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defarb Defarbing Your Italian enfield...
  I recently recieved this via email,

We will defarb reproduction Enfield muskets and we will make your
reproductions look as close to the originals as possible.
     If we start with an Armi-Sport we will make it a Birmingham gun.
If we start with a Euro-Arms we will make it a London gun.  Because
the Armi-Sport is a more accurate reproduction than the Euro-Arms, we
can do more with it.
     We completely disassemble the gun and remove the bluing from the
barrel, lock, and bands. We remove all the visible Italian markings and
the exposed serial numbers from the barrel and give it a bright finish.
We then stamp the barrel with the 1860's proof marks (Provisional,
gauge mark, view mark & definitive proof).

     We cannot engrave the lock as it is already engraved with "1853
ENFIELD" or "London Armory Company".  Now for the Armi-Sport we have
replacement lockplates with 1862 TOWER on them.

Original locks, 1853Rifle and 1856carbine.
Original lock with detail

Original Enfield "Tower" Lockplate

Defarbed Lockplate

     With the Armi-Sport gun we then stamp the side of the stock with
the "BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS TRADE" stock cartouche, and the bottom with

COOPER & GOODMAN.  (NOTICE: on guns with a polyurethane finish chipping
may occur.  If you do not wish to take this risk, tell us not to stamp
the stock).  We also remove the round-eared screw escutcheons and
replace them with square-eared ones.  On both guns we replace all the
round-headed wood screws with flat-headed ones.

OriginalSquare-eared screw escutcheons

     We stamp the ramrod about 4 inches from the tulip end with "T&CG"
or "PRESTON", the makers of the ramrod.
     The swivels that come with the gun are not accurate, so we offer
as an option the correct ones.  The top, or muzzle end swivel on both
guns should be centered, not offset.  On the Armi-Sport the lower or
breech end swivel should be more of a triangular shape, rather than
oval.  If they are purchased when we do your gun we will install them.
     We also offer the correct leather sling, stamped "ISAAC CAMPBELL &
CO., JERMIN ST. ENGLAND", which we make ourselves.  It is all hand
stitched, and the location of the hook is away from the place you put
your hand when capping the gun.

When they are available we also offer the Enfield bayonet,
scabbard, and frog.  We also remove the INDIA from the bayonet and
replace it with a crown and V stamped in its place.
Defarb your Armi-Sport Enfield                   65.00
Defarb your Euro Arms Enfield                   60.00
Upper swivel w/screw (Both guns)                 11.50
Lower swivel w/screw (Armi-Sport only)           20.00
Sling w/ Isaac Campbell & Co.                    15.00
Defarb your Bayonet                               5.00
Defarbed Bayonet & Scabbard                      41.00
Frog                                             17.00
Oil cloth gun bag                                15.00
Replacement Lockplate (1862 TOWER)(Armi-sport only) 40.00
Shipping                                         10.00

    This is a hobby business so we do not take credit cards or COD
orders.  Postal money orders are preferred; a personal check will be
accepted but it will take two weeks to clear.
Sincerely, Terry L. Schultz

Thanks Mr. Shultz! I hope to put up some more info in the future, I have many articles to transcribe as well as more original pictures. If anyone wishes to have their Enfiel ddefarbed I'd highly recomend Mr. Shultz, a link to his website is provided in my "Sutlers and Supplies" section.