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Vintage Sideband Net Logs
May 2000

May 7th:

Hi Fellas. What nice warm weather. Don't know whether to work on antenna or lawn mower first. Here's the guys that played their radios today.

Allen, my neighbor, used his primo Swan 500. Looks as good as it soundss. Thanks Al.

Al also, but from N.C., used his HT 32 and his new SX 115. The 115 is fresh from an overhaul by Al.

Paul, from Springfield Tenn. is a newcomer to the net. He used a Hurricane. Keep coming back Paul.

Bill always sputs in a great signal here. Today he was using his TS 520.

Mack, from El Paso, was using his faithful heathkits today. Mack also has a good signal but must eat a lot because he's always telling me what he justs had for dinner.

Sonny has a great HX 50 and the linear as well. HXL1. Hard to improve on the quality of that audio Sonny.

Don, from Harlingen TX was using his B-Line today. Don is a fine tech and has a huge collection.

Gary, from Rio Rancho, Our number one Drake fan used a TR 4 today.

Don, or Mr Heathkit, checked in with his Swan 240 again. Don better be careful or he may become a Swan convert.

Greg, ex Nebraskan from Atlanta, played his 500C. Greg has a fine bunch of old gear and also a magic loop antenna.

I missed the name but WU was using a Gsb 100 and a 75A4 for a great old station.

Bob was using an HX 50 today. We don't get too many of those on the net but Bob's sounded very good.

Benton, from Illinois, Used his TR7. Everyone who has one of those seems to really like them.

Jay, played his old 350C Swan which put in a nice signal this way.

Stu, resident Swan guru and tech, checked in with his Swan 400 today. It has been loafing on the shelf for about 10 years. Glad to hear it playing Stu.

That's all for today. Nice bunch of Hamdom's best. Best 73 de WB0SNF, Andy.

May 14th:

Hi folks. We had a good group today so some of you fellas must already be getting tired of digging and poking in the yard. Good deal. Gardening is fun but it's hard to beat Vintage Radio. Here's out checkins today.

Bill played his TR 4 and had his usual great signal. NK5T Mack also had his usual great signal and once again told me what he had for lunch and made me hungry.

Doc joined in from the east coast with his TS 520. Good to hear you Doc.

Pete checked in with his KWM-2. Thanks for checkin Pete.

Norm, from New Orleans jusst checked in for the heck of it with a Yacomwood. Everybody is welcome here.

Emile, from Dallas, used a TR3 and 2 el quad to check in today. Quads are great, maintenance ain't.

Dan from Wichita Falls, TX., was using a Argonaut 509 which produced very good copy here. NIce audio from a simple radio.

Daryl, from Louisville Ky,. joined in with his TS 130. The dial light at least glows so welcome to the group.

Frank played his C-Line and L4B amp to produce a very good signal. Thanks Frank.

Borden is from Ashville N.C. but can't read what he was using. Anyway, thanks Borden.

Don, from Burlington Ala., was using a Yaesu but we forgive him anyway.

Gene played a TR7 and a TA33 beam. He also does the am thing with a Viking 2 and a 75s1.

Chuck checked in with a SB 401 and SB 300 receiver. He was also using a home-brew 3 element beam.

Richard, from Albequerque, checked in to inquire about some information about building a grounded grid amp.

Larry checked in from the Lake Superior area but forgot to ask what he was using.

Frank checked in Franklin N.C. I wonder if there is a connection there.

Mike joined in from Garland TX with a FR 101A. Thanks Mike.

Hal, from Georgia, checked in with a TR 4. He is poking around on a Mohawk and Apache.

Ken, from Lubbock TX., used a Drake TR 4 today. Thanks Ken.

Jim used a KWM2 and a inverted v to get the job done in good style. He also has a R390 and Galaxy 5.

That's the end of the group today. I was using a SR 150 driving a pair of 4-125's. Thanks all and best 73 de WB0SNF, Andy

May 21st:

Hi fellas. Well, May is almost over and that horrible hot weather is getting closer every day. It's so dry here that I can hear the grass spears breaking when I walk on them. I suppose one of these days I'll have to check if the lawn mower still runs.

Here's the group for today.

Stu, from Corning N.Y., and probably one of the best tech's around played his new from retirement Swan 400. Thanks and great sounding old radio Stu.

Big signal Bill played his TR 4 for us today.

Allen, neighbor and buddy, dragged himself away from his faithful Swan and used his equally mint C-Line today. Thanks Al.

Jim from NC., played his GXB 100 and 101 today. Rare pair.

Manson played "one of" his Swan 700CX's. He really likes them.

Al, from NC., is presently restoring a SX 28, including that awful rf section. Al is full of good tips.

Mack, from El Paso, played his Ht 32 and SX 101 today which sounded great. Apparentally Mack's lunch was also great. I wish he would quit telling me about it.

Frank, from Ft. Lauderdale, used his C-Line and L4B amp. Good to hear you Frank.

Doug, from Toronto, checked in with an Icom but it worked fine anyway.

Kevin, from Colorado, checked in with Lynn. Thanks Kevin.

Doc, from back east, is one of the regulars on the net. He frequently uses his TS 520.

Otis joined the group from SC. today. Thanks Otis.

Jerry, from Forth Worth, was using a HW 101 that sounded good like a Heathkit should. Good to hear new voices Jerry.

Steve, from West VA., also used a C-Line today. He also has the matching tuner and a L4B amp. Nice station.

Don, Uncle Heathkit, used his Swan 240 again today. He was using a Heathkit afterburner.

Greg, from Atlanta, used his CE 200v today. It is fresh back from Nick Tusa and Great says he did a great job and looks so good that he can hardly believe it. Good to hear you Greg.

Once again that brings us to the end of another good net with a great bunch of guys. The rigs were pretty nice too. I played the Ht 37, NC 300 and Warrior amp here today. Best 73 de WB0SNF, Andy

May 28th:

The vintage radios used today were 4 Swans, 4 Drakes, 3 Hallicrafters, 2 Heathkits, 1 Eldico and 1 B&W 6100. Just a few years ago we had few Drakes or Hallicrafters checking in and Heathkit and Swan dominated the net. Now with the other users groups we have a good representation of most of the old American manufacturers.

Here's the group for today.

Don, Harlingen TX., played his Eldico twins-Collins S-Line Clones. Very rare station.

Lynn, Austin Tx., and southern net control, used his B&W 6100. ALynn just aquired a Temco AM transmitter, circa 1947.

Ron, one of our Swan fans, checked in with his Swan 600 twins. Big signal always and good to hear you when work permits.

Brad, Hallicrafters fan extraordinaire, checked in with his TX 140, tsk tsk.

Don or Mr Heathkit played his Swan 240 for us today. Again. HMMM

Ralph, from Flint Mich., used a TX 130.

Jerry from Bangor Maine, played his TR 4. He also has a marauder, 75s 1, and a Johnson 500.

Bruce, from Seattle, checked in with his SR-150. Nice signal.

John was using an SX 111 and HT 37 and put in a nice signal to Nebr.

Stu, Corning NY., played his Swan 400 again today. Always good signals and tech advice from Stu.

Will used a TR4-C that he just got yesterday. It worked and sounded good. How lucky do you get?

Tony used a TR7 and A North Carolina windom and put out a nice signal from Ill.

Gary, another big Drake fan, checked in with a TR4C and 5/8 wave vert. Gary has brougnt a lot of 'em back.

Mike, from Rio Rancho, is in the process of getting a new house so we may miss him for a while. Good luck.

Norm, from Utah way, and Swan net control, always blows me away with his signal. Good to hear you Norm.

Bob, from Miles City Mt., used his SB 104 today. Bob has a huge collection of goodies.

another Heathkit from Oxford N.C. 401 and 301. Next time I'll get the name.

That's about it for today. More good old radios and good operators. cul es best 73 de Andy, WB0SNF

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