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Baby Bottle 80x80 Row Count
Graph created by: Cheryl (a.k.a. Cinnaminn).
Row Count by: Deb Hammond.

This Row Count has NOT been tested as of yet.

Cheryl's Graph
Cheryl's graph in thumbnail
Yarn Color Abbreviations and Colors Used: Cheryl's Graph
Cheryl's graph in thumbnail
W = white M = light blue/pink
D = dark blue/pink N = old gold (nipple)

Graph is 80x80.
Chain 80.

    1 - 2.  80D (80 stitches total)
    3 - 17.  2D, 76W, 2D
  18.  2D, 53W, 4M, 19W, 2D
  19.  2D, 50W, 9M, 17W, 2D
  20.  2D, 49W, 11M, 16W, 2D
  21.  2D, 47W, 14M, 15W, 2D
  22.  2D, 46W, 16M, 14W, 2D
  23.  2D, 44W, 19M, 13W, 2D
  24.  2D, 42W, 22M, 12W, 2D
  25.  2D, 41W, 10M, 2W, 12M, 11W, 2D
  26.  2D, 39W, 10M, 3W, 13M, 11W, 2D
  27.  2D, 38W, 9M, 3W, 16M, 10W, 2D
  28.  2D, 36W, 10M, 3W, 17M, 10W, 2D
  29.  2D, 35W, 9M, 3W, 19M, 10W, 2D
  30.  2D, 33W, 10M, 3W, 21M, 9W, 2D
  31.  2D, 32W, 9M, 4W, 22M, 9W, 2D
  32.  2D, 30W, 10M, 3W, 24M, 9W, 2D
  33.  2D, 29W, 9M, 4W, 25M, 9W, 2D
  34.  2D, 28W, 9M, 3W, 27M, 9W, 2D
  35.  2D, 27W, 9M, 3W, 20M, 3W, 5M, 9W, 2D
  36.  2D, 26W, 8M, 4W, 20M, 2W, 7M, 9W, 2D
  37.  2D, 26W, 7M, 3W, 21M, 2W, 7M, 10W, 2D
  38.  2D, 25W, 30M, 3W, 8M, 10W, 2D
  39.  2D, 25W, 18M, 3W, 9M, 11W, 2D
  40.  2D, 25W, 27M, 2W, 10M, 12W, 2D
  41.  2D, 30W, 20M, 3W, 9M, 14W, 2D
  42.  2D, 20W, 6D, 5W, 18M, 3W, 9M, 15W, 2D
  43.  2D, 19W, 9D, 4W, 16M, 2W, 10M, 16W, 2D
  44.  2D, 17W, 12D, 4W, 13M, 3W, 9M, 18W, 2D
  45.  2D, 16W, 14D, 4W, 11M, 2W, 9M, 20W, 2D
  46.  2D, 16W, 15D, 4W, 8M, 3W, 9M, 21W, 2D
  47.  2D, 15W, 16D, 4W, 7M, 3W, 9M, 22W, 2D
  48.  2D, 15W, 17D, 4W, 5M, 2W, 9M, 24W, 2D
  49.  2D, 15W, 18D, 3W, 15M, 25W, 2D
  50.  2D, 15W, 2D, 3W, 13D, 3W, 13M, 27W, 2D
  51.  2D, 22W, 12D, 2W, 11M, 29W, 2D
  52.  2D, 15W, 5N, 3W, 11D, 2W, 10M, 30W, 2D
  53.  2D, 15W, 6N, 2W, 11D, 2W, 9M, 31W, 2D
  54.  2D, 14W, 8N, 2W, 10D, 2W, 8M, 32W, 2D
  55.  2D, 13W, 9N, 2W, 10D, 2W, 6M, 34W, 2D
  56.  2D, 11W, 11N, 2W, 10D, 2W, 3M, 37W, 2D
  57.  2D, 10W, 12N, 1W, 11D, 42W, 2D
  58.  2D, 9W, 12N, 2W, 9D, 44W, 2D
  59.  2D, 9W, 11N, 2W, 9D, 45W, 2D
  60.  2D, 9W, 9N, 4W, 8D, 46W, 2D
  61.  2D, 9W, 8N, 8W, 4D, 47W, 2D
  62.  2D, 9W, 7N, 60W, 2D
  63.  2D, 10W, 5N, 61W, 2D
  64 - 78.  2D, 76W, 2D
  79 - 80.  80D

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