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Cybrary Man - The Final Tour!
Official Retirement Date from the New York City Board of Education: February 1, 2002
Best of Luck to all My Former Students and Colleagues

"Cybraries (and the cybrarians who tend to them) are scouts out on the cyber frontier who are classifying and categorizing the wealth of riches available to educators and students. This week we celebrate these newfangled information specialists who persevere to bring us the best resources available by thinking outside the box. Thanks to ..Jerry Blumengarten (our very own cutting edge cybrarian) for submitting recommendations for this week's issue!
(Walter McKenzie - Surfaquarium Consulting - Innovative staff development - Innovation Teaching)
Sinnott Magnet School Library Web Site (This site was taken down and this is just a sample of what it was like.
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Created - April 1, 1999 - No Joking!


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