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The painters who came to be called ``Abstract Expressionists'' shared a similarity of outlook rather than of style-- an outlook characterized by a spirit of revolt and a belief in freedom of expression. The main exponents of the genre were Pollock, de Kooning, and Rothko, but other artists included Guston, Kline, Newman and Still. The term Abstract Expressionism was first used by Robert Coates in the March issue of the New Yorker in 1936. The movement was hugely successful, partly due to the efforts of the critics Harold Rosenberg and Clement Greenberg who also originated the terms Action Painting and American Style. (From: WebMuseum, Paris)

Abstract Expressionism was the first American movement to have worldwide impact. In the years after World War II, a group of Americans, influenced by the European Surrealists and Expressionists, created paintings in which the very weight, shape, and direction of paint and brushwork embody feelings and meanings. (From: Art Institute of Chicago)
Abstract Expressionist Painters

Karel Appel

Willem de Kooning

Barnett Newman

Jackson Pollock

Jasper Johns

Mark Rothko

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Some Artists' Biographies in the Library (as of June 2001 - Cybrary Man's Last Tour in Library)

Ansel Adams - An Autobiography
Brueghel - A Gift for Telling Stories
Chagal - My Sad and Joyous Village
Salvador Dali
Da Vinci - The Painter Who Spoke with Birds
Degas - The Painted Gesture
Good Day, Mister Gauguin
Francisco Goya
Frida Kahlo
Matisse - Painter of the Essential
Michelangelo - Genius of the Renaissance
Miro - Earth and Sky
Georgia O'Keefe - Painter
Picasso - A Day in His Studio
Frederic Remington
Diego Rivera - Artist of the People
Norman Rockwell - America's Best-Loved Illustrator
Rousseau - Still Voyages
Vincent Van Gogh - Artist
The Impressionists

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