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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Greetings once again from the Vintage Sideband Net. Propagation stunk as did the qrm but we all fared pretty well anyway. A couple of stations that usually come in fine didn't make the trip today but that happens to all of us sometimes. Don't forget to read the comments after the checkins.

Jim, from Pollack Pines, Cal., was the first to join in. He was using his designated 20 meter radio a TR4 and his Drake clone Raytrac 2000 amp. Good signal Jim and thanks for passing by.

Don, from Harlingen, Tex., put in a nice signal with his Eldico 100F transmitter. Sounded very good Don and good to hear you.

Don, from Cal., is on vacation in his camper but puts in a potent signal anyway. Don is net control for the new Heathkit Net. Don was using a Yacomwood with a SB 214 amp.

Don checked in with a HT 37 that sounded very good. He said it was cold and the wind was blowing like a maniac here. Hope the antennas stay up Don.

Al, from Dayton, checked in with a HT-32A, SX101A and a pair of 3-500Z's to make a good and potent signal. It must be nice to live so close to the world's greatest hamfest.

Bob, from Miles City Montana always has a terrific signal when the band is anything at all. He was using one of his favorites today, a SB104 and all the accessories that were made for it. Bob also took some calls today and helped immensely to make the net a success.

Rick, from Mich, was using a TR7 today that sounded mighty fine. He is also restoring a SX-42 and found out where to get the cabinet paint on the net today. He also has a Hickok 6000 tube tester for sale for $50.

Gerald used his CE 200v and R-390 and the rig sounded good here. Gerald is still having problems with his CE 600L as are a number of us. Good luck Gerald.

Larry, from his brand new house in Conroe Tx., just got the rig back on the air and he had a very good signal. He was having problems with his 301-401 so the HT 32 had to do duty today.

Manson checked in his Swan 700CX, one of his hoard of Swans. Unusual prop made this a tough contact. See you next time Manson.

Bruce played his SB 301-401 combo today and it also sounded very good just like a Heathkit should. Bruce said it is foggy and damp in Seattle this winter. Imagine that.

Bill also used a HW101-A that sounded very good. Good to hear from your part of the country.

Rob checked in from Chicago area using 9 watts. A little hard to copy but got most in spite of a poor day. Good job Rob.

Al checked in from Ohio to make sure that his antennas hadn't all blown away. I guess the weather is a little less than pleasant there.

Art, from Elko Tenn., Also used a HW101A that sounded good like all the other Heathkits that checked in today. Al also found the paint he was looking for on the net.

Gary, resident Drake guru, played his C-line with a lot of success today. Good to hear you Gary.

Charlie checked in from Chicago on his long wire using about 9 watts. The rig was ,I think, a ST 2020. Copy was a little tough but got most.

I missed a few stations today but considering less than wonderful conditions, that was about all I could do. Certainly thank one and all for coming today and especially to K7TNJ for helping call the net.

Well, Christmas is over, my stomach is bulged out and my wallet is flat, about normal. Weather has been great so have taken the dog for a walk down our lonely country in the evenings for a little exercise. He walks and I sometimes drive the car. I usually have a spotlight in the car because it is fun to see what kind of wildlife is out and about at night. The reflection from their eyes is a dead giveaway and I have gotten familiar with where they hole up at night and they apparently have gotten used to me. The dog is unaware that anything is going as he always his nose in the dirt looking for something disgusting to sniff on.

Enter Christmas and with it a spotlight with Nicad batteries, portable, more fun...

I took the dog for a walk the night after Christmas. It was overcast and the moon wasn't out but it was a great night for about a 3/4 mile walk down my country road with my trusty, new spotlight, complete with brand new Nicads. About half way I checked out in the cornfield a couple hundred yards to see if the usual six eyeballs were there as usual and sure enough they were. On the other side of the road it is full of cedars so it is kind of fruitless to look there but down at the turn around point is a wooded canyon with a bunch of hay bales there and there are always some critters hanging around. Tonight there are three deer laying by the haybales, sheltering themselves from the breeze. Evidently kind of a bed and breakfast. Looked like four raccoons hanging around in a tree right above them and a skunk who was kind of hard to see cause his rear end didn't reflect much light.

Having annoyed all the sleepy creatures enough I decided to head for home accompanied by my trusty 150 LB. tub of a dog, when all of a sudden the brand new Nicads in my brand new spotlight started to dim. Four seconds later it was pitch black. I hate that about Nicads. Now my trusty 150 LB. guard dog is terrified of the dark so he hauls for home at top speed which is about .6 MPH. Now that really isn't too fast but it is black out and I can't see anything except the house lights 3/4 mile away and he immediately disappears leaving me alone out on the road.

It's amazing how ones mind works when you are suddenly in unfavorable conditions. I got to thinking about those six eyeballs out in the cornfield. I had never really seen what they belonged to but I began to wonder. More than likely they were deer bedded down for the night or possibly coyote, who are kind of cute and pose no threat either. Now having exhausted lucid thought I began on the totally irrational. What if it wasn't any of the common creatures at all. There were rumors of bobcat and mountain lion moving back into the area, maybe there were bear too. What if it was two creatures with three eyeballs each or one creature with six eyeballs. Can you imagine those teeth.

About 2 minutes later I passed the dog who was fatiguing and had slowed to .4 mph and we were both flat out for home. The last thing I remember thinking, what if it was six creatures with one eyeball each.

Best 73 de Andy, WB0SNF

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