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SN-95 Brake Conversion




As many of you may know, the braking on your standard Fox body Mustang leaves much to be desired. What good is a performance car if it cannot stop? Apparently Ford did not have this notion in mind when they created this style car in 1979. Mustangs from 1979 to 1993 all came equipped with basically the same wimpy rotors up front and antiquated drum brakes in the back. With an increase in power in 1987 the brakes improved slightly but are still horrible inadequet by today's standards. That is why the SN-95 5 lug 4 wheel disc brake conversion is such a popular modification to these cars. Now if you have the money by all means go out and spend it on the M-2300-K Cobra brake kit. While you are at it, have someone install it for you. This is not for the faint of heart. The brakes alone will cost you about $1800, plus installation $1000, plus new rims and tires $1000, mounting, balancing, alignment, brake fluid $200. Four grand and you will stop on a dime. Sounds great! Too bad I am just a college student. So begins the search for take off parts. Any SN-95 Mustang from 94 and up will suffice. V6 or V8 it does not matter. Mind you that the 96-98 parts will widen your front track by 5mm-8mm (approx. 1/4"). 99+ parts will widen it even more so those should be avoided. Though they are not totally useless given that the 99+ cars are equipped with PBR dual piston aluminum calipers. They are a significant upgrade to the brakes found on the 94-98 cars and require only a slight modification of the spindle. Speaking of spindles lets make a list of what is needed for the swap.

SN95 Spindles

SN95 Hubs

SN95 Front rotors

SN95 Calipers and hoses

SN95 Banjo Bolts

SN95 Axles (increase rear track by 3/4" each side)

SN95 backing plate

SN95 Anti-moan brackets

SN95 Rear rotors

SN95 Rear calipers and hoses

SN95 Master Cylinder

SN95 Brake Booster (may not be needed depending on brake feel and cam usage)

Custom bent rear hard lines (stock lines may be able to be modified to work)

Adjustable Proportioning Valve

FMS Proportioning Valve Plug

Brake Fluid

New brake pads

3-2 Port Conversion (converts master cylinder for usage on a Fox body car)



For my conversion I didn't try to find the parts in the junkyard and I didn't spend a fortune. Instead I opted for the Dave's Mustang Parts conversion kit. These are factory take off parts from SN95 Mustangs that have been inspected, sand blasted and painted. The rotors come turned and ready to go.

If you order this kit here is what you will find.


Once the platic wrap is removed you are ready to rock.



Front Brakes