerous factors which affect the time frames necessary
to create our studio offerings. Due to the Intricate and
Artistic nature of our work there are no guaranteed lead-times for creation
on your order only approximates. These "approximate"
lead-times may be subject to increase or decrease due to any
number of circumstances. Please remember, we are an
Artisan operated studio, creating your selections by hand.
We are not a mass production factory with a stockpiled inventory
or multitude of employees handling different aspects of the production.
Only One to Two artisans will actually create your order.

Can you give me a ball park idea on the Lead Times ?

Lead-Times For Creation Will Always Depend On The Current Studio Calendar.
Below Are Some General "Ball-Park" Ideas On Our Lead-Times Under Normal Circumstances.

Tile Order Lead-Times:

Smaller tile orders in smaller quantities (meaning 1-2 regular size tiles unframed) will usually
have a creation time of approximately 7 weeks from the date of the order confirmation.
Creation time all depends on the items(s) and glaze colors being ordered.

Multiple tile orders (meaning orders of let's say 3 to 5 of our regular sized tiles) or
an order of one or two of our Mid Size tiles (meaning our special 8x8 tiles) will
usually lean towards an 8-10 week creation lead-time.

Larger Quantity Tile Orders Will Require Longer Lead-Times For Creation.

Framed Works:
Framed tiles or inlays are orderable when listed as "Available Now".

Our furnishings tend to mainly be offered "in person" at our
various live exhibits and shows or at our gallery shops.

Lamps & Lighting:
Our lamps or lighting selections tend to mainly be offered "in person" at our
various live exhibits and shows or at our gallery shops.

We accept new orders daily so lead-times will vary depending on the item(s)
being ordered as well as our current studio work load and exhibit schedule.
If you wish to place an order with the intent of having
the order received in time for a special event such as a birthday,
wedding, holiday, etc. you should always contact us in advance
of placing the order to discuss the order details and desired date of
your order's arrival. This will assure a smooth transaction for all of us.

We will always supply our clients with the "approximate" lead-time estimate for
the creation and completion of their order when the order is placed.
An order is completed when it is fully completed & inspected.

Feel free to inquire.


Contact Information:

- Please Feel Free to Contact us with your Questions -
Email Mission Guild Studio
Office Mailing Address:
Mission Guild Studio Office
Mission Guild Studio
PO Box 622
Mount Vision, New York 13810
607-433-2373 Phone & Fax

*Please Note:
We participate in a variety of "In Person" Shows & Exhibits
open to our clients and “to be” clients throughout the year.
Numerous offerings are available at these events, many more than are available online.
- click here for our upcoming exhibit listings -

We Do Not Offer a Walk In Studio Or Retail Store
At Our Private Office Address In Mount Vision, New York,
However We Do Offer A Number Of One of a Kind Works For Purchase
At Historic Galleries & Shops Located In East Aurora, NY

- Many Mission Guild Selections Are Also Offered For Sale Year Round At The Following Historic Roycroft Locations: -

Roycroft Campus Antiques Shop & Gallery (37 S Grove St, East Aurora, NY) - Phone: 716-655-1565

The School House Gallery (1054 Olean Rd, East Aurora, NY) - Phone (716) 655-4080

The Artisan Exchange (219 Broad Street, Milford, PA 18337) - Phone: 570-296-5550

The Settlers Inn (4 Main Ave, Hawley, PA 18428) - Phone: (570) 226-2993

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