The 76th New York State Vols:A Civil War Re-enactment group.
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The 76th New York State Volunteers
Company H 2nd Platoon,
Geo. Wessling commanding

"Cortland Regiment, Cherry Valley Regiment, Otsego County Regiment, Cromwellian Regiment"
"To the Seventy-sixth New York is due the credit of firing the first gun at Gettysburg, except the skirmishing done by the cavalry. Next to the Seventy-sixth was the Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania, one of the best regiments in the service-a regiment which ever vied with the Seventy-sixth in the laudable strife to excel in achievments."-A.P. Smith 1867
The 76TH NYSVol was raised in the small communities of central New York. The unit fought valiantly through most of the battles in the eastern portion of the Civil War. The 76th served on the right flank at Gettysburg and suffered terrible losses those three sweltering days in July. This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of the men of central New York who fought and died so far from the beautiful rolling countryside that was their home. This site is a work in progress so any suggestions, additions, or questions would be greatly appreciated. I suggest that anyone who is interested in the history of the 76th New York State volunteers, Co. H 2nd platoon please check out the unit links below. If you decide you may be interested in re-enacting this noble unit please contact either Lt. Geo. Wessling
or myself.
We will be glad to help you out in this rewarding hobby.

Information From Here

Unit history; where they fought etc.

The Campaign Season for 2007! The 76th's Co. H 2nd Platoon's Official Unit Schedule

Pictures from September 1999 Gettysburg Re-enactment

Sutlers for equipment and online bookstores for research

Supplies you will need for re-enacting the 76th NYSVol

Some NYSVol images


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76th New York State Volunteers "The Cortland Regiment"
SUNY Morrisville New York Civil War Site
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Corp. Jacob J. Reese, Co. H
NOTE: He appears to NOT be wearing a NYS issue shell jacket.THe 76th also had an issue of frock coats and dark blue pants early in the war... The color picture is a typical NYS volunteer uniform from the early war period, it is from Philip Katchner's "The American Soldier"

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