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The Morbid Anime-Zone



Ogenki desuka? ^_ ^;

August 28,1999
The Sailor Moon page is ready to view, more will be added soon!

September 24, 1999-
The pixiering page and code page have been deleted due to faults in the Ring. ~sigh~

October 19, 1999-
Halloween is coming soon! Hope you have fun!

November 17, 1999-
Some very freaky shit has been going on lately, which has distracted me completely from the internet; let alone working on my site. Sorry! I AM working on it now you know....BE HAPPY THAT I'M WORKING ON IT AT ALL! *ahem*

November 26, 1999-
I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Not all the scary stuff has stopped, but at least now I can obtain A LITTLE peace of mind. I'm updating everything...(or at least trying to). Some links may not work, but that is because I'm trying my best to make those pages better. Please email me if anything is not working, (i.e. links, midi's, graphics not appearing). And if you would like to start a link exchange with me, please email me.

December 3, 1999
OMG! 28 DAYS LEFT!!! ACK! Ok, ok...must calm down. Whatever happened to the days when I couldn't wait till Christmas? Now not only can I wait till New Years...I wish for time to stop or at least slow down a bit! Maybe I'll get lucky and Santa's appendix will explode...then all time will stop and wait for Santa to get better...right? RIGHT?

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