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Paw Print 2 Row Count
Graph created by: Leslie
Row Count by: Deb Hammond.

This Row Count has NOT been tested as of yet.

Yarn Color Abbreviations and Colors Used: Leslie's Graph
Leslie's graph of Paw Print 2 in thumbnail
M = Main
B = Black
G = Old Gold

Graph is 100x100.
Chain 100.

    1.  40M, 23B, 37M (100 stitches total)
    2.  36M, 31B, 33M
    3.  33M, 37B, 30M
    4.  32M, 42B, 26M
    5.  30M, 47B, 23M
    6.  29M, 50B, 21M
    7.  28M, 51B, 21M
    8.  27M, 55B, 18M
    9.  26M, 58B, 16M
  10.  26M, 59B, 15M
  11.  25M, 61B, 14M
  12.  25M, 62B, 13M
  13.  24M, 12B, 10G, 42B, 12M
  14.  24M, 10B, 13G, 42B, 11M
  15.  24M, 9B, 15G, 42B, 10M
  16.  23M, 9B, 20G, 39B, 9M
  17.  23M, 8B, 25G, 35B, 9M
  18.  23M, 7B, 48G, 14B, 8M
  19.  23M, 7B, 51G, 11B, 8M
  20.  22M, 8B, 53G, 9B, 8M
  21.  21M, 9B, 54G, 9B, 7M
  22.  20M, 10B, 54G, 9B, 7M
  23.  19M, 11B, 55G, 8B, 7M
  24.  18M, 13B, 55G, 8B, 6M
  25.  17M, 14B, 55G, 8B, 6M
  26.  15M, 17B, 55G, 7B, 6M
  27.  15M, 18B, 54G, 7B, 6M
  28.  13M, 21B, 53G, 7B, 6M
  29.  11M, 24B, 52G, 7B, 6M
  30.  10M, 25B, 52G, 7B, 6M
  31.  9M, 26B, 52G, 7B, 6M
  32.  8M, 29B, 50G, 7B, 6M
  33.  7M, 12B, 2G, 17B, 49G, 6B, 7M
  34.  6M, 12B, 5G, 15B, 47G, 8B, 7M
  35.  5M, 11B, 9G, 14B, 45G, 9B, 7M
  36.  4M, 11B, 11G, 14B, 43G, 10B, 7M
  37.  3M, 11B, 12G, 14B, 41G, 12B, 7M
  38.  3M, 10B, 14G, 14B, 39G, 13B, 7M
  39.  3M, 10B, 14G, 14B, 37G, 15B, 7M
  40.  2M, 9B, 17G, 14B, 34G, 17B, 7M
  41.  2M, 8B, 18G, 14B, 32G, 19B, 7M
  41.  1M, 10B, 18G, 14B, 29G, 21B, 7M
  43.  1M, 9B, 19G, 14B, 26G, 24B, 7M
  44.  1M, 9B, 19G, 15B, 24G, 25B, 7M
  45.  9B, 20G, 15B, 22G, 28B, 6M
  46.  9B, 20G, 15B, 21G, 29B, 6M
  47.  9B, 20G, 16B, 19G, 31B, 5M
  48.  9B, 20G, 17B, 18G, 32B, 4M
  49.  9B, 20G, 18B, 16G, 33B, 4M
  50.  9B, 19G, 20B, 14G, 35B, 3M
  51.  9B, 19G, 21B, 12G, 21B, 6G, 9B, 3M
  52.  9B, 18G, 23B, 8G, 23B, 8G, 9B, 2M
  53.  9B, 17G, 53B, 11G, 8B, 2M
  54.  9B, 17G, 53B, 12G, 8B, 1M
  55.  9B, 15G, 53B, 14G, 8B, 1M
  56.  10B, 13G, 53B, 16G, 7B, 1M
  57.  10B, 11G, 54B, 17G, 8B
  58.  1M, 10B, 8G, 56B, 18G, 7B
  59.  1M, 73B, 19G, 7B
  60.  1M, 73B, 19G, 7B
  61.  2M, 29B, 9G, 33B, 20G, 7B
  62.  2M, 28B, 11G, 32B, 20G, 7B
  63.  3M, 26B, 13G, 31B, 20G, 7B
  64.  4M, 24B, 15G, 30B, 20G, 7B
  65.  4M, 23B, 16G, 11B, 9G, 10B, 20G, 7B
  66.  5M, 22B, 16G, 11B, 10G, 9B, 20G, 6B, 1M
  67.  6M, 21B, 16G, 10B, 12G, 9B, 19G, 6B, 1M
  68.  7M, 20B, 16G, 9B, 14G, 8B, 18G, 7B, 1M
  69.  8M, 18B, 17G, 9B, 15G, 8B, 17G, 7B, 1M
  70.  13M, 12B, 18G, 9B, 15G, 8B, 16G, 7B, 2M
  71.  14M, 11B, 18G, 9B, 14G, 10B, 15G, 7B, 2M
  72.  14M, 11B, 18G, 9B, 15G, 10B, 13G, 8B, 2M
  73.  15M, 10B, 18G, 9B, 16G, 10B, 12G, 8B, 2M
  74.  15M, 9B, 18G, 9B, 17G, 11B, 10G, 8B, 3M
  75.  15M, 9B, 18G, 9B, 18G, 12B, 7G, 9B, 3M
  76.  15M, 9B, 18G, 9B, 18G, 13B, 5G, 10B, 3M
  77.  15M, 9B, 18G, 9B, 18G, 27B, 4M
  78.  15M, 9B, 18G, 9B, 18G, 27B, 4M
  79.  15M, 9B, 17G, 10B, 18G, 26B, 5M
  80.  16M, 8B, 16G, 11B, 18G, 25B, 6M
  81.  16M, 9B, 15G, 11B, 18G, 24B, 7M
  82.  16M, 9B, 15G, 12B, 17G, 23B, 8M
  83.  16M, 10B, 13G, 13B, 17G, 22B, 9M
  84.  17M, 10B, 12G, 13B, 17G, 20B, 11M
  85.  17M, 11B, 10G, 14B, 16G, 12B, 20M
  86.  17M, 12B, 8G, 15B, 16G, 10B, 22M
  87.  18M, 35B, 14G, 10B, 23M
  88.  18M, 36B, 12G, 10B, 24M
  89.  19M, 35B, 11G, 11B, 24M
  90.  20M, 35B, 8G, 12B, 25M
  91.  21M, 35B, 7G, 12B, 25M
  92.  22M, 53B, 25M
  93.  23M, 52B, 25M
  94.  24M, 50B, 26M
  95.  26M, 14B, 6M, 28B, 26M
  96.  49M, 24B, 27M
  97.  51M, 21B, 28M
  98.  52M, 28B, 30M
  99.  55M, 14B, 31M
100.  57M, 10B, 33M

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