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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hi all. Another good day for vintage radio. In fact we didn't have time for everybody today.

Val checked in first today with a very good sounding Drake TR-3. Nice signal from Henry Ill, even if was raining.

Frank, from Fort Lauderdale, was using a 32S3 and 75A4. Nice signal. Boy that new beam really makes a lot of difference.

Bob, from Miles City Mont., Showed off his 700CX. Great signal Bob. When the band is open between us it is great.

Lynn, southern net control, was using his C-Line and 30L1. Great signal from Austin and thanks for all the good work.

Benton, from Chicago way, played his TR4 today. Benton has just restored a HRO 50 T1 and gives it a really good review.

Gale, from Clymer Wisc., was looking for several Heathkit items. A HG 10 VFO, SR 75 Hallicrafters and a xtal calibrator for a HW 12 or HR 10.

Don, From Harlingen Tex., Was using his 500C. Don's teeth were chattering because it got clear down to 60 degrees last night.

Sonny, from Loganville Wisc., is the resident Wisc. Hallicrafters nut. However today he was using a Yaesu.

Mack, from El Paso, pried himself away from the football game and played his Heathkit twins today. He was warming them up for the Heathkit net which follows.

Lee, from St. Louis, showed off his very nice SB 104A. He has 35 other pieces of Heath Gear and one lonely Halli.

Tony, from Kentucky, just plain has a pile of old gear. However, today he played a nice SR 400.

Jim just finished a GSB 100, nice radio. He also has B-line, CE 20A and Viking 500 Linear among other stuff.

Don, Heathkit net control, checked in portable from his trailer. Don had 17 antennas on top his trailer and says he can cover any frequency from DC to infinity.

Bob, from Minn., Checked in with another nice signal today. He said it was a balmy 20 degrees up there. I'm not too sure about that balmy.

Manson, die hard Swan lover, checked in with a Swan what else. I wonder how many you have in the collection.

Bill, from North Dakota and is definitely short skip, made the trip in good order today. He is looking for a 40 meter coil for a SX 111.

Bill put in his usual salty signal today. It doesn't matter what the propagation is you always sound good.

Greg, from Atlanta, laid his new lay H antenna on us again today. It is certainly working. Big Red looked a little better this weekend, HUH?

Gary put in good signal today also. He is looking for a modulation and interstate transformer from something like a DX 100 etc.

That about sums it up for today. It was another nice group and propagation was very good. That always makes it more fun. Good luck with your current boat anchor project and keep on hunting, there's plenty of "bargains" out there.

Best 73 and cul de Andy, WB0SNF

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