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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello again Vintage Sidebanders.

Another nice winters day. And, what better way to spend it than talking with your ham buddies on a fine old vacuum tube radio. The interest in vintage radio seems to be continuing to grow. The nets are thriving, the prices on the old stuff continues to go up and now even QST has a column devoted to the old stuff. It's all great except the prices.

Here's the group who checked in today.

Greg, from near Atlanta, checked in with his HT 37 and Lazy H antenna. He is in the process of putting together another Ht 37. Greg is a long time and regular member of the net.

Gary is one of the newer but regular members of the group. He was using his SB 100 today and is a fine technician with a lot of good advice. Thanks Gary

John has the knack of locating the more obscure old radios. When he gets his Lakeshore Phasemaster on the net it will be the first one. Good luck John.

Manson is one of the Swan enthusiasts among the group. He has at least two Swan 700CX's. You'd make Herb Johnson proud Manson.

Bob joined in from Raleigh NC. Nice signal and thanks for joining the group.

Allen, my neighbor put in a mighty potent signal from six miles down the road with his cherry Swan 500. Allen uses a open wire fed dipole with a very unique tuning system. It has made a magic wire out of his antenna.

Bob, from Miles City MT., played his Swan 350 today. Bob has a very impressive collection. How do you decide what to play Bob.

Mack, from El Paso, is one of the longest running members of the net going back at least as far as 1992. Mack has been checking in longer than I have. Thanks Mack.

Jim, from Powder Springs, played a mighty nice HT 32 and SX 115 and used a Carolina Windom for an antenna. He is presently working on a hard to find HT 20 xmtr. Good luck Jim.

Al, from NC., probably brings back more clunkers than anyone else on the net. It helps to be retired huh Al. Thanks.

John is also one of the long term members of the net. He has the gift of making a 5 watt rig sound like a 100 watter. Thanks John.

Lynn, from near San Antonio, is southern net control for the net. Is has several top of the line rigs including S-Line, with 30L1 and 30S1, Drake Twins and several others. Thanks for all the help Lynn.

Gary used Halli's best today. HT 32B, SX 115 and HT 33A. The big beam at 100 plus feet don't hurt that big signal any either. Great station Gary.

Bob, from Minnesota way has a fine bunch of old gear including a lot of AM stuff. He is presently working on a T-368. Bob also can be found Gracing the pages of Electric Radio.

Chet, from Texas, joins in frequently with his SB 102 and SB 200. Chet also has a passion for old Hudson's. Good luck Chet.

Frank, from Fort Lauderdale, has a fine bunch of old gear and a new beam antenna that has really brought his signal up. Frank says he is already spoiled by it. Enjoy

Lee, from St. Louis, played his nice sounding SB 104. He also has C-Line complete with L4B, HW 101 and SB 102. Great bunch of Heath gear Lee.

Don is also one of the longest running members of the net. He has a vast collection of really nice stuff and is also one of the best tech's on the net. Good work Don.

That about takes care of the check-ins for today. Another nice group of guys and radios. I haven't done much collecting for a year or so. Have plenty of stuff that don't work including a few dogs that I seem to have no luck with yet. If I could get snowed in for a couple of weeks this winter maybe I could get one or two of them to play.

Thanks all and 73 de WB0SNF Andy

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