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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hi hams. Another Sunday afternoon and another fine bunch of guys and their radios. Here's how they played.

Jim, from Cal., checked in after a long hiatus. He had been a little under the weather but his radio certainly was not. Nice signal from the Drakes and the Raytraq 2000.

WA9KXQ: Sonny, from Wisc., was using a Cyclone 3 and a TH7DX antenna. Potent station Sonny.

Bill stopped in with his perennial good signal. Collins, Galaxy or Drake, they all sound really good.

Bob, from Rapid City, had a really fine signal here. It's fun when the close in stuff works. Bob is also looking for the matching transmitter for his FLSX400 receiver.

Mack, avid Dallas Cowboy fan and ham extrordinaire, put in a dandy signal with his HT 32 and SX 101A. Mack is also alternate net control for the New Heathkit Net.

Bob, from Miles City Mont., Had a great signal using his SB 104. Always good to hear you Bob.

Bill, from ND, was another close in station that was coming in great today. He also helped keep the net going when the electricity went off here. Thanks Bill.

Gary also helped keep the ball rolling when the juice went off. Gary is the nets biggest Drake fan.

Al checked in with his CE 20A and Globe amp. I missed because I was off the air. Damn.

Hal had his always big signal from Fla. He was using his Drake TR-4 today.

Stu, from Corning NY, used his faithful old 800 watt Swan 350. Stu is the number one Swan wizard as well as most of the other old tube rigs as well.

Benton played his B Line and SB 200. He just finished restoring and is enjoying a HRO 50T1.

Al's pile of collectables must truly overfloweth. It seems that he gets three or four new rigs each week. I'd love to see your shack Al.

John has been absent from ham radio for about 20 years but kept most of his stuff, among the hoard is a SX 115. Fine pack ratting John.

Lee, was using a Swan 400 and a Mosley beam. He also has a bunch of stuff for sale including a, SB 401-303 station.

Chet checked in with his TX 830 and SB 200. He has personally been testing the heck out of his Svetlana 572's in his amp. Doing well.

Gary came in at the end of the net with a nice signal but I forgot to write down what he was using. Seems like no matter what time of day you always have a nice signal Gary.

That was the end of another good net that was enjoyed by all but sure did miss Lynn, who was busy with holiday stuff.

Winter arrived this week and the electricity promptly went off this morning. The fridge was stocked with goodies that cost a ton so I promptly got busy hooking up the generator, which I'd never done before naturally.

The REA voltage was down to about 55 volts on one leg and nothing on the other but I was still amazed at how many sparks you get when you short the whole thing out. After three or four times of that I finally got the REA disconnected from the meter and the wire from the generator poked in. I then discovered that the 220V plug on the other end of the wire didn't fit the generator, naturally. Panic. The refrigerator was warming up, the house was cooling off and the Vintage sideband net was coming on in about a half hour.

HMMM, I began wondering if the Galaxy would run off of 12 volts but I knew I would never get bye with that. Out to the garage to look for a matching 220 plug. Fortunately I had cleaned it only a couple of years ago so I found a plug in just a few minutes. This is a good example that it never hurts to save everything that doesn't move and in special cases things that do.

Up to the house and quickly wire the plug on, Give the cord on the old Tecumseh generator about four yanks, wait for it to warm up and start turning on breakers. Everything worked. I couldn't believe it. Lights, furnace, fridge: but, best of all, the old Galaxy purred like a kitten. I discovered at the end of the net it was tuned up for 14,210 which considerably cut down on power but you can't have everything on a seat of the pants operation like this. The good part is that I'll have the power cord ready for next time,,,, if I don't lose it.

Best 73, Andy WB0SNF

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