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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello again to all the fellows on the Vintage Sideband Net. Was another good Sunday afternoon with all the checkins we could sandwich in for an hour and a half slot. We start at 1900Z, right after the Hallicrafters Net and ended at 2030Z, right before the Heathkit net. Try to come early or you might get squeezed out at the end.

Also, we are having an informal round table on Wednesday evenings starting about 7:30 central time and continuing until????? There is no net control, just a round table so don't be afraid to get the ball rolling.

Propagation has been cooperating very well, this time of day, and we have each been able to "chew the fat at length." Join us.

Here's the fine group of hams that joined in Sunday:

W8DBF: Duane always has a few words after finishing with the Hallicrafters group so is always the first fellow to check in. That new SB 221 really has put some meat into your signal Duane.

WD8DWR: Victor checked in with a nice 200V, Johnson Thunderbolt Amp and a 75A4 receiver. Really deluxe stuff. Victor has overhauled the 100V from stem to stern and has also added 160 meters using inexpensive off the shelf parts. He says it's not hard to do: but, the design work was difficult. He would be very willing to help anyone out who wants to do the 160 mod or prodvide help solving any difficulties. Send him an e-mail. Thanks a lot Victor. NK5T: Mack is a long time regular on this net and is also alternate net control for the New Heathkit Net. He has brought lots of Heathkits "back alive" as well as a bunch of others brands. He uses a HT 32B and SX 101 frequently; but, maybe not as much as his good old Heathkits. Mack has been an avid DX'er and is up in the high numbers of countries confirmed. Sorry about the Cowboys.

K5LYN: Lynn is southern net control for this net. His B&W 6100 and 30L1 consistently put out a salty signal that routinely drags in a bunch of checkins. Lynn's 30L1 has been down for a couple of weeks so he's been down to a hundred watts; but, still gets the job done very nicely. Thanks Lynn.

K0TNP: Don, from Harlingen Texas, also is a long time regular. He used an Apache, SB 10 and NC303 today. The Apache always runs strong and Don has been working on a Butterfly beam. You have made a bunch of headway with it Don, because it is keeping up with your verticals now. I'll bet you're aiming for 10 db.

K4CCF: Jim checked in from Cal with a good signal but was gone when I got back to him. I guess I dragged my feet too much Jim. See you next time.

WW5WP: Dave also stopped by with a fine signal but also disappeared. Next time Dave.

N4OSJ: Greg, from Georgia came smoking in again with the magic loop. Maybe the hurricane will fine tune that one corner that is tangled up in the tree. I hope not, because it seems you have it just right. You always come in good. I found the HT 37 generator assembly and will ship it this week. I hope those little black things in the bottom are peppercorns.

W4UOC: Thomas checked in with a 20 watt FT7. Boy! It sure sounded like a whole lot more than that. Thomas just scored a mint Viking II and generator so I'm sure we'd all like to hear it. We've never had that setup on the net yet. Also he was running a loop antenna which really did a good job. Thomas is that loop vertical or horizontal?

WB5PQX: John had a big signal and is bringing his HT 37 and SX 115 out of storage after about 20 years of hibernation. The TR relay had a cooked contact; but, I happened to have one, so am sending it your way. Hope to hear it soon John.

WESYV: Doc was using a TS 520 and has checked in with a variety of old gear. Also sitting beside him today was a Heathkit HW101 and FT 301. See you Sunday Doc.

K4FMX: Gary was using a 20A with homebrew 813 amplifier. If I got this right, you were driving the 813's with 1625's. Boy! That must be an awsome sight! They were sure doing a fine job into Nebraska. Keep coming back Gary.

W6LRG: Don is net control for the new Heathkit net as well as several maritime nets. He is usually running one of his dandy Heathkits; but occasionally, lowers himself to using a KWM2. That 4 element beam really puts in a potent signal Don.

N8XIW: Bill always sounds really nice with that Galaxy 5 MK III. He evidently has found out how to make them sound mellow and natural. Good job Bill. Big signal.

K9BEN: Ben checked in with Lynn and I didn't get much of his end of the conversation. I'll try to get some details next time. So long Ben.

WB6MWL: Jay was one of only three California stations to check in. His 700 CX did a great job. He also has the Swan 600 twins, a Cubic Astro among other boat anchors. We'd like to hear them all Jay.

W0JOY: And last, but not least, is my old buddy Allen from six miles down the road. We had a lengthy bull session after the net and might do a little antenna collaborating this fall. After all it is always more fun with two. Al was using his T4XC and 75A4. Later he was on the Swan 500. Thanks Al

WB0SNF: I was using the Galaxy 5 MK II with the 2000B amp this week. I've had so many radio meltdowns lately that I had to forgo mowing the lawn this week to get a couple of things fixed. Things have been working too good for too long but it seems unreal that everything can crap out at one time. The regulator to the VFO had decided to put out 4 volts instead of 12; so, had to do a little work in that circuit and before the week was out, it was working well. It did decide to produce some bad audio, from time to time on the net, but afterwards it straightened out and played fine. It will probably continue to work fine until next Sunday if I decide to use it on the net. The 2000B amp is a small package the same size as the Galaxy and uses ten 6LB6's. The tubes are very compacted together but there is actually a lot of room inside the amp; so, it is easy to work on. The filaments are series strung so it reminds us of a cheap set of Christmas tree lights and there is also a 62 volt relay in there. This adds up to a very suspicious voltage....... but, naaaaw, it couldn't be.

Best 73 to all de WB0SNF

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