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Vintage Sideband Net Operations

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Sundays on 14293 at 1500 Eastern

Vintage Sideband Net Coordinator:

Marshall "Andy" Anderson - WB0SNF

Net Control Operators:

Andy/WB0SNF and Lynn/K5LYN

In the beginning...... the finest radio communications equipment was produced in the United States.

WWII became the catalyst that challenged existing manufacturers of the period to further improve upon their product. And so they did.

As new innovations in efficient wireless transmission led to the development of single sideband technology, so did the scramble for market share. Also, a gaggle of new electronics manufactures saw opportunities and entered the amateur radio business. With these large pools of engineering talent, the design and developments that followed, easily pushed the USA to the top as the worlds leader in amateur radio equipment production.

Competition, for the most part, kept affordable prices the norm - times were good.

Then...... the 70's saw the beginning of the end. USA labor and material costs rose well above those of foreign competitors and soon produced a lack of incentive for our once grand amateur equipment builders to continue.

So..... they have disappeared, and more than likely, forever lost to the ages.

Vintage Sideband Net coordinators recognize the importance for preserving the names and accomplishments of the many American pioneers of amateur radio manufacturing. Thus, we keep the flame burning by offering information regarding communications equipment produced by those great organizations and by showcasing here and on the air the American transmitting and receiving devices of the past that continue to erupt joy in their keepers.

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Galaxy-WRL Discussion Forum

We have established the Galaxy-WRL discussion forum at Yahoo Groups.

This comes as result of an apparent lack of interest on the part of other Internet mail lists to provide a forum that centers around SSB transceivers manufactured by the now defunct Galaxy Electronics of Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Over the past four years, we ourselves, have resisted the urge to create something for Galaxy users in hopes that some other interested party might surface that could properly represent Leo Meyerson's product.

There are certainly plenty of Galaxy SSB transceivers remaining in service as well as a load of them waiting to be mended - we routinely field questions about Galaxy on both the Swan and Vintage Sideband Nets, have people check into the nets on Galaxys and receive much e-mail requesting help in locating Galaxy parts and information.

Therefore, we decided to come forward and set up a meeting place for Galaxy SSB radio enthusiasts. Our plan is to upload photos, schematics & service bulletins associated with Galaxy & WRL SSB equipment and accessories as well as production numbers and manufacturing dates.........K4BOV

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Swan Radio QSO Room

The SWAN Radio QSO Room is accessed by clicking on the button below. No special password is required in order to enter this room. It is only necessary to enter a username, nickname or callsign, etc in the top blank that appears in the chat frame.

A second Swan Radio Network chat room at Yahoo Groups is currently being used for streaming live audio from weekly HF Swan Net sessions.

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