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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Greetings to all the old radio enthusiasts. The weather has really changed for the better here in Nebraska. This morning there was actually frost on the top of the old work van even though the thermometer said is was 43 degrees. It's funny how that happens sometimes. You would think it would have killed all the flowers; but, by this evening everything looked fine. Even my big fat dog is feeling frisky. I saw him lumbering around in the yard trying to remember how to run after laying around all summer.

This great weather makes one think about putting up a new antenna or two before winter arrives, so I have decided to put up a 160 meter--multiband--loop and a vertical for 40 through 10. The loop for when 160 gets quiet this winter and the vertical for if the high bands get hot. Speaking of hot, we had another great group on the net today, playing another bunch of fine old radios. And here they are.

Greg put in a dandy signal from Roswell, Ga. today as usual. He was running a Drake C-line and is scrounging parts for a HT 37. The last part is in the mail and, if he's like the rest of us, one of these days the 37 will play again. Good luck Greg

John was also running a Drake C Line. It was a quick check-in but glad to have you aboard.

Lynn was running the BW 6100 with the newly retubed 30L1. Back up to his usual potent signal. I can only imagine how loud you'll be when you get the 30s1 done. Lynn is also southern net control. Thanks Lynn.

Scott, from Lansing Mich. was also running a BW 6100. Boy, how unusual is that, two in a row. He was also using a 600L and a Drake 2A. If any of you are having trouble with your 600L's breaker tripping, Scott mentioned that the tube that controls that circuit must be up to snuff. Thanks for the tip Scott.

Al was pretty light today. Usually have a dandy signal here but maybe he wasn't running the Hammarlund triplets or maybe the band was just weird again. See you later Al.

Brad was using a HT 37, HT 41 and SX 111. A spiffy matched station with a very nice signal all the way around. Brad is the guy responsible for the great HCA website. Fine job Brad.

Allen was using HT 37 and a very rare HRO 500. Sorry I overlooked you Allen. Sometimes my writing is hard to decipher. Nice signal from Decatur Ga.

Ben checked in with a Swan 500CX. He said it had been a very reliable radio and it sure sounded nice on this end. Thanks Ben.

Frank, from the soggy eastern seaboard, Ft. Lauderdale, stopped by with a HT 32B and a SX 115 and a 30L1. Frank commented that he runs the audio on the HT 32 on 1 1/2. That's also where I run mine using a 444 Shure mike. Thanks for the check-in Frank.

Gary, from Arborville, WV, played his very nice sounding S-line for us. There is also an Arborville, NE, about ten miles south of my QTH Unfortunately, no one lives there anymore but there is a quite impressive graveyard. Thanks Gary.

Gary, from Rio Rancho, AZ, showed off his homebrew 50 watt transmitter and 75A4. The 50 watts came through in fine style. Gary just finished restoring a Crosley Wiggett??? He substituted 2A5's for the 45's, saving himself about 50 bucks.

Don barreled in from Harlingen, TX, where it is probably still 100 degrees. That butterfly beam just keeps getting better. I think it was better than the verticals this week. Don had his B-Line perking just great. Sounds good Don.

John was also using a HT 37 and SX 115. Nice sounding station. John is looking for a SX 111. Anyone help him out? See you next time John.

Walt was using a 706 MKII but he also has an HT 37. He was mobile using a High Sierra scewdriver antenna. Nice mobile signal Walt.

Stu checked in with his faithful 800 watt Swan 350. He was watching a NASCAR race; but, there was a rain delay so he squeezed in the time to join in. Good deal Stu. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Best 73

That was the extent of the net today. Another good group and I didn't go off the air before the net was over for a change. Good deal. I managed to get the Galaxy 5 working reliably this week and worked on a NCX 3. It has 6146's in the final and I have been having a little trouble neutralizing it. Haven't been able to get the current dip to coincide with max output. I did manage to short the neutralizing capacitor to ground which burned up a B plus choke and a parasitic choke, but, undaunted, I replaced them and now have a solid 3 watts of output. It was a good 100 when I started. Now I can't tell if it's neutralized or not because I can't develop enough power to check. Next time I'll wear my glasses.

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