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How to obtain a Net267 nodenumber for FidoNet international

In compliance with FidoNet Policy 4, in order to recieve a nodenumber from the NC of Net267, you must have a FidoNet compatible mailing system in place with the current nodelist compiled within in it, in order to send and recieve netmail from Net267.

You must further agree to abide by Policy 4, the current policy of FidoNet International, as well as to follow any zone, regional, or local net proceedures that may be in place as allowed by Policy 4.

You must determine if you are eligible for a Net267 nodenumber by being within one or more of the following categories:

1: You are located within the Net267 geographicly assigned area consisting of the entire 518 area code in Upstate New York and intend to operate a FidoNet system with a dial-up connection and/or an internet only based node(ION). (Bound to Net267)

2: You operate (or wish to operate) a dial-up system outside of the Net267 area that you wish to add FidoNet to, have the ability to recieve an internet based feed, or are willing to make long distance polls for your mail, and have no local net available in your area. (Listing will be provided as long as required, and system is not bound to remain in Net267)

3: You operate (or wish to operate) an internet only (ION) based system, and do not have a local net capable of providing a feed to you. (Listing provided as long as required, and system is not bound to remain in Net267)

*PLEASE NOTE* for any ION system who has a physical location within the Net267 area, it is widely believed (wrongfully), that although not policy, that any ION system is not geographicly bound by local network borders, however, it IS POLICY that any nodes residing in a local network area ARE required to be within those nets to be a member of FidoNet. Net267 believes strongly in this part of policy and wishes to have any such systems included within our net for the purpose of once again establishing a strong -local- based FidoNet community... we strongly urge you to utilize Net267 as your home net.

Once you have determined if you are eligible for a Net267 node number, you must decide which type of feed you will use as your primary connection to Net267, be it Direct-Dial, BinkP, TransX compatible E-Mail attach, or automated FTP.

You will need to configure the software for whichever method you will use to reflect your address as 1:267/9999 (the default new user application node number) and send a netmail to 1:267/0 (The administrative address of the Net267 NC) with the required information in the body of the message. This is required to be sent via netmail confirm FidoNet netmail compatibility with your system.

You will be contacted by the NC according to information you provide and assigned a temporary node number which will then need to be entered into your software as your address, replacing the 1:267/9999 listing. The temporary node number will become permanant once it is processed into the nodelist... this will -usually- occur within one week of the application.

Once you have recieved your temporary nodenumber, you will immediately be able to recieve all Net267 exclusive message areas, and once your number has been processed into the international nodelist, you will be eligible to recieve all services available through FidoNet.

Each type of feed that is available through Net267 requires different information for nodelisting purposes, different software, and different configurations for the processing of your netmail.

For more detailed information on the exact proceedure, and configuration advice, please select the form of feed you will be using.

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