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Vintage Sideband Net Log

Hello again vintage sidebanders. Only a little way into the new year and some of those resolutions are starting to tax me a little. My resolution to buy more than one rig is not giving me any problems at all though.

Here's who checked in today.

Bob, from Miles City Montana, checked in with his KWM2-A and SB 220. Nice station and nice signal too. Bob has a huge collection of gear including a very controversial NC 303. Thanks Bob.

Bob, from Rapid City, played his Galaxy V MK III, which he has had for six reliable years. Nice signal and the rig sounded good also. Bob said the Rapid City area is having an auction Feb. 12. I hope you score big Bob. K5LYN Lynn, alternate net control from near Austin, played his Central Electronics 20A and home brew amp using four 6HF5's. Nice signal Lynn. Lynn is going on an expedition on the Amazon River in Feb. Boy, I wish I could go too.

Manson checked in with a Great sounding Swan 700CX. He also just acquired another 700cx because he liked the first one so well. Manson also has a NCX3 that he is soon putting on the air. I hear a lot of nice comments about those NCX3's.

Mack, from El Paso, played his Heathkit twins today. Mack is also alternate net control for the Heathkit net and official Cowboy fan. Thanks Mack.

Don, from Harlingen TX., was also using his Heathkit twins , 301-401, today. Don is one of those fellows who is a gold mine of tech information. Thanks Don.

Bill always has a big signal here no matter what rig he is using. Must have the magic touch.

Bob, from cold northern Minn., was using his 500C today. It's great when I can hear the close in stations. I also have a picture of Bob's great looking station. Spring will return.

Mike, from Lawrenceville Pa., was running a HT 44 and SX 117. He also has an FPM 300. Nice signal and welcome to the net.

Al, from NC., repairs a lot of gear. He presently is working on a HT 37 , SX 117 and various other rigs. Good work Al.:

Benton, from near Chicago, checked in with his B-Line today. Good to hear you again today Benton.

Stu, from Corning New York, played his faithful Swan 350 as usual today. Stu is very active with the various Swan nets and the Swan website also. He has repaired a ton of vacuum tube equipment. Thanks for all the help Stu

Mike was running his good sounding Heathkit Twins. He was using a delta loop antenna which represented the loop antenna family well.

Good signal from Lubbock Texas from his Swan 270B xcvr. Thanks for the checkin.

Gary played his Kenwood today but he is well stocked with vintage radios. He is working on his 1625 amp and is also building a xmtr for ten meter am. Gary always has a few pearls of wisdom. Thanks Gary.

John checked in today from Waco Texas. Nice signal and welcome to the net.

Jay, from Montclair Cal., checked in with his Swan 700CX complete with the SS-16 filter. I have never heard one of those filters but it sure would be fun.

Jeff, from Detroit, was using his S-Line and 30L1 and a vertical antenna. Nice rig and nice signal Jeff.

That was the group for today. Good radios and good operators made it a lot of fun again. The wednesday night group is doing pretty well. It is on 3993 at about 7:30 or so central time. Good luck and see you all next week. 73 de Andy WB0SNF

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