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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello again vintage sidebanders. Old man winter still has not shown up here yet; so, it looks like a person could squeak in a little antenna work yet. Was considering hooking tractor and log chain onto last antenna project and dragging it to the ravine. Fortunately, the old 2 element beam is still perking.

Here's who checked in today:

Bob, from nnnnorthern Minn. used his KWM-2 and SB 220. It sure sounded really nice. He just acquired a FRDX 400 and is now looking for the matching transmitter. Good luck Bob.

Manson showed off his 700CX today and was working on a 500CX that needed some new caps. Nice signal even on a day where propagation was awful.

Gary has a whole variety of fine old gear and also has a variety of fine old knowledge to go with it. Don't be afraid to ask for advice because he is very helpful. Thanks Gary.

Benton hails from west of Chicago. He has a pile of heath gear and was using one of his SB-104's which sounded really good. Good copy.

Lynn, southern net control, was spoiling himself with his KWM2 and 30S1. Lynn thinks the tube is konking out as it was running a puny 500 watts. My best amp can hardly do that on a good day.

Bob, stopped by; but, forgot to mention his gear of which he has a pile. He is the only person I know who owns a working Alda transceiver. CU Bob.

Greg, Atlanta, played his nice C-Line and used his new Lazy H antenna. Greg has a knack for making wire antennas work.

Bill was using his KWM 2 and is still working on it. It didn't sound like there was anything wrong with it on this end. Thanks Bill.

Gary, resident Drake freak and repair guru played another of his Drakes. He has probably worked on and fixed one of everything Drake ever made.

Al, N.C., Played his HT 32 and got through on a day that was really tough from the east coast. He just picked up a HQ 150 and R4B. Al is a boatanchor magnet.

Doc stopped by with his HW 101A today. Good to hear you on from the east coast which wasn't coming in worth a hoot.

Jeff,from Detroit, was using a S-Line. Jeff is a big Collins fan and I would be too if I could afford it. Thanks Jeff.

Bob, from Ind., was also using a S-Line. He also has a freebie meter for a Hammarlund receiver. What a guy. Thanks Bob.

Gale, from Wisc. checked in and is still looking for an HG-10 VFO and Crystal Calibrator for a HR-10. Any help?

Jeff, from Las Vegas, used a FT 101. He wanted to know what one of those was worth. Anywhere from $5 to $10000. Anymore who knows?

Don, from Harlingen, TX. and repairman extraordinare played his very nice sounding HT 37 and I couldn't hear the other sideband. I should have him work on mine. Thanks Don.

Mike stopped in using his home brew 50 watt rig. The copy was good on a very bad day. It really sounded nice. Take care Mike.

Jay joined in with his Swan 600 twins. What a nice pair of radios and they sounded just great. Thanks Jay.

The relay from my derelict HT 37 went to this fine QTH and will soon reside in a rebuilt HT 37. Thanks for the checkin.

That about sums up the net for today. Another really good group, and another pageful. I have a new net program that should improve my rotten record keeping. Looking forward to Christmas here - will get a week off.

See you all next Sunday and have a good week. 73 de Andy WB0SNF

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