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Vintage Sideband Net Log

It may be November but it's still summer in Nebraska. It's also very dry. We are rapidly closing in on the driest three month period in recorded history, including the dirty 30's. Maybe my ten foot ground rod is getting too short.

We had another good net again Sunday and here's how it went:

Lynn, net control South, started things off with his Central Electronics 10B and home brew 6HF5 amplifier. Getting the xmtr matched to the amp was good for about 250 extra watts. See ya Lynn.

Greg, from Georgia, is working on a lazy H antenna. I don't recall ever talking to anyone using one of those. It should be a killer if it works better than the loop. 73.

Mack, from El Paso, put in a fine signal as always. He was a little bummed because the Cowboys were getting beat. Wait till the Cornhuskers get down there again. Thanks Mack.

Bob, from Miles City Montana, showed off his Heathkit SB 104. It seemed to have an audio problem but when he plugged the mike in it all cleared up. Great signal Bob.

Al, from NC., just picked up a Hallicrafters SX 42, with speaker, at a garage sale. Boy, some scroungers just lead a charmed life. Al has turned up so much stuff lately that I can't remember what it all is. Great job Al.

Charlie, from Abilene, TX., played his recently acquired Swan twins. They were pristine and worked perfectly right off. Charlie's scrounging is evidently charmed also.

Bill, from ND., just picked up an HT 37, HT 32B and an SX 111. Bill is going to dedicate his HT 37 to AM work, as he doesn't like the phasing network on them. Nice to talk to you today Bill.

Gary, our number one Drake enthusiast, put in a nice signal from his ground plane today using his TR3. Gary is always working on another Drake, bringing it back. 73.

Benton, put in a very nice signal today using his Deake TR 4 and SB 200 Linear Amplifier. Good to hear you and keep fixing those old radios.

That was it for the day. Nice group, good tech talk and all around good time.

My Galaxy conked out again this week. Evidently, the speaker amplifier quit this time. Never done that before. I think that is the only part on it that has never broken down and I reaaaaallly hate working on that little printed circuit board in the back.

Have been working on HT 37 this week, trying to get the opposite sideband nulled off. So far I can only get it down about 15 or 20 db. I have rolled it around the room about six times hoping that peering at it from different angles might turn up the problem but so far no avail. The next step is to roll it into the adjoining room. Maybe I can find the right angle in there.

Have a good week and best 73 de Andy, WB0SNF

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