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Philosophy for theistic Satanists

Please note that by "philosophy," I do NOT mean what is commonly called "Satanic philosophy," e.g. LaVeyism (which, as adhered to by most LaVeyans, is really more an ideology than a philosophy). Nor do I even mean a "philosophy" (ideology) of theistic Satanism itself. By "philosophy," I simply mean the art of thinking deeply and clearly. We theistic Satanists do not need to embrace any one particular ideology, but we do need a coherent understanding of whatever we do believe and why we believe it.

I should disclaim that I am no expert on philosophy. However, I'm a philosophically-inclined person. And I've run into many Satanists who urgently need to learn how to think more deeply and clearly than they now do, both for their own sake and so that we all will be taken more seriously as a real religion. To that end, I hope we can be helped by encouraging at least a modicum of philosophical study on the part of all theistic Satanists.

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