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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello once again to all the old radio aficionados. It was a good day for vintage radio once again, and what day isn't, so here's the group for today.

Don, from Harlingen Tex., was at the top of the list. Don was playing his SX 101A and HT 37 and pumping RF into his butterfly beam. It looks like he about has the bugs out of the antenna, so if any of you fellas have a persnickety butterfly beam, give Don a call. So long Don.

Mack checked in from El Paso with a Yaecomwood today. He was watching two football games so he said he didn't have time to diddle with his vintage rig. Evidently the games were serious business. Thanks Mack.

Al apparently survived the hurricane just fine by escaping to Massachusetts. He had a nightmare getting home because of traffic jams, downed bridges and a whole slew of problems. When he finally made it back his house was just fine, no problem other than one tree down. It sounds like he would have been better off just staying home. Al played a mighty nice, and brand new, TR4C. See you Al.

John was using his 20A, and it did sound mighty, mighty fine. He was driving an old Globe amp and it was a first on the sideband net. It uses four EL 38's or 6CN6's. John is looking for some backup tubes so if you have a few help him out. Great job on rig John.

Ben stopped by briefly and showed off his good old Swan 500CX. It really does a nice job week after week. Thanks Ben.

Rick was using a fairly rare Hallicrafters FPM 300. Rick had a good tip for us, don't spray contact cleaner into an operating rig. He tried it and discovered the propellant was propane which ignited and started the radio on fire. Hmmmmmmm. I wonder why I haven't done that. Thanks Rick.

Frank had a really vintage station on today. An Invader 200, NC303 and a quad antenna. Let us know of any bugs you get cured on that Invader as there are a couple of other fellows on the net working on that radio. See you Frank.

Chuck, from Tucson was using a Heath SB102 and a R5 vertical that did a really nice job. He also has the 600 series of accessories that go with the SB102.

Don was portable from, I think his daughters patio using a TS50 and one of the fillings in his teeth for an antenna. Boy, I miss that 4 element beam Don.

Sonny put in a booming signal with his Cyclone. It was his first time on the net so a big welcome to him. He is looking for the old Heath AM mobile twins. Any help out there? Thanks Sonny.

Bill checked in with two rigs, a KWM2A and a Swan 240. They both sounded really nice, and in fact I couldn't tell one from the other. Bill was using a Mosley antenna on a 120' tower which didn't hurt any either. Come back and play them all for us.

Bill, who often uses a Galaxy V was using his S-Line and spoiling himself today. Sounded very nice and a big signal also.

Ron, one of the Swan Radio faithful, played his mighty fine Swan Twins today. Ron also uses a Mosley antenna and always has one of the best signals on the band. See ya Ron.

Frank, another hurricane survivor, was using his HT32B and SX115. A good looking and good sounding station. I wonder how humonguous your collection is Frank.

Greg used his 200V and 51J4. A real top of the line station and sounded really nice on this end. Greg just put new temperature compensating capacitors in his B&W 5100 and said it made a huge difference in stability. Greg has another HT 37 in the works. Good to hear you Greg.

Dennis, from Ashley Oregon, wasn't using a vintage rig today but he has a few hiding out in his shack. Among them a HXL-1. Dennis is looking for a HT-41 without tubes. Any help out there?

Leo, from Paris Texas, Was running a TS 830-S. The rig sounded good and Leo demonstrated what a really good job a simple dipole can do.

I missed the name on this one but welcome aboard anyway. He played a rare Swan 400 with a 420 VFO and was working on his DX-100 that he bought new. How about that?

We had another really good bunch today. There were a few first time checkins and they are always welcome.

I have been working on a new multiband vertical some this week and with a little luck I can play it by next weekend. Also checked the NCX 3, just to make sure that it was still putting out 3 watts,,, yep and the 600L behaved just great this past week. Didn't trip the breaker once. I did notice that the Galaxy 2000B amp was presenting a 3 to 1 SWR to the exciter so it looks like something is amuck there but am in good shape with several rigs working fine now. Much better than a couple of weeks ago. Did find time to mow the lawn also.

Speaking of 2000B, I'll have to tell you how I procured this fine specimen. The owner, a local ham, had the bright idea that he could convert the supply from 110v to 220v by just making an adaptor cord, 220v in one end and 110v into the amp. The reasoning for the whole thing eludes me, but, anyway, he went to the local hardware store and bought 10' of deluxe line cord and two really nice chrome grounded plugs. After much fastidious wiring he was ready for the smoke test, literally. He plugged the adapter into the outlet and proceeded to plug the amp supply into his new cord and when he did he had one thumb on one chrome plug-220v- and the other thumb on the other chrome plug--ground--... At this point the operator was fully energized and proceeded to do the 220 waltz around the hamshack until he inadvertently yanked the plug out of the wall, probably saving his life and or a perfectly good fuse. Shortly after he asked me if I wanted to buy the amp, cheap, and I said sure. I asked him if he had any tips for me about it and he said "Yes, don't plug it in."

That about sums it up for this week. Hope everyone has a good week and look for you next time. Best 73 de Andy

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