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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello once again from the Vintage Sideband Net. The band was really crazy today. Couldn't hear anything even remotely close, not even Duane, W8DBF, from the Hallicrafters net. I thought they must not be having a net until I heard Al, W8UT, about six times louder than usual. Who knows.

Here's the way they came today:

Al checked in on a Hallicrafters I think. His signal went from 40 over to about an S-2. Good to hear you Al even if you did give the AGC on my rig a real workout.

Don checked in really early today with his KWM-2. He was really loud also so the band must have been peaking at about 1500 miles. TNX Don.

Bill was using his TS 520 today. That must be one of the best Yacomwood radios ever built because there sure are a lot of them still around. Bill also uses a mighty nice sounding Galaxy sometimes. Take care Bill.

Glenn joined in from Lindon, Washington with a nice signal. He was using an Atlas 350 driving a Johnson invader. It really put out a walloping signal and the audio from the 350 was very nice. Glenn is looking for a cabinet for the Invader. Any of the old Johnson Valiant size cabinets will work. Any help out there??

Frank, from Fredricksburg, Va. came in sounding mighty fine in spite of the fact he was using a Kenwood 940. Good luck scaring up a boatanchor, Frank.

Lynn, southern net control from near Austin, was using his KWM-2 because of such terrible conditions and QRM. He speculated that the 2-B might have done a better job. That says a lot for the 2-B. Lynn just got done with his 30-S1 project and got it on the air last week. Thanks a lot Lynn.

John used about the sweetest sounding 20-A I have ever heard. He was also using one of the rarest amps I have ever heard. A Globe GLA-1. Nice job fixing her up John.

Pete checked in with a CE 100-V, Thunderbolt Amp and a Wilson beam at 60'. He got first prize for the loudest signal of the day. It really sounded great. Pete is looking for the manual for a TMC receiver sideband converter model, SR-4. Any help??

Sandy was mobile today in Connecticut. He was using a rice box but is waiting for you know who to send him a DC supply for his Heathkit mobile am twins. TNX Sandy.

Don, from Harlingen Texas put in a nice signal from one of his huge collection of fine old radios. Which one I know not but it sounded nice Don. Don has been running his Valiant up on 10 meters which has been open lately. Good to hear you Don.

Benton checked in with Lynn so I have no details. I'll have to bug Lynn about sending in a report on his checkins. Thanks anyway Benton.

Frank was using a Johnson Invader which was one of two he had recently required and fixed. They are notoriously drifty but Frank said they could be made very stable. One of the things that he said was very important was shielding. Thanks for the tip Frank.

Gary was, once again Lynn's checkin. I couldn't hear him but I'm sure he was running of his fine old Drakes.

Sandy checked in with Lynn with a very loud nice sounding Cyclone. Take care Sandy.

I missed name; but, WA6FWL (This could have been Jay/WB6MWL) was using a very nice Swan 600T and 600R driving a Mosely Beam. Nice radios and lots of RF. Thanks.

Stu, of Swan radio fame and most of the other BA's as well checked in with his 800 watt Swan 350. Stu also set up the website for our Vintage Sideband Net as well as providing a goldmine of tech information. Thanks Stu.

Greg, from the Atlanta area, was using his 200-V and 51J-4. Really a deluxe station and sounded very nice and in spite of the poor conditions you came in very well. Good luck on the 100-V. TNX Greg.

Mack, from El Paso was using the SB-101 today. Very nice audio Mack and good signal also. Mack is the number one Dallas Cowboy fan on the net. See ya Mack.

That brought us to the end and also the end of our time. It was a good bunch of old radios and most probably old operators as well.

We are able to add pictures of your Vintage Sidebanders on our website along with a discription of yourself, what you do, what brand of hernia belt you use or anything that could be added to your picture to make the whole thing more interesting. Send picture(s) and info to: OR That is K4BOV's e-mail address and the Swan Net collective address. Stu will handle it from there. Hopefully we can make this a very interesting site.

I still don't have my new multiband vertical done but it is very close. Should have it done in about 3 more hours and am looking forward to trying it out. Maybe next time the beam blows down I won't be off the air. Work is going to slow down as the year draws to an end and am wondering which derelick boat anchor I am going to tackle next. Either of the HT-37's, GSB-100, Pride DX-300, which was "Made in San Diego by the handicapped" or maybe one of the heavy ones.

See you next time, best 73 de WB0SNF

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