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Mon 1/08/07 10:41 PM
Please pass this along to those in the Press Box who remember the "Golden Age" of Harness Racing . Kay Cisco was a "fixture" in the Publicity Department of Roosevelt Raceway from it's inception until the day it closed. She was a member of the National & New York Chapter of Harness Writers for 30 years. -Erker, Patricia

Kathryn T. “Kay” Cisco

2 June 1917 - 7 January 2007 Kay truly made the world a better place. We will remember her as an Exemplary Mother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Friend, Confidant, Advisor, Neighbor, Co-worker, Harness Racing Fan, World Traveler, Patriot, Party Planner, Hostess Extraordinaire…...

Fri 1/26/07 9:37 PM
I stumbled upon your wonderful site today. It gave me warm feelings to see such a tribute. My father was one of the original investors with his friend and business associate, George Morton Levy, and remained a member of the Board of Directors from inception until the track was sold to Madison Square Garden Corporation in 1966 or 1967. Even though I grew up in Miami Beach, every summer my family moved to Long Island for the summer when the track was running and the Directors had to be there. I spent many days exploring what I could as a little kid, but my father was very strict about the rules and appearances and would never let my brother or me in the track during racing. For years there have been trotter horse art objects around the house, but my favorite will always be the little white ashtray with the two capital "R"s facing each other. Somewhere, I also have Dad's Pioneer Cup, which must have been given out when the new track opened in 1957. My mother still has photos of my parents presenting cups to the winners, and all of the guests were dressed to the nines. Thank you for a day of memories.
David Weisman
Tue 2/13/07 10:47 AM
Hi Jeffery, I was the youngest licensed horse shoer at RR. I worked for Frank Albert who was also a licensed horse shoer from 1967 till I went into the service in 1971. I was also a licensed trainer. After the military I took over my Father's stable of pacers and when he passed in 1975 I liquated his stable and changed carrier paths because OTB just was killing the industry. The reason RR failed I believe was directly related to OTB. Your site has brought back very good memories and much appreciated, wish I had pictures but all my pictures were lost years ago, still do have my old license's and some win pictures form other tracks.....

Charles McDonald
INEX Construction, Inc.

Fri 2/16/07 2:23 PM
Here is an Apocryphal Story for you....the short version I was told as a Young I remember it. Don’t bet the Mortgage on it’s veracity ! LOL !

When local Nassau County Politicians and Wheeler-dealers tried to open a DOG-Track, on or near the Mineola Fairgrounds....and were unable to get a License for it....they Switched the request to a Harness Racing Track and got the state to Okay that...and got the License. They Planned to Use the Mineola Fairgrounds stables and track until they could Build the NEW Track...
( psssst...don’t tell anybody....and then they planned to Convert it to the Dog-Track )
They didn’t count on how much play the harness Races would get.
I believe in or around 1938 to Father, Christopher Cunningham, was employed by the Track....doing a job that would now be referred to as the “Track Steward”....? He was responsible to Housing all the Visiting Horses....that came and Barns at the Fair Grounds as well as at Private Homes and Estates in Westbury and Surounding towns. Too many horses...not enough stable on or near the Original track.
This activity...eventually became Roosevelt Raceway....And I Handled the Track’s Advertising account for one season ( the Spring and Fall “Meets” ) about 1960? Or 1961 ? And my Brother Chris was the “Voice” on the First Television Commercial the Track ever ran on Metro New York TV stations.
I have no Idea if any of this would be of Interest to you....but I couldn’t resist sending this along...when I tripped over your Site on the Net just now.
And Yes....I too remember all of those elements you well as the Black-Tie Affair at the Cloud Casino when they hosted the International a Fund Raiser for Boys-Town.....the famous Nebraska Orphanage. Al Weil was President of the Track then, and I think... Vince Grande was V.P. for Advertising and Marketing.
Let me know if any of this makes any sense to you at all !
John C. Cunningham

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