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Vintage Sideband Net Logs
July 2000


Greetings again fellow hams. We had a bit of a late start today and had to keep the contacts short because the Hallicrafters net had a special event today that ran about forty minutes long. They put Bill Halligan's call, of Hallicrafters fame, on the air today after 50 years off the air. Everybody and his hound dog wanted to make a contact with Duane, including yours truly, so as to get a qsl card. I think Duane finally just burned out and quit as there were still a lot of fellows calling him when he signed.

Here's the group for the Vintage Sideband Net today.

Don, from Texas, checked in with his S-Line. He is working on an HT 37 and I'm sure it will work like new when he is done.

Greg, from Atlanta, used his newly refurbished CE 200V. He is also working on an HT 37 and the lucky dog has another 200V to be brought back.

Benton, from near Chicago, used the old Kenwood twins, T599-R599 and in spite of their country of origin they sounded very good. Good copy from close in Benton.

Bob checked in from Ohio but because of QSB didn't get any details.

Gary joined us with his SX 115, HT 32B and HT 33 combination and again put in a very salty signal from Cal.

Pete, from SC., played his KWM 2, SB 220 and Mosley beam for a very good signal also.

Don, Mr. Heathkit checked in with his Collins today. Don evidently decided to give his Swan 240 a rest as he has been using the little rig a lot lately.


Norm, from Utah and frequently calls the Swan Sunday net, joined us with, what else, his old Swan 350. I haven't heard that one before Norm and it really sounded good.

John checked in from Minnesota where it has been cool and rainy. I forgot what he was using but it is always good to hear a close in station.

David checked in with a TR3 from his Drake collection. He also has a Viking 1, among other things.

That was about it for today as we had only about 45 minutes of net time. Right after the net a friend showed up with a trunk full of treasures and he swapped me a S40B and a S47 for a box of tubes and other miscellaneous stuff. S40 works and looks great but the S47 looks good but doesn't work and "both dials" need re-stringing. If I could just talk my wife in to taking care of that second thing!

Best 73 to all de Andy WB0SNF

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