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This is my web site dedicated to cats. Cats are great animals and make great pets. Learn anything and everything you wanted to know about cats right here! Information about different breeds, how to choose your cat, feline behavior, cat adoption,cat shows,wild cats, links and more!

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December 12, 2005
Hi everybody! I've had a sudden influx of visitors signing my guestbook and I wanted to tell those of you who have thank you! I hope to be able to get back on here soon - As you could probably see, I haven't updated in a while, and I'm sorry for that. Also, if you happen to find a dead link or a broken image, please tell me! I want to keep this site working as smoothly as possible, so you and others can enjoy it more! Again, I really appreciate your feedback and comments. Happy Holidays!

UPDATED! March 20, 2005
New Link Partner Feline Paradise
The Feline Paradise Society is a global community of cat fanciers that share a common bond: our affection for cats and our desire to share our knowledge/experiences to further feline health and well-being.
Can be found on the Links page under General.

UPDATED! January 8, 2005
New Page Created! Lord of the Cats located in Other Cool Stuff. A cool little project of mine, where I portrayed what the characters from the Lord of the Rings series would look like as cats.

UPDATED! November 8, 2004
New Page Created! Cat Care located on left side of this page. Information on how to care for your cat. How to keep your cat healthy, how to keep your cat happy, poisonous foods and more!

UPDATED! October 25, 2004
Pussy Cat Poll changed! Check it out and vote.
Located on the left side of the screen on this page (Home).

UPDATED! October 24, 2004
Group 4 of Wild Cats completed!
Kodkod, Leopard, Leopard Cat, Lion, and Lynx.

UPDATED! August 15, 2004
Group 3 of Wild Cats completed!
Geoffroy's Cat, Golden Cat, Jaguar, Jaguarundi, and Jungle Cat.

UPDATED! August 1, 2004
Group 2 of Wild Cats completed!
Cheetah, Clouded Leopard, Cougar, Fishing Cat, and Flatheaded Cat.

UPDATED! June 21, 2004
Pussy Cat Poll changed! Check it out and vote.
Located on the left side of the screen on this page (Home).


Some information and pictures taken from the book The Complete Book of the CAT by Anglea Sayer
First published in 1984 by Octopus Books Limited, Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London SW3 6RB

Some information also taken from The Encyclopedia of the Cat by Michael Pollard
Published in 1999 in China by Barnes & Noble Inc., by arrangement with Parragon


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