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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Ah, another fine fall afternoon and a great time for vintage radioing. Had a good group again today and heard a bunch of fine old radios. Here's how they came.

Greg, from Georgia way, showed up with a very Drake C-Line. We reminisced about Ladd Electronics, Nebraska's only ham dealer, and the good old days there drooling over the boat anchors. If you have some old CQ's or QST;s from the 50's you'll see his add. Believe it or not, Ladd is still there and he always has a bunch of beautiful boatanchors and one brand new radio for sale. Was fun Greg.

Lynn, from Austin TX, again used his BW 6100 driving his retubed 30L1. Lynn is southern net control and always puts in a great signal. This week he mentioned that he had a 70' tower. That sure won't hurt anything. Thanks Lynn.

Bob, from Miles City Montana came barreling in with a HW 104 and SB 230. When conditions are right we have arm chair copy and today was one of them. Take care Bob.

John, from SC. played us his beautiful sounding 20A and really rare Globe LA-1 Amplifier. He also was using a stable 458 VFO and a R-4 for a receiver. Good to hear you John.

Mack, from El Paso, didn't mention what he was using, and I forgot to ask. Nice signal anyway. Mack was busy watching two or three football games so didn't hang around long. So long Mack.

Dave was using a HT 32B driving a Johnson Thunderbolt Amp. Great signal and a great rig. He was using a Mosley TA 33 antenna which always seem to do a good job wherever they are. He also has a Ranger, a 51-J4, which he found in Israel, a KWM-2, and a 75A4. Nice setup Dave.

Roger was using a very nice sounding SR-150. Roger had just come home from a hamfest where he thoroughly scoped out an NC-300 but, alas, came home empty handed. Better luck next time.

Bob, from Minnesota, was using his Swan 350. Winter seems to be creeping up on him so he will have to turn on a lot of BA's to keep warm. Take care Bob.

Sonny checked in with Lynn and I missed most of it but he had a lot to say about Collins "AM" night. They take any type of am station So I guess we can all join in.

Larry also checked in with Lynn with the Kenwood 599 twins. We hear some of these from time to time but not often. Come on back Larry.

Chet, from Texas joined us with a Kenwood 832 and a Heathkit SB200. Chet also has a SB 102 but it is currently on the fritz. Chet also helps call the Heathkit Net. So long Chet.

Ray, from Colorado Springs, checked in with a dandy Swan 700. I don't often hear anyone from Colorado but today was a really good day for short propagation. See you later Ray.

This, again way Lynn's chicken, so I don't have many details. Thanks Howard.

Rich, from Ohio, also checked in with Lynn.

Matt checked in from Maryland using a TS-520. He gave us a thorough education on the theory of Windom and dipole antennas in general. Enjoyed it a lot Matt. Come back again.

Don, from California, calls the Heathkit net and usually comes calling at about the end of the net. Big signal from that four element beam. So long Don.

That about sums it up for the net today. Yours truly was using the SR-150 driving a pair of 4-125's. It seems to be a well matched pair. The 150 doesn't put out a lot of power but seems to drive the 125's to good output. At about 300 to 350 watts the 4-125's run redder than a wino's nose; but, after two years of use they seem to be fine. I would appreciate any input on that.

Spent most of spare time this week working on a SX-28, that I have had for a couple of years. It would hum and grunt; but, that was about all. After a recapping, it is playing pretty well except when I tuned the first I.F. transformer nothing happened. Not good. I have three shiny new caps stretched right across the nuts that hold the transformer to the chassis.

XYL decided it would be a good day next Sat. to shampoo the carpets. After some token whining I reluctantly agreed even though I thought they looked fine. She suggested that I clean up the ham shack too. Again, more whining, although this time with some real enthusiasm, I agreed. As I haven't seen the floor lately, this looked like a formidable task and figuring that I had better start early, I got after it this evening. It's amazing how much clutter can collect in the obscure corners of the ham shack. Things that I hadn't seen for years started cropping up, I even found the coax for the 80 meter antenna that fell down behind the bench about two months ago. I haven't been on 80 lately. It may be a painful period now but I think it is going to be great when it's done.

Best 73 de Andy

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