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Swan Radio Network/Radio Skeds

SWAN & Vintage Amateur Radio Net Schedules

Announcement: Special Event Swan 25 on 20 to Commemorate 25 Years of Swan User Net 20M Operation: September 26 through October 11, 2015

Swan 25 on 20 Meters Special Event Information

                            FREQ    DAY    TIME    CONTROL 
California Vintage SSB Net  3835    Sun    8AM/P   CA  
Collins User Net           14263    Sun    2000GMT CA/KW6KW/Sandy
Collins Tech Net            7232    Sat    1PM/E   PA/W3ST/Dave
Canada Boatanchor Net       3745    Sat    3PM/E   ON
Drake User Net              7238    Sun    2000GMT 
Drake User Net              3865    Tue    8:00PM/E 
Hallicrafters Assoc Net     7280    Sat    1700GMT OH/WB8DML/Jim
Hallicrafters Assoc Net    14293    Sun    1745GMT CAN/VE4WI/Craig
Kenwood Hybrid Net          7235    Sat    3:30PM/E WB0IQK/Mark
Kenwood Hybrid Net         14316    Sun    1800GMT  WB0IQK/Mark
New Heathkit Net           14293    Sun    2030GMT CA/WB6LRG/Don
SBE User Net               14283    Sun    4:30PM/E  VA
Swan User Net              14292    Sun    2100GMT  CA/WB6MWL/Jay
Swan Tech Net               7235    Sat    2PM/E   NY/K4BOV/Stu
Swan Tech Net              14292    Wed    2300GMT UT/KB7BGS/Steve
Vintage Sideband Net       14293    Sun    1900GMT TX/K5LYN/Lynn
Vintage SSB Round Table     3895    Tue    9:30PM/E CA/NU6X/Mark

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