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Deprogramming oneself from the lingering influence of previous dogmas is considered an important part of initiation in many forms of Satanism, of both the theistic and symbolic kinds.

Lord Egan is High Priest of the First Church of Satan, which welcomes both theistic and symbolic Satanists. The following is taken from the FCoS FAQ.

How Can I Deprogram Myself?

by Lord Egan

Question: How can I start to deprogram myself?

Lord Egan responds:

I believe people have different temperments. If you are trying to free yourself from the control mechanisms of the matrix, one might try making fun of religious dogma, the tool of the oppressor. For instance, join the Church of the Subgenius! Following are a few quotes from the Discordians:

So laughter is certainly one way, but not the only way, to free yourself. There is also the process of venting anger which most people disapprove of because they fear violent eruptions. Shielding people from unpleasantness is what our society tries to do, but we have gone too far attempting to create a perfect world for ourselves. Merely suppressing hostility is NOT the way to establish order!

And so, if a person is raised in an oppressive atmosphere of total religious intolerance and they want to burn a bible or trample a few crucifixes, I say let them!

Some people become Hindus, Christians and Moslems and they find spiritual harmony and balance. Bully for them! We are not talking about those people!

We are talking about people who have had religion forced upon them. We are talking about people who have been shackled and enslaved by a religion. And when I say "religion," I mean ANY religion, including Satanism. Let us also try to liberate others because, in doing so, we free ourselves! Selfishness doesn't always work in the real world because the real world behaves according to laws of tidal gravity, cause and effect! We get out of life exactly what we put into it.

Another approach to deprogramming yourself is exposure to material condemned by authority figures. Read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler the first week, then Das Kapital by Karl Marx the next week. Despite popular claims, it will not rot your brain! If you should perchance read The Trial of Gilles De Rais, you will not suddenly become a serial child rapist and murderer. But you may get a peek at the dark side of human nature and actually learn something. While you're at it, pick up a copy of Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom and Other Writings by the Marquis De Sade. Look beneath the surface of all things considered taboo and do not relent!

Now that you've deprogrammed yourself from the ravages of organized religion, shake hands with a new enemy; the apostles of Satanic morality! These individuals would like nothing more than to save you from exposure to Lord Egan's deplorable degeneracies. Controlling what people think "for their own good" is a clever form of thought control and Satanists utilize it daily against their own kind. But who's to blame?

The newbie Satanist begins his journey upon the left hand path and is appalled to discover no structure or solid guidelines! They expect of Satanism a way to *reprogram* themselves, but our objective ought to be helping others *deprogram* themselves! Misleaders are portraying themselves as politically-correct paragons of virtue who offer a roadmap for weary travelers upon the left hand path. They appear erudite, but will attack with vitriol those who threaten to expose their true agenda; converting Satanists to a neo-Christian belief system.

Satanism requires less structure and less control, because our objective is and has always been individual sovereignty, not the monopolization of power.

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