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O.o  Move that mouse, missy! ...... I'm so cute and lil'! But it has a lot of Xel and Val stuff too.... ^^ I love pictures!  Especially these!  ^-^;;; Pictures of Zelgadiss!  Kawaii! He's so evil! Val-chaaaan!  I love his arm! My favorite Slayers couple!  They're so cute! Dost thou seeketh information? A little bit of Zelgadiss in my life!  ...Or at least a little bit of Zelgadiss information.. ~*Immitates Marchina*~  Mazoku Mazoku Mazoku! ....A little bit about Xellos... A very looong explaination of TRY... Super-Mega Spoilers! Call me Ms. Matchmaker! Who does Zel love?  Only I know ....I wish.. **the NO!  He does NOT love Filia! Everybody had fun tonight!  You Know You Love ZEL Too Much When... You Know You Love XELLOSS Too Much When.. You Know You Love VAL Too Much When... I made them myself!  I'm so talented!  O.o Are you a true fan?  Sing it! More important than the 2000 Presidential Election! I try to update it weekly... Seriously!  ^^ Only one fic here... And a demented one at that! When I get my scanner working, I'll have some of my own up here... Typical Web-Page Randomness... Leaving so soon? Theyr'e so cute!  My page is so great!  ....Not really, but link to it anyway, if you're reeeeeally nice!  ^_^ I LOVE MAAAAIL!  Please send some, even if it's a flame! Welcome to my Zelly Shrine! ^_^

06-07-01 Hoo-hah! As we speak (It is now around nine-thirty here in NY) I am uploading three pretty fanarts to the fanart gallery! Yaarrrgh! ^_^ One is even by yours truly! O_O If I can find it that is! Sorry for slowness in updating, but FINALS ARE EVIL! They are almost over though, and I am working on a new layout for this place that will have some new content too! YAZZAH! ^_^

Update #2 for 05-11-01 OH YES! I'm keeping promises already! Yesyes, just like I said in the message I posted like an hour ago, I've uploaded 12 new fanarts sent in by oh-so-nice people!! Also, I've added a ZxL opinion to the Zel Coupledom section! Heyhey I'm on a roll, maybe I can update some more tonight!

05-11-01 I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacckkkkk.... Yeah, after almost a year of un-updates, something just clicked in me the other day. Yah, I was looking through my ahime tapes and I came across The Slayers.. and hoo hah, I suddenly decided to start updating this site again. My e-mails have gone unanswered for almost a year, but I SWEAR I WILL ANSWER THEM ALL! I only have the ones since like, mid-January, but by god i will answer every last one!! >< I'm so sorry to all the soso nice people who send me fanart and comments and debates and all that wonderful stuff, and never got a reply from me. I know its horrible cause I HATE WHEN I E-MAIL SOMEONE AND GET NO REPLY! And look, that's what I'm doing.. Ahhh I'm a horrible person! Anyway heres my attempt to explain why my site was seemingly dead for so long:

Well after my vacation I was in relax-mode and I figured I'd update again in a little bit, no biggie. But then things just started piling up, school started, everything was sooo hard, family problems, and many a bad thing. I mean there were many a good thing too but not enough to make me want to update this site. Like a few weeks after school started, I figured I'd check the e-mails at least because I didn't want to be rude, but to my dismay I'd forgotten my e-mail password! AHHH! So basically after that it all went downhill and a just figured to heck with it.

Buuuuut... after I had that spontaneous thought to start updating again, I looked through my ENITRE computer ^^;;; in an attempt to find the file i wrote my password in.. and Lo and Behold! I found it! Sooo, tonight I will be officially starting to answer e-mails and all things jolly, I know I'm such a dork answering mails i got like four months ago, but that's just how I am. I still have no scanner but I will try try try to update as much as I can! Maybe even some of the wonderful wonderful fanarts people sent me can go up as soon as tonight.. Anyway, I am back, hopefully for good, so Ja ne for now! ^___^

-From a veryverysorry Lisie-chan ^^;;;

7-07-00 Tomorrow, I'm going on vacation for a week... To everyone who's emailed me in the past like, month: I'm VERY sorry I haven't mailed you back, I just haven't had the time! And, my scanner is broke.. ^^;; If you requested a large version of a gallery pic from me, I promise I'll go to my friends house and scan in a big version for you the minute I get back from vacation. And, If you requested a gif, I'll make those when I get back from vacation, too. I promise, you guys, that when I get back, I'll start regular updates again! Seriously!!!

Oh, and PLEASE don't mind the new layout, I know it's horrible, but it's very, VERY temporary! I'll fix it ASAP!

GAAAAH! The shrine has been ransacked (okay, not exactly ransacked, but I love that word, so it will do) by chibi Slayers! Be on the look out! There have been no reported injuries so far, but the chibis seem to be armed with extreme cuteness,utter annoyance, and idiotic sayings! Also, there are a few "kopiis" of each chibi wandering around. I was too lazy to make more graphics... I haven't even made a Zelgadiss one!

And... If the image map isn't working.. well.. it should be! If it's not, right click and select "show picture"... and if it's still not, use the links at the bottom of the page.

Hehehe.. Having trouble with Life? Check out my Words of Wisdom! It has nothing to do with Slayers, but it will make you a smarter person!

Valchiri, who was created due to my warped mind! He's so cute! ^_^ ~*huggles val*~ And he knows he has to be good, or I'm making him wear the Sailor Moon outfit!

And PLEASE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK! I just started up a new book and it has like only a few sigs in it.. It's upsetting.. So please sign? For me? Pleeeeeease?

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All images and content on this page are copyright ME! Any relation to The Slayers anime series is strictly a coincidence! ...I wish. Anyway, nothing on this page is copyright me, and Slayers is copyright 1995: Hajime Kanzaka/Rui Araizumi/TV TOKYO/SOFTX/Marubeni. English version is copyright 1996 Software Sculptors Ltd. I did not create Slayers, I'm not profiting from Slayers, please don't sue me! I'm poor anyway... ^_^;

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