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Vintage Sideband Net Logs
June 2000

June 4:

Another hot spring day and a good day to stay inside for a while in the AC with a few hot vacuum tubes. The most popular rig for the day was Swan 5, Central Electronics 3, B&W 1, Galaxy 1, Hallicrafters 1, Ten Tec one and a couple of Yacomwoods.

Here's Today's checkins:

Greg, from Georgia, checked in with his new 200 V, that sounded just great and his magic loop antenna. Thanks Greg. Good signal

Mike, from PA., used a TR 4C Drake that produced a fine signal.

Lynn, from Texas, and alternate net control, played his B&W 6100 that always sounds about as good as anything ever made. Thanks Lynn.

Hal, From Florida, was using a durable ole Swan 350. Herb Johnson would have been proud today.

Don, from Tex., was also using a Swan500C. Don is one of our finest tech's on the net.

Bill, from Ohio, used a Galaxy V 111. Bill always has one of the best signals on the net.

Benton used one of the CE. rigs today. They also all sounded just great.

Gerald, from Cal., apparently has solved the relay kick out on the 600L. At least with his, it was some parasitics sneaking through from the xmtr.

Ron, a major Swan aficionado, was using his Swan twins today. Great signal from rig and old Mosley.

Mike checked in with a Swan Cygnet for another fine representation of the Swan Co.

Mack finished lunch in time, barely, to check into the net today with his dandy old Heathkits.

John checked in with his TS-520. Been a while John but good to hear you.

Jim joined us with an Omni V1 that really showed off the great audio of the Ten Tec rigs. He also has an SX 62 and NC 183 D.

Doc chimed in from the east coast with a 520 also. That about sums it up for the day. I was using a Swan 400 that I am growing fond of because it works well and is --reliable--. Take care all and hope to see you next week. 73 de Andy, WB0SNF

June 11th:

Ah, another Sunday afternoon in the ham shack and am enjoying it. Too hot to be outside and the AC is keep the rig and operator here in first class shape today. Most used today was Swan 7, Collins 2, Drake, Halli, B&W, Atlas, National and Yacomwood each with 1.

Here's the folks that joined in.

Manson checked in with his favorite 700CX. Manson likes it so sell that he has a few more.

Ben, from Florida, played a Swan 500CX. He is looking for a 250C.

Lynn, from Tex., used his KWM2 because of heavy QRM on '95. Great signal Lynn.

Mack, from Tex., spent so much time eating that he didn't have time to warm up a boat anchor and had to check in with a Yacomwood. Tsk Tsk.

Ken, from Lubbock, checked in with a Swan 500C with a SS 16 filter. I would love to use one of those once.

Jim, from Louisville Tex., used a nice sounding Marauder and NC 300, He also has a HR0 5TA.

Ron always has a big signal from his Mosley and his Swan 600 twins provided the rf and nice audio.

Mike, from Mobile TX., used a TS 440 with a 102" whip.

Greg, from Atlanta, played his newly refurbished CE 200 that has just sparkling audio.

Gary, from Rio Rancho, used a TR 4C and a 5/8 wave vertical. Gary is our premier Drake fan.

Sonny was also using a Swan that sounded great just like the rest of them.

Al has finished the rebuilding of his SX 115. Al does a first class job of restoring the old boat anchors.

Able checked in from Philadelphia but in the chat I forgot to ask what he was using

Rick checked in with a SR 160 and a vertical antenna. We don't get many of those 160's on the net.

Frank was spoiling himself with a KWM380. Great radio and the new beam really does a good job.

Stu stopped by on his Swan 400 and dropped a few pearls of wisdom from his great store of technical knowledge.

Once again, that is the end of the group for the day. Great bunch of guys and thanks again for making the net interesting.

73 de Andy, WB0SNF

June 18

More hot weather, hot radios, hot operator, but am really glad the AC is working. Most used today were, Swan 3, Hallicrafters 3, Drake 2, and Collins, Central Electronics, Galaxy, Drake and lowly Yacomwood with 1. We even had a Johnson Ranger that zero beat the carrier and fooled us all. The audio from it and W6LRG was first class.

Don, from Cal., sneaked in with his Ranger and HQ 110. Was a nice surprise hearing an am rig.

Lynn, from near Austin, southern net control, checked in with his KWM 2 and 30L! today and put in his usual terrific signal.

Greg, from Atlanta, used his new 200V and magic loop antenna for a nice sounding combination.

Big signal Bill once again used his Galaxy V 111 that K4BOV has rebuilt and is a great sounding radio.

K0TNP >br> Don, from Texas, played his HW 101 and weird vertical combination to produce another fine sounding station. Great work Don.

Mac checked in with his yacomwood again and told us all the wonderful things he had for lunch.

Manson used his favorite Swan 700CX. It must be a great radio because he is very fond of it.

Gary joined in with his Drake C-Line hooked to a vertical antenna. Gary restores a lot of Drakes and is presently restoring two Collins 51S receivers.

Hal stopped with his Swan 350 that produced a very salty signal from Florida.

Bob, from Knoxville, checked in with an IC 745, whatever that is, and used an R5 vertical that produced a nice signal.

Roger once again played his SR 150 that he checks in with a lot. He also has an AT 1 with all the accessories and a DX 35

Jerry, from Wyoming, put in a nice signal here from very close range.

Jerry checked in with his Heathkit SB 104. Sounded good.

Pete used a Drake TR 7 that sounded like just another great TR 7. I don't think many people who have one of those ever gets rid of them.

Pete told us of a great website---

That's the end of the group for today. I used the Swan 400 again and enjoyed all the interesting comments from all the guys that checked in.

73 de Andy, WB0SNF

June 25

Hi hams. I have a glitch in the net report for today or maybe I should say a bigger glitch than usual. We had some thunderstorms in the area and right around net time a tornado was reported twelve miles away headed in our direction. Between the lightning and the tornado I thought it best to turn the radios off, unhook the antenna and maybe head for the basement. After about an hour the whole thing passed north of us, rain, tornado and all so things got back to normal but I did miss the net and have no idea of what happened. I'm sure the old bunch of guys carried the thing along with Lynn, K5LYN, so everything, no doubt, went fine.

The last time we had a close tornado scare it tore down my 90' tower and dumped it in the maple tree right outside our kitchen window. What a night that was. Thunder and lightning like crazy and then the big crash when the tower came down. I flipped on the porch light and there the thing sat in a the much beat up maple tree. This was at about 11:00 AM. At about three o'clock lightning struck a tree by the house and it shook the house so bad that a lot of the pictures and other stuff fell off the walls onto the floor and broke and then the lights went out. As we walked around the house and wondered which of our treasures we were hearing crunching under our feet. Finally got calmed down and went back to bed and about 5:30 the REA came and fixed the wiring that had gotten yanked off the electric pole. About seven o'clock I finally got back to bed. About eight o'clock a couple neighbors showed up to help clean up the mess. All in all it cold have been a lot worse but it was a really miserable night.

Hope you all have better weather than we do here and hope to see you next Sunday. 73 de Andy WB0SNF

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